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Chapter: 647

Share The Joy

Chapter 647: Share The Joy

I signaled at Xiao Qin to be quiet and intended to gently go beside the rocks to see who was actually playing in the water.

It wasn’t that I wanted to spy on the girls in their swimsuits, but as the safety committee member, I couldn’t let them swim in such dangerous waters.

As for why I don’t just walk out and tell them to head back to the top of the mountain is because I am not sure if they are a part of class 2-3. If they are tourists, then wouldn’t I just be sticking my nose where it didn’t belong?

Suddenly, it occurred to me that I had Xiao Qin as an assistant. There was no need to do everything myself, so I could let Xiao Qin check to make sure it was someone from our class, then I would go out and talk to them.

After I told Xiao Qin my idea, she nodded and walked a dozen steps towards the rock, then suddenly stopped and returned with a panicked look on her face.

"Why did you come back?" I was quite puzzled.

"Ye Lin classmate…" Xiao Qin looked like she wanted to jump into my arms for comfort, "Behind the rock over there… are your disciple and another boy peeking, so I can’t get near them."

My disciple, Eunuch Cao? Where, how come I can’t see him?

I stood on mu tiptoes and stretched out my neck to take a look. I found two vulgar boys squatting in the bushes right behind the rock. Eunuch Cao was holding a camera, while the other person pointed at the stream and would make a lewd laugh from time to time.

I told Xiao Qin to stay where she was and wait for me, then I approached Eunuch Cao from behind. Right when I stepped on some weeds near the bush, he turned his head in vigilance.

"Mas… master." Eunuch Cao lowered his voice as much as possible and greeted me, "We are honored by your presence, please excuse your disciple for not coming to greet you."

The boy squatting next to Eunuch Cao did not turn around, he did not take his eyes off the girls playing in the water.

I followed his gaze and looked through a gap between the rock and bushes. I saw saw three girls in one-piece swimsuits in the clear and sparkling water that was illuminated by the sun.

Unfortunately, I did not know any of their names.

I can’t deny that I had envisioned Winnie, Gong CaiCai, and even the class leader in a swimsuit.

But reality was cruel. The three girls who were playing in the stream were indeed members of class 2-3, but I didn’t know their names or at least couldn’t tell who was who.

I did not have any talent for remembering people’s names and also have a certain degree of face blindness. Now that they’ve taken off the clothes they usually wear, it’s even harder for me to match names to face.

But since they are members of class 2-3, then I’ll have to manage them.

There is a Japanese saying, "Even ghosts were once eighteen years old", which means "youth is unparalleled". Even if you are not naturally beautiful, you will still attract the opposite sex because you are young.

The three girls playing in the stream basically fall into that category.

One of them seems to be the one who Eunuch Cao almost secretly took a photo of yesterday when she was changing her clothes, but she was easily duped when I called her beautiful.

She was wearing an Olympic swimmer’s black one-piece swimsuit. It wrapped around her chest, back, and hips, and she gave off mysterious feeling as she floated in and out of the stream.

The other two girls were similar, because now people are well nourished, so puberty comes somewhat early. Their bodies under the swimsuits might not be like an hourglass figure, but they do have curves at the right places.

The guy squatting next to Eunuch Cao was attracted by the view and did not react to me at all.

Eunuch Cao saw me look at his companion, so he hurriedly introduced me and said:

"Master, this is a brother I met yesterday when I borrowed a room at Master Zhang’s place. His name is Ah Xing, he’s Master Zhang’s grandson and it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time."

So to celebrate the deep friendship the two of you have formed, you immediately came to peek at the girls swimming? I really should kick you guys into the water one by one!

"After exchanging several codes, we decided to be close brothers. He is one year older than me, so he is my elder brother and I am the younger brother. From now on, we brothers will share everything with each other whether it’s seeds or URLs…"

I looked down at Ah Xing. He might be a year older than me and Eunuch Cao, but his body didn’t have any dominant traits. He was not as tall as me, nor was he as fat as Eunuch Cao.

But his vulgar expression was second only to Eunuch Cao.

His eyebrows, which usually might look honest, turned downwards into a curving crescent. He had more white in his eye, which made his pupils looks as small as a soybean in comparison.

His nose was ordinary, but the mouth below it was anything but ordinary.

He seems like an octopus! I don’t know if it’s because he’s excited at peeking at girls, so he’s puffing his mouth into a cup shape like suckers.

Mr. Zhang, are you sure your grandson is human and not an octopus alien?

He stared dead in the direction of the stream and did not move and did not speak. I did not pay attention to him, treated him as scenery, and asked Eunuch Cao:

"How long have you been filming and when did these girls come over to swim?"

"Jie jie jie jie…" Eunuch Cao laughed quietly, "Master, you do not know how much these girls planned in order to hide this from the class leader."

"What do you mean."

"It seems it’s an idea Loud Mouth and Little Smart came up with together. They asked in advance which girls want to play in the water, then in a group of three or four people, under the pretext of going to the washroom, they would instead run here to cool off…"

"Won’t the class leader get suspicious if they don’t go back for so long?"

"Master, don’t worry, this is where teamwork comes into play. When one of the groups are in the water, the other girls will try to distract the class leader by playing with the dog with her or something. Every once in a while, there will be a second batch of girls coming to use the ‘washroom’ to replace the previous group. So far it’s quite effective."

Eunuch Cao rubbed the miniature camera in his hand and lamented:

"Winnie was in the last group of girls who came to play in the water. I thought she would be bold enough to wear a bikini, but it turns out she also had a one-piece. She also splashed water everywhere when she swam and almost blurred my lens."

"Delete it." I said in a non-negotiable tone.

"Huh, master, what did you say?"

"I said, delete the footage you secretly recorded of Winnie’s swimsuit."

Seeing my firm attitude, Eunuch Cao did not ask anymore questions. He had to move slowly and with a resigned face to operate the camera, while muttering in a quiet voice:

"Master’s harem has expanded again… are you not afraid of your wife…" he looked back at Xiao Qin who was waiting in the distance, "Are you not afraid to angering her and getting the machete? Recently, the machete ending has been very popular…"

"Shut up, it’s because Winnie is her friend, that’s why I want you to delete the video. If you keep mentioning the machete, I’ll take your camera…"

At that moment, I saw a long-haired silhouette in the distance, walking angrily down the mountain.

Eh, is that the next group of girls to play in the water, but why is there only one person and they are walking a dog with their left hand…

It’s the class leader! She’s not here to play in the water, but to catch people! Loud Mouth’s scheme might fool the class leader for a while, but it can’t fool her forever! Sure enough, the class leader was able to see through their ruse.

"Is, is she also going in the water." Attracted by the beauty of the class leader, Ah Xing said his first words.

Keep dreaming. If the class leader put on the swimsuit Zhuang Ni brought her and came here to play in the water, then I might also squat here to peek, but that is impossible. The class leader is not only opposed to swimming without approval, but she also can’t swim, so she has always regarded the open water as her own worst enemy.

Xiao Qin was a good swimmer, maybe even better than Winnie.

I gestured to Xiao Qin, who was waiting silently a dozen paces behind me, signaling that I would go back to her as soon as things were finished here.

Anyway, since the class leader was here, these three girls can only obediently go back with her and that also saves me from appearing.

"You guys have a lot of nerve." After the class leader confirmed that the three in the water were class 2-3 students, she sped up and ran all the way to the stream while walking Obama.

"Get out of the water." The class leader came to a halt one meter away from the stream.

Obama looked at the wide and deep stream and also showed a bit of fear.

Eh, Obama, are you are also not good at swimming? I thought all dogs know how to dog paddle? Look at you, look at how you’re letting down your Alaskan ancestors.

"Not… not coming out." The girl with the best development, submerged herself up to her neck and talked back to the class leader.

She was very confident in water, so she deliberately walked to a deeper section. At that part of the stream, she could submerge her shoulders even when standing upright.

"Come back, it’s dangerous there." The class leader stood on the shore did enter the water and can only worry helplessly.

The other two girls saw it was effective, so they also moved to deeper waters. Those two were only okay in water, so they had to hold hands to avoid being swept away by the current.

"Class leader, you can go back, why can’t you let us play a little longer." The well developed girl shouted to the trapped class leader.

"Come, come out or I’ll tell teacher Yu to talk to your parents."

The class leader’s bluff made the three in the water laugh.

"Who doesn’t know that teacher Yu is as timid as a mouse. If you just lie and tell him you have a cousin with a bad temper, then he won’t do anything."

The class leader forced herself to move half a meter closer, but the sound of the turbulent water made her stop.

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