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Chapter: 1189

Black Wings Invasion

Chapter 1189 - Black Wing's Invasion ②

-On that day, a black meteor had been witnessed soaring across the skies of the Human Realm.

After seeing the hummingbird she received from Kaito and finishing her reply, Amel immediately sprang into action. A storm of joy was brewing in her heart.

Kaito…… Her sworn friend had something he wanted to discuss with her. Her sworn friend was relying on her…… In other words, her sworn friend seeks assistance. That is to say, the thoughts in her mind quickly conversated that phrase into "her sworn friend is in a pinch", and as she rushed to her troubled sworn friend’s aid, a surge of blazing emotions flared up in her chest.

……Of course, it isn’t really like "Kaito’s in a pinch or anything like that" but……

After quickly preparing herself in about 30 seconds, Amel quickly went out of her home and with a flap of her wings, she ascended to the skies and constructed a countermeasure technique.

She knew that if she didn’t apply a technique that would suppress the wind pressure and impact on the surroundings, there would be major damage to the surrounding area. Spending another 30 seconds to construct this countermeasure technique…… A minute after she sent a hummingbird containing her response, Amel spread her jet-black wings wide in the sky.

Magic power circulated in her wings, and the pulsating power waited for the moment of release. The next moment, sounding as if the air had exploded, a black gale rushed through the sky.

The mountain range where Amel…… where the Wingeds live is located near the outskirts of the continent, a remote area even in Archlesia Empire. The distance from there to Symphonia’s Royal Capital is tremendous, and if it was expressed numerically, it’s a considerable distance of about 15,000 km.

Even though it’s technically possible to travel the shortest possible distance between them by air, it would still take an enormous amount of time to travel such a long distance. It would have been difficult to reach her destination on the same day even if one were to ride a Flying Dragon Flight.

However, Amel is the Special Individual Winged, a being with power comparable to Peerage holders, of which there are currently only four among the Humans.

Her flying speed is on a whole different level compared to other members of her species and ordinary dragons.

Amel’s flying speed is approximately "Mach 245", or over 300,000 km per hour. The time for preparations had been included in the time she had given to Kaito, so even though she said it would take about 5 minutes, it would actually take her less than 3 minutes to travel from the residence of the Wingeds to the Royal Capital.

(Wait for me, my sworn friend! I will be right there!)

And thus, on that day, various reports had been sent about the sighting of a black meteor from the western edge of Archlesia to Symphonia’s Royal Capital.

The black meteor that seemed to tear the sky even in the daytime, planted a small fear in some people’s hearts that it might be a bad omen, but few people knew about the truth of this matter.

After telling Illness-san and Nebula that we would have a guest, I decided to go out into our garden to wait for Amel-san.

She said she would be here in about 5 minutes, so I guess she would be here soon. There’s one thing I’m wondering though, would Amel-san know where my house was?

I did tell her that I live in the Central area of Symphonia’s Royal Capital, but she wouldn’t know which house it was just from that. But if I were to go out like this, she might notice me, so that’s why I’m waiting for her like this.

However, just as I was wondering why something like this happened again, I casually looked up at the sky…… when I suddenly saw a black line in the sky above me.

That line…… No, that trail of magic power that seemed to show that something had passed through, appeared to make a large circle in the sky, and as I was thinking I saw a number of black rings in the sky, it seemed like whoever was circling in the sky was slowing down, and I was able to see who it was.

……Unnn, well, how should I say this…… It’s Amel-san. I don’t know if I should say she had made quite the fancy appearance, but I certainly was astonished to see her flying at an outrageous speed.

She seemed to have spotted me while circling in the skies, and slowly descending into our garden, Amel-san waved her hands at me with a smile as bright as a blooming flower.

As I thought, she really somehow felt like a puppy, and even though she was trying to look cool, I think she was cute.

[Hello, Amel-san.]

[My sworn friend! Sorry to keep you waiting. Now that I’m here, you can rest easy. This Black Gale shall save you from this predicament!]


Wait a moment, I need some time to sort this out. I mean, before you go saving me…… How about you explain to me what this predicament I have fallen into?

At the same time, inside the Royal Castle in the Symphonia’s Royal Capital, things were getting quite hectic.

[What is with these outrageous numbers!? The amount of magic power measured is estimated to be at the level of a Peerage holder!]

[Was it that trail of magic power that appeared in the sky? However, if that trail had already faded there…… Does that mean it has landed in the Royal Capital?]

[Everyone, calm down. This is not the time to be restless. First, we need to sort our information straight.]

In a place where the people are flustered by the sudden observation of magic power of an unusual level, the King, Ryze, took command of the situation with a tension expression on his face, calming down the people around him.

A situation where magic power at the level of a peerage holder had been sighted, and a trail of magic power appeared in the sky…… Predicting that it might have been an attack from an unknown monster, some Knights rushed to Ryze’s side.

[Your Majesty! It seems that the owner of that magic power has descended on Symphonia’s Royal Capital…… and the location is believed to be Miyama Kaito-dono’s residence.]

[Alright! Dismissed!]

With a single announcement upon hearing that report, everyone returned to their respective post. Yes, the problem was resolved like that. Everyone who works at the Royal Castle knows about that place which can be called a singularity, Kaito’s home.

Even when such a place is in the Royal Capital, that place is something like a special zone, so even if something actually happened there, it’s not a place where the country can intervene.

And incidentally, if an abnormal situation really had occurred, the Phantasmal King would take care of it without the need for the country’s government to respond, so there’s nothing they can do about it.

As if the tension that existed until a few minutes ago was nothing, the atmosphere in the castle instantly returned to normal.


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