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Chapter: 1186

Bonds Deepened at the Tea Party

Chapter 1186 - Bonds Deepened at the Tea Party ⑧

Resonating with Sympathy Magic, Lillywood-san’s story continued with a video reenactment of her past.

Of course, the story was too short considering the years that Lillywood-san has actually lived…… and focused on the main points.

The story of the encounter with the Seven Princesses and her other subordinates, the story of the process of developing Yggfresis, the story of when the Treaty of Friendship was concluded, and also her complaints about Megiddo-san’s occasional destruction of the forests, the story went on peacefully.

"……And that’s how it went. I’ve left out a lot, but that’s about it when it comes to stories about the past."

[Thank you very much for telling me all about it. However, didn’t a lot of time pass while we’re talking?]

"Ahh, no, the flow of time had been shifted a little when I resonated our magic power, so even though it seems like we’ve been talking for a long time, time actually didn’t pass that long."

[You sure can do a lot of things, Lillywood-san.]

"Fufufu, I am one of the Six Kings after all. I can do most things."

Saying that, Lillywood-san smiled and the scenery around us switched back to the balcony overlooking the venue of the tea party…… the place where Lillywood-san and I were having tea together.

Even so, seeing her easily doing something like shifting time, I guess that’s to be expected of the Six Kings. I remember Alice also saying that she can do most things, and from my level, it isn’t too much to say that everyone on the level of the Six Kings are omnipotent, and in fact, they were probably able to achieve things within my imagination.

"Speaking of which, it had just been me who was talking about my story, but I’d like to hear Kaito-san’s story too."

[Mine? Errr, do you mean a story from my past?]

"No, I don’t mind even if it’s recent. I just want to hear your story."

Hearing her say that kinda makes me feel embarrassed, but I certainly was just listening to her, so I guess it would be better if I talk about something here.

[If I were to talk about what happened recently, I suppose I had visited the Friendship City.]

"Hoohhh…… You went sightseeing?"

[Sightseeing was one of my objectives, but it all started when I received a letter from Olivia-san…… the Founder.]

Lillywood-san seemed to be interested in this story, so I decided to tell her about my visit to the Friendship City, Hikari.

I told her about how I unexpectedly met someone from the same world, Kaori-san, and my interactions with Olivia-san. I’m anxious if I was able to tell my story properly, but Lillywood-san seemed to be enjoying listening to me, as she occasionally gives me a nod.

As we continued our conversation for a while, I suddenly noticed a flower that bloomed in Lillywood-san’s hair before I knew it.


"Is something the matter?"

[Ah, no, I’m sorry. I just happened to notice the flower in Lillywood-san’s hair.]

"……Oya? Since when is that there…… Fufu, I guess it must have been because I was enjoying talking with Kaito-san."

Lillywood-san’s leafy hair is somewhat affected by Lillywood-san’s mental state. It withers when Lillywood-san is tired, and a flower blooms when she’s in a good mood.

[I saw that at the Six Kings Festival, but does that flower become the Flower of the World Tree?]

"Yes, they would. However, it doesn’t have the same restorative effect as the Fruit of the World Tree. It does take quite a while to wither though…… Fumu."

Lillywood-san answered my question, but along the way, she looked as if she was pondering about something for a moment, before she looked as if she remembered something.

"……Speaking of which, the first time Isis and Kaito-san met, Isis gave Kaito-san a Blue Crystal Flower, didn’t she?"

[Yes,, I still remember that time, and the Blue Crystal Flower has become a special flower for me too…… In that context, the thing that reminds me of the first time I met Lillywood-san would be the Fruit of the World Tree you had given me back then.]

"You’re right. Not much time should have passed since then, but I feel a little nostalgic…… Even so, fumu…… Comparing a fruit and a flower, I feel like mine’s slightly losing out in brilliance."

[……Is that right?]

The tone of Lillywood-san’s voice was somewhat teasing, so wondering if she was planning or trying to do something, I tilted my head.

Thereupon, Lillywood-san reached out to the Flower of the World Tree blooming on her head and picked it out.

"Since we’re at it, to follow up Isis’ example…… In memory of today, I give this flower to you. I’ve placed Preservation Magic on it, so I don’t think it will ever wither."

[Eh? T- Thank you very much. I’m glad to receive this, but to follow up Isis-san’s example…… What do you mean?]

"I wonder, what is it that I mean? I myself don’t know…… I was just thinking that there are some of us who envy the relationship you and Isis have. I don’t know whether I am hoping for something or merely curious, and what’s troubling is I myself don’t know…… I hope I can find out in the future together with Kaito-san."

The smile on Lillywood-san’s face that came with these words, which could have been taken as a confession depending on how you listen to them, was the most beautiful smile I’ve seen today…… Or perhaps, the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen from Lillywood-san.

Serious-senpai : [Aaaahhhhh…… D*mn it, even though the person herself isn’t quite aware of it, isn’t the capturing of her flag progressing a lot!? Ahh, her Affection Meter definitely is quite high now……]

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