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Chapter: 27

14. — The Male Lead and The Extra (1)

Translated by Nabi

I did not know much about the first episode of the original novel.

No, I did not have anything to say about it, so I called it an episode. However, in fact, it might be right to view it as more like the first scene or a prequel instead.

In the original novel, Cain, who came to investigate the village of Winder because of imperial command, solved the problem and met Irene by chance on the way back to Aren.

Treating the poor and sick people at the bottom of the empire, where the Emperor’s warmth could not reach, she came to the river to draw water, and she happened to meet Cain, who was resting there.

The novel depicts what happens after Irene arrives in Aren. Therefore, from the writer’s point of view, it may have felt that there was no need to describe the situation in detail where the heroine did not appear.

Nonetheless, it was just a page—A page…!

As I looked back on my memories, I pondered about that scene that was only one page.

However, no matter how many times I think about it, all I can remember accurately is that Baron Jo Malone had set up to deliver illicit funds obtained through illegal trafficking to Marquis Lautner Black.

…No, do I only know about this much?

So, if I tell Cain about this without making it obvious, will I be able to go back to Aren…?

"Then, I have to tell him…!"

Contrary to the decision that came to mind as if it was natural, my feet did not move easily for some reason.

The scene where Irene and Cain first met came to mind. If I could help him solve this case here, we would return to Aren without any problems…  Subsequently, on the way back to Aren, would he meet Irene?

〈 "Let’s get married." 〉

〈 "It’s fun. I never thought I would be able to have this much fun talking about something like this." 〉

〈 "My hands are a bit expensive, is that okay?" 〉

〈 "I guess my face could get rid of all the worries in the world, though it couldn’t get rid of the Young Lady’s fear." 〉

In my mind, I remembered what had happened with Cain in a short period of less than three days. Hesitation arose without me knowing as the three days were quite enjoyable.

"…No, it’s okay. If you think about it, extras that are more active than this would be on the road to the underworld."

"What are you talking about?"

I paused in surprise while I was focused on the sound of my own muttering voice. Cain stood leaning against the desk in front of the chair where I was still, making me wonder when he came into the room.

"Your, Your Highness… What are you doing here?"

"You came in confidently saying that you could persuade the children, though there was no news yet."


"Did you succeed in persuading them?"

There was almost an invisible smile on his face.

His face, which had been messing with my head just a while ago, leaked his voice out.

"…Persuasion isn’t always easy."

"So, it failed?"

As if waiting for my answer, Cain gazed at me silently.

Over his face, who was looking at me, the face of Irene, who would save him, was overlapped. He was seen whispering his love to Irene, the saint who saved him from the excruciating guilt and the sleepless bondage.


Cain’s eyebrows narrowed at my unanswered look.

As though there was no place for me to intervene, I was convinced once again by the friendly appearance of the two. Yes, in this novel called ‘GDS,’ as long as I exist as a character in the book, I have always been an extra, and Cain and Irene were the main characters of this novel.

…It may be the truth that would never change.

I smiled bitterly at the reality I realized again before opening my mouth with a sullen expression on my face.

"For some reason, it seems that Your Highness wanted me to fail?"

"No way."

His eyes sharpened at the subtle change in my expression. I pretended to not see his gaze that stared at me as though he knew what was going on inside my head.

"Well, you may not be disappointed, but for now, I succeeded."

"Did you succeed…?"

"Yes, we found out from the kids who were responsible for the illegal trafficking in Winder village."

Cain’s eyes widened as if he could not believe what I said with a grin.

I glanced at him and uttered with a confident face.

"I was proud of myself, so I tried not to say it with my mouth. Although I might be more capable than Your Highness the Grand Duke thinks."

I was about to get out of my seat to avoid him, but Cain got up from the desk he was leaning on and sneaked in front of me. At that, I frowned at the sudden appearance of him standing in the way and muttered to myself softly, "Ah."

"Oh, I’m not trying to run away this time, I’m just going to go see Edgar for a while."


"Actually, I had an argument with Ed a while ago trying to dig up information from the kids. I guess I wasn’t mature enough."

"That’s not why I stop you."

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