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Chapter: 648


Chapter 648: Husband

"Don’t get too cocky." The class leader stamped her foot on the relatively solid ground and shouted at the three girls laughing and playing in the water, "I’ll call Winnie down right now to catch you guys, I will have you guys dragged out to shore."

"Winnie huh…" the well-developed girl said, "You don’t know, but she already played in the water earlier behind your back. Even if you call her now, when she takes her time to come down, we will also already be tired of playing…"

"Yes, yes." The other two girls echoed, "Why does it matter~~ class leader, let us play a little longer."

As they pleaded. they also mischievously splashed water towards the class leader and Obama. The class leader dodged, but water splashed onto Obama’s neck and he had a depressed expression.

"If you get into an accident, how would I explain it to your parents as the class leader?"

The class leader advised the girls to come out, but they were having fun and didn’t pay much attention to the class leader’s advice.

The class leader, who was neither wearing a swimsuit, nor good at swimming helplessly faced the waters.

The class leader was desperate to try anything, she even stooped down to hug onto Obama’s stomach to test his weight. She also visually measured the distance between herself and the three girls, as if to see if she could use Obama as a shot put… no, as a swimming ring to throw, then let Obama bite their swimsuit straps, and then she could pull on Obama’s leash to pull everyone back together.

How would that be possible, class leader, do you think you are playing "gold miner"?

Sure enough, because Obama was too fat along with a host of other reasons, the class leader shook her head and vetoed her unreliable idea.

Her gaze shifted to a large rock where the three girls had placed their backpacks and clothes.

The boulder, like the class leader, was across the stream, on the opposite bank. Otherwise, the class leader would have already found us hiding behind the rock. Also, the girls who took off their clothes might have been subject to the attacks of Eunuch Cao and Ah Xing.

"If you don’t come out of the water, I’ll take your clothes away."

The class leader deliberately threatened in a malicious voice.

"Hahahahaha, the class leader is so funny today. The class leader who’s afraid of getting into the water is so cute."

The well-developed girls laughed wantonly.

"The class leader wants to take away our clothes, are you trying to copy ‘The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl‘? That’s bad, without our clothes, we will have to marry the class leader and be her wife…"

"Hehehe, class leader, who do you like the most out of the three of us, it’s me, right, it must be me." One of the thinner girls jumped up and down in the water.

"Class leader, it’s not okay to be biased." The last girl said, "Anyway, whatever jewelry they get, I have to have it too."

The class leader is already pissed off with you guys. Although the usual class leader belongs to the heroic overbearing type and is popular among the boys and girls, but you still can not treat and tease her as if she is a boy.

Besides, if you want to take the class leaser from Zhuang Ni… then get prepared to face her utility knife.

The class leader’s gaze was cold and it seemed she came up with a good idea.

She raised her neck slightly, which was supposed to be a cool gesture, but because Obama was mimicking her in sync, it made look slightly comical.

"If you guys don’t come ashore, I’ll tell Zhuang Ni that you… you molested me."

The class leader’s statement shocked me. If it wasn’t because she was intimidated by the open water, I’m afraid she would never use that plan.

Once Zhuang Ni, the one who could kill herself and others without blinking, was mentioned, the three girls were no longer as reckless.

"Eh, class leader, we were just kidding with you. Is it necessary to talk to that… to Zhuang Ni."

"Yeah, what if she curses us, I don’t want to fail my tests."

Zhuang Ni’s curse is not as simple as failing tests. If you provoke her, be careful or your life will also be cursed to fail.

"Besides, we didn’t really molest the class leader at all. We’re all girls, we’re not a lesbian like Zhaung Ni, so it’s not a big deal even if we did touch the class leader’s breasts and thighs, right?"

Hey, I think you are slightly lesbian if you’re pointing out specific body parts.

The class leader waved her phone and said coldly: "You should know that this phone that originally belongs to my brother has a one-touch recording function. Just now, I recorded everything you said, so if Zhuang Ni heard these recordings…"

"Don’t, don’t play it to Zhuang Ni." Now, the three girls in the water were frightened.

"What if she kills us? Class leader, you’re too cruel."

"That’s right, don’t you just want us to get out of the water, so we will get out."

In fact, I have been paying attention to the class leader’s actions and she did not reach into her pocket to turn on the phone’s recording function. It was a lie when she said she had recorded the conversation.

If you use a white lie to get the girls out of dangerous waters, then I guess it’s not really going against the class leader’s ethics?

And if she does become a police officer in the future, she can’t always be honest, such as when she’s tailing someone. If the suspect gets suspicious when sitting in a cafe, then taps the class leader’s table while she’s pretending to read the newspaper and ask:

"You’re a cop, right? I think I saw you yesterday."

"To be precise." The class leader puts down the newspaper, "I am a criminal police officer, generally responsible for the analysis, research and detection of ordinary, major, and special criminal cases. I’m also in charge of physical evidence extraction, inspection, identification, but also to assist the district’s anti-drug, anti-gang, anti-terrorism work; day-to-day theft, murder, fraud, trafficking, and other crimes, are all within the scopes of my work…"

The suspect would run away before she even finishes her speech! Just lie and say you were waiting for your boyfriend!

As my imagination was running wild, the three girls had walked up to shore while muttering. The class leader and Obama kept watch while they went behind the bushes to change.

Eunuch Cao and Ah Xing both lamented at the same time that they could not continue to see the girls in swimsuits, making them very sad.

After changing, they put their wet swimsuits on the large rock to dry. The three girls then surrounded the class leader and urged:

"Delete the recording, hurry up and delete that recording."

The class leader, who didn’t record anything, took her phone and pretended to press a few keys, but one of the girls saw through her.

"Wow, class leader, you lied to us. Can the Justice Devil also lie?"

"Would you guys have come out if I didn’t lie?" The class leader blushed a little, but did not cower.

The girl who was well-developed, hugged the class leader’s waist from behind with a malicious smile and said, "I don’t care, you’re in the wrong for lying. Didn’t you say you were going to tell Zhuang Ni that we molested you, then today we will really molest you."

Originally, the other two girls were worried Obama would protect his master, but he backed up while shaking his head, indicating it had nothing to do with him, so they were emboldened.

"Hehehe, little lady, I have plenty of money, so just listen to me and let me have a touch…"

"Yeah, you won’t lose anything by letting us have a touch, ahhh, this feeling…"

They imitated a scene that often appears in those period dramas.

The three same-sex students surrounded the class leader to take advantage of her. Although she could struggle to break free, but she was also worried about an accident occurring at the stream, so she was helpless.

"Don’t, don’t touch there, where did you guys learn this from? I really will go and tell Zhuang Ni!"

"What, are you going to go home and tell your husband?" The well-developed girls teased, "What’s so good about her? She’s always so gloomy, why not stay with the three of us, eat and drink, and enjoy the pleasures…"

"Stop messing around by the water, come back to the top of the mountain with me." The class leader said in the toughest tone she could muster at the moment.

"Who wants to go with you. We all know once we leave the water, you’re going to teach us a lesson."

"Class leader, you are much more gentle than usual when you are by water. Ah, no wonder you don’t want to ride boats…"

"Since we’re going to be taught a lesson why we go back anyway, why not let me feel a bit more. Ah, if only I were a boy…"

If you were a boy, the class leader would have kicked you away a long time ago.

"By the way, class leader, call me ‘husband’ once." The skinny girl spoke up.

"Yes, yes, call me ‘husband’ too. Call us ‘husband’ and we’ll follow you back to the camp."

"What are you guys saying?" The class leader let go of the useless Obama’s leash, then stretched out two hands and pushed the two who made the suggestion backwards. But she made sure to not use too much force because she was afraid they would fall into the water.

The well-developed girl who was still holding onto the class leader’s slim waist pretended to be angry: "Eh, the little lady is fighting back. If we don’t teach her a lesson, then she wouldn’t know what it means to be the the Three Young of Dong Shan."

Who the hell is the Three Young of Dong Shan, you guys are girls! I think you watched way too much of ‘The Four Brothers of Peking’.

"Class leader, if you don’t call us husband, we will throw you into the water."

"Yes, hurry up and call us husband."

"Usually, it’s hard to get to a place where you are afraid, so how can we not bully you a bit?"

"You guys…"

The class leader was held up by the three girls who were prepared to throw her into the water. She desperately resisted, but the turbulent stream weakened her willpower. Compared to the strength of the three girls combined, the class leader’s physical strength was not any better.

"Sha sha, call us husband, just once." The girls even called the class leader by her nickname, which apparently only her parents called her that way.

I thought the girls were getting a bit crazy, but I don’t think they were really going to throw the class leader into the water. They probably just wanted to take the opportunity to enjoy the class leader’s rare panicked expression.

Thus I did not immediately step forward to rescue the class leader. Also, since I couldn’t swim, it would be impossible for me to cross the turbulent stream.

I suddenly realized Eunuch Cao and Ah Xing had disappeared and Xiao Qin ran towards me with tears in the corners of her eyes.

"Ye, Ye Lin classmate, someone’s teasing me."

Xiao Qin pointed to the octopus-mouthed Ah Xing, who was standing where she was originally standing with a pen and paper writing something, and cried out to me.

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