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Chapter: 92

Elegant Power (2)


Lily, who was lying on the bed, trembled like a raw egg.

It seemed as if her head had rolled up and down a hill

She vividly remembered nagging Crocus whenever he was hungover.

It’d been so hard.

Even the soft bed was like a rough wave that made her uncomfortable.

Should I lie on the floor…?

Buttercup walked along the bedside. "Madam, I have brought you a drink that will cure your hangover at once. This recipe is famous among knights."

"I do it myself."

Lily stiffened at the loud voice. Cold sweat ran down her back. She prayed desperately that no one would go out, but it was a futile prayer.

The door slammed shut.


The silence made her heart pound.

When did you come back?

She remembered most of the previous night, but at some point it was as if her memories had been scooped out with a ladle.

Whoever brought me…

"I didn’t even know what it meant to make friends with the administrator. Also, my wife was surprisingly very drunk."

She struggled to get up and sit down, lowering her head. Her stomach churned.

Vlad looked down at his wife indifferently, arms and legs crossed. "The fact that you drank alcohol in the administrative office means that there is a reason for it. What is it?"


Vlad opened his mouth as if to say something, then closed it again. He frowned slightly. "Look at me, Lily."

Resigned, Lily raised her head.

He looked the same as always.

Neatly brushed black hair, thick and strong eyebrows as if they were deliberately trimmed. The deep-set, sharp eyes and the straight nose.

His expression did not move in the slightest.

"I’m not scolding you. I’m asking what you were thinking." It was a voice that scraped the kindness from the corners of his soul.

Because of that feeling, Lily felt that he was better off angry.

She shook her head.

If it was her previous marriages, she would have been kicked out immediately, accused of being a promiscuous woman.

Had she been lucky, she would have ended up naked and beaten with a horse whip.

She found out that he hated alcohol so much that he never took a drop of alcohol in his life.


"No matter what punishment you give me, it will be sweet… so I will take it—"

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She gasped at her own words.

"I mean, how can I tell you…?"

Vlad clenched his jaw.

Praise and punish.

It was like a game between husband and wife, and it was he who had tamed her.

This situation wasn’t something that could be fixed with that.

He ruffled her hair with a big hand.

Lily felt the bed beside her shift with his weight as he sat.

"…Drink this little by little. Drinking water will make you nauseous, so this will be better." He handed over the drink Buttercup had left behind.

The glass cup was filled with a turbid liquid with unidentified substances floating in it.

Lily drank the cool, sticky liquid. It tasted as disgusting as it looked.

Vlad took the empty glass and placed it on the side table. He slowly turned his head. "Lily."

Lily gulped. "If you want a drink, find me."

"But alcohol… You say you don’t…"

"…It’s better for you to drink with me than with others."

If he hadn’t returned early, she would have returned to her bedroom on the back of an escort.

Vlad’s eyebrows twitched as he imagined the scene. Just imagining the escort touching her hand madd his stomach twist…


Even though he knew it was better not to think too much about it, there was absolutely no way to control himself. A viper-like nervousness persistently bit its way through him

Does she not know?

She looked like a small animal hiding in a cave.

He had to make every effort not to scare her.

The only emotions he’d seen from her so far were fear and sadness…

"Is Ivan comfortable?"


In the end, the unsightly feeling that he threw away came back.

He closed his eyes, trying to kill the jealousy rearing its head.

Vlad was a person who never showed a trace of clumsiness at any time. It was a trait that even the knights and the enemies he trampled and slaughtered recognised.

But there was an exception.

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When he wanted to make sure that his wife was not afraid of herself.

He had never even imagined such a thing.

It was just dark and dreary, like falling into the unknown in the middle of nowhere.

"If you feel uncomfortable when I hang out with the priest… I won’t do it anymore."

At that moment, Vlad was completely absorbed in something as if his body had become a doll.

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