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Chapter: 72


Chapter 72

‘How is that even possible?!’

The adversaries, who were watching Selena hoping she would make a mistake under the influence of alcohol, were all stunned. People known for their alcohol tolerance took their leave one by one after accepting defeat at Selena’s hand.

Although each of them was a higher aristocrat, some could be placed into groups. Rosalyn and Fionel belonged to one, while Viorela belonged to another, just as Selena expected initially.

Just like intervening in the salon, she also had to endure some humiliation at the beginning of intervening in a herd. Otherwise, she had to look for some medium to get accepted in a group.

In Selena’s case, it was neither here nor there.

Though she had stronger support from the Duke of Renbird, she was not officially announced as his lover or fiancée. She was beautiful, yet serene while riding a horse. She was a commoner and had a poor financial situation, yet she showed no interest in losing her strong pride. And now, she could even defeat others with her capacity to drink.

Everything was organized for her like water, and it caused a stir in the natural flow of the social ecosystem.

Due to the emergence of a foreign species that was disturbing the ecosystem.

‘Would it be alright to invite her into our group?!’

Everyone stood silent with their heads rattling to make calculations.

Someone should invite her to their group. From which she was going to receive an invitation for a weekly gathering. She was sure of it.

At the moment, she knew nothing of other gatherings. However, since the party had not even begun in earnest, there were still many opportunities to appeal.

‘I wonder how long I have to stay here.’

Selena lifted her eyes to sneak a glance at Kalcion.

‘Haa, oh God,’ Baron Zion bowed his head, his shoulders—trembling. It wasn’t the time to step back in yet.

Meanwhile, since she drank so much, she needed to excuse herself to the restroom.

She was reluctant to bother Kalcion to go to the restroom, but walking alone here would also be dangerous. But unfortunately, Kalcion showed no signs ending his conversation, and her bladder had no mercy to hold on.

‘The restroom won’t be that far from the party, and people will keep coming in and out.’

Eventually, she decided to leave the party alone. I wanted to ask a servant for directions to the restroom, but she couldn’t find a single one in her vicinity. This is what happens when you’re in a hurry.

She couldn’t wait anymore. Once she became conscious, it began to get more urgent.

‘Let’s look for it first! It’ll come out if I wander around. If it doesn’t work, there’s a maze garden over there.’

Out of nowhere, Fionel popped up in front of Selena, who was about to leave the party.

"What happened? Did you lose? Are you going to cry?"

She constantly teased Selena in her original tone since there was no one watching.

Regardless, an emergency light was blaring red in her head.

She passed by Fionel and went out to the corridor, and Fionel followed me there.

"You want to leave? It’s not too late, so just go home calmly……. Ack!"

Come to think of it, Fionel would be familiar with the directions. She also had no want for blood. There was no one better than her who could direct Selena to the bathroom.

She was familiar with the palace and she was easy to manipulate.

Selena turned to grab her prey—Fionel.

"Thank God we met. Let’s talk quietly. Follow me to the bathroom. I won’t hit you if you stay calm."

"You, l-let go off me! I’m not going with you!"

"Okay, go ahead. Let’s chat while we’re on the way."

Fionel, stupid as ever, was easily caught in Selena’s tricks.

"You thought I wouldn’t be able to go unless you told me to? Let go! Let go! I can go on my own!"

Fionel, after shaking off Selena’s grip, took the lead and ran towards the restroom.

Selena smiled satisfactorily as she followed Fionel. No matter how urgent it was, she could never ask Fionel to take her to the restroom.

The way to the bathroom was longer and more complicated than she thought. If Fionel had not been put forward, she would have given up in the middle and gone to the garden instead.

She passed through the corridor, entered the other side of the building, passed through the winding corridor there, and appeared outside a bathroom inside a room made into a lounge.

Fionel didn’t know if Selena came to a deserted place to start an argument, but thanks to her, Selena was able to come this far without anyone watching.

"So, why don’t you tell me now? I’ve said this before, but I don’t think you really care for your life……!"

"Wait," Selena hurried into the restroom, leaving Fionel alone.

"W-What? What was that?"

Speechless, Fionel stared blankly at the closing of the bathroom door. The fact that she was used as a guide for the restroom beat her late.

"You, you used me! Have you no fear!"

"Oh, great."

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Finishing her business in the meantime, Selena faced Fionel with a refreshing look.

Earlier, she was planning to use her as a guide because she was in a hurry, but now, she had something to discuss with Fionel.

"I must thank you for your advice last time. You’re not the worst girl, seeing that you guided me to the restroom like this."

"You’re so annoying. How did His Excellency pick up a human being like you?"

"People always happen to pick up the outstanding stones scattered across the ground."

"It wasn’t a compliment. One thing that stands out in the society even though it has nothing, is poison."

"Why poison?"

Fionel went silent as if she was asked a decisive question.

Selena’s smirk disappeared. Clearly from her attitude, she was convinced that Fionel knew something.

"How much do you know for you to say it like that?"


Fionel, who was struggling with her answer, became as quiet as a stone.

"You, Rosalyn, and even the Queen said the same thing."


"That I could die."


"It’s so weird. For every one of them to say that I would perish if I stayed associated with the Duke."

Fionel still kept her mouth shut. However, rather than being stubborn, she was next to losing her nerves.

With a little hope to gain something, anything, Selena stepped closer to Fionel. Meeting her eyes, she whispered in a low voice,

"Don’t you think they’re saying that because they know the reason Irelle’s dead? …..I certainly had that thought."

"How can I know that? It was a suicide. Didn’t you hear?"

Fionel finally spoke.

"I heard. But does a person just die out of nowhere? She must’ve had a reason."

"She died alone. How do you expect me to know the reason?"

"Is that so? Then why did you say I was going to die?"

Fionel was wordless again. Selena could read fear and anger in Fionel’s eyes.

Why would Fionel be afraid and angry at her while threatening her? She couldn’t understand.

Fionel couldn’t avoid Selena’s burning gaze.

"I did warn you. Not to be reckless."

Then she declared, emphasizing each syllable.

"Back then, I think you also asked if I had a rich and strong background. Well, now that I have the Duke’s money and support, don’t you think I’ll be safe?"

"How long do you think it will last? I saw you today, you were about to go out by yourself."

"That’s how I can settle down."


Fionel, who had been shifting to a corner, suddenly lowered her voice and came a step closer.

"It’s none of my business whether you live or die. But I don’t want to harm His Excellency’s honor because of a thing like you, and even if you die, I don’t want to spare a thought in your honor."

"The Duke will take care of it."

"That is the reason I hate you even more. Why can’t you at least have sincere feelings for His Excellency? I’m worried that he would collapse while taking care of your greed because he cares about you."

Selena knew Fionel was serious about Kalcion. Kalcion was aware of it too, so he could not treat Fionel badly.

But what she just said wasn’t because of her jealousy of being rejected over someone else. Selena quickly read between her lines.

"Irelle, what was she so greedy for?"

Since the marriage was political, it was natural for Irelle to yearn for Kalcion’s money. She must have been obvious and collected a lot of sum until she got a seat in the numerous stores that initially rejected Selena. However, considering Kalcion’s financial status, there wasn’t a path that could lead to her death even with that much greed.

"Why do I have to tell you? Oh, I really want you to die right now, but it would be difficult since you’re tied up with His Excellency. Guess I’m the one who should die."

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Sighing, Fionel pushed away Selena’s shoulder.

Selena’s body, which was defenseless, staggered back. In the meantime, Fionel darted away like an arrow and pushed the door of the lounge.

Just before she deserted Selena in the room, Fionel left two words as though she was a bit concerned.

"Be careful of men."


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