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Chapter: 847

Chapter 847: This Rain is Good Stuff

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Hey, gorgeous, I’m here. Let’s have some fun together."

"This is so delicious! So this is what gourmet food tastes like. I’m so happy."

"Wow! I’m the strongest in the world and I get to enjoy unbridled debauchery and licentiousness." "Those who bullied me and despised me are now trampled under my feet. I can do whatever I want!"

In the Mirage, all the cultivators and demons were immersed in their own fantasies. They were manipulated by the Mirage and would never wake up. Their divine consciousness was in the dream world while their bodies were being used like puppets. On that day, it started to rain heavily. The rain was a little unusual. It was extremely cloudy, yellow in color, and had a strange smell.

‘The beings in the Mirage shuddered when the rain fell on them. Someone was enjoying food in a fantasy world when the food in his mouth suddenly became white and yellow mush. Someone was hugging a beautiful woman, but in the next second, the beautiful woman in his arms started to emit a strange stench while liquid began to flow out of her orifices. Someone was commanding the world with a divine weapon but soon found that the divine weapon in his hand had turned into manure.

"Ah! No! Who put something so vicious in my food?"

"What happened to you, gorgeous?! Didn’t you say that Goddesses don’t poop or pee?"

"My Ultimate Treasure… My Ultimate Treasure has gone bad! No—!"

The beings woke up trembling from their nightmares. They stared blankly at their surroundings.

"This…is this the Mirage?"

"remember now! Our sect was engulfed by the Mirage and we fell into an endless fantasy."

"The Mirage Dragon’s so scary. I thought I’d never be able to wake up from the illusion for the rest of my life. Who saved us?"

"This rain’s so unusual. It’s the rain, it saved us!"

"Ugh! Why is the rain so smelly? It must be the smell that woke us up. No wonder in the dream. "This rain is an Ultimate Treasure! It can actually wake us up from the Mirage’s illusion! Quick, drink it! We mustn’t let it go to waste!"

"It’s too stinky. Why does this look like it’s mixed with poop?"

"Don’t you know that the more bitter the medicine is, the better it works? Although it’s unpalatable, it’s definitely a good thing. I took a sip and felt my Wisdom grow!" "Hey, that’s mine!"

On the side, Xiao Chengfeng, who was about to make his entrance, silently stopped in his tracks. He was afraid that he would not be able to hold back his laughter at the sight of the people frantically gulping in the rainwater. They would probably beat the Heavenly Palace people to death if they knew the truth.

"After seeing how happy they are, let’s wait until they have their fill before making our entrance…" said Yang Jing humorously. Everyone else nodded in agreement.

After a while, the rain stopped. Seeing that everyone was still reminiscing about the rain just now, Yang Jing and others walked out slowly. "You again!" Cultivator Zuosi’s brothers immediately recognized Yang Jing and the others.

"That’s right. We’re the ones who woke you up!" Xiao Chengfeng laughed. Then, he said solemnly, "We’re the people of the Heavenly Palace. Through the method of fermenting extremely precious materials, we were able to create the rain that occurred earlier. In other words, that rain was a monstrous good fortune, used to save you all and suppress the Mirage Dragon!"

He was telling the truth. After all, the game animal feed cooked by the expert was made of extremely precious materials, and they did go through a process of fermentation in the game animal’s stomach to become manure. "Heavenly Palace? Is it the Heavenly Palace in the rumored Ancient Forbidden Area?"

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"Is this the Heavenly Palace that wiped out the Heavenless Devil Palace, the Shinto Pavilion, the Demon Gathering Star, and the Ascension Sect?"

"Wow, they can even deal with the Mirage! They’re even more amazing than what the rumors say."

"O, Great Heavenly Palace! Thank you for sacrificing your Ultimate Treasures to save us!"

"The Heavenly Palace has just become the best friends of the Hundred Clouds Sect!"

Just when everyone was feeling grateful, the faces of Cultivator Zuosi’s brothers suddenly became pale.

"Could it be… Could it be the rags they used to cover their heads the last time?"

"Theard that the rags were used for picking up manure. If that’s the case, the rain just now…"


They immediately began to puke out everything from their stomachs. They would have puked out their organs if they could. Their eyes became bloodshot and their lips could not stop trembling. Some of the others came over to ask them what happened when they saw them puking like that. They could not bear to tell them the truth after seeing the happiness on their faces.

suddenly, the Mirage in the sky squirmed and bubbled like boiling water. Then, a huge vortex appeared, causing the Mirage to surge. Everyone’s faces became solemn. This was a sign of the Mirage Dragon’s impending arrival.

"Who’s sullying my Mirage? How dare you mix such a vicious gas into my Mirage! Are you trying to stink this dragon to death?!" The low voice sounded like thunder, revealing a wave of boundless anger. The terrifying aura came suddenly, shrouding everyone in an instant. The Mirage then turned into a huge and peculiar dragon that was looking down at everyone haughtily.

"So, the entire Mirage is the body of the Mirage Dragon. No wonder we couldn’t find it at all." "It finally appeared! Everyone, we should be able to kill it if we work together!"

"The Mirage Dragon’s famous for its illusions. I can bet that it doesn’t really have any actual combat power!"

Immediately, hundreds of cultivators and demons used their treasures to attack the Mirage Dragon. However, the terrifying wave of attacks grew weaker and weaker until the attacks finally disappeared before they even reached the Mirage Dragon. It felt as if their attacks were just hallucinations. Everyone’s pupils shrank and their hearts were beating wildly.

"What’s going on? I swear I launched an attack!"

"Are we still under an illusion?"

"No, the aura of the Mirage Dragon is getting stronger. It’s already a half-step Wisdom Dictator, and it’s even about to become a full-on Wisdom Dictator!"

"What terrifying power of illusions! It can even turn reality into illusions just like those attacks!" said Yang Jing gravely.

"It seems that we were all wrong about the Mirage Dragon’s power.. It may even be unmatched!"

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