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Chapter: 649

Please Die Another Day

Chapter 649: Please Die Another Day

What? How dare you tease Xiao Qin, you lustful octopus mouth! Do you think you’re amazing because you’re called Ah Xing? (TN: Xing means star in this case) Maybe I should send you flying and make you into a real star.

Ah Xing, stood in shock as he watched Xiao Qin run away in tears while holding onto his paper and pen.

Actually, Ah Xing’s posture looked like he was asking Xiao Qin for her phone number, which is at best a rather douchey way of hitting on a pretty girl on the streets.

But he did not hit on her at a good time. He hit on her right after I promised Xiao Qin that I would never abandon her and would always protect her.

Of course I would be angry. I comforted Xiao Qin a bit, then walked towards Ah Xing, planning to teach him a lesson.

"Noble warrior." Seeing me run over aggressively, the frightened Ah Xing hurriedly waved his hands at me, "I didn’t do anything! I suddenly saw a beautiful girl standing over here, so I wanted to ask her name and phone number, but she didn’t say a word to me!"

Of course she wouldn’t talk to you when she has androphobia. Did you think she was timid and easy to bully when she didn’t speak?

"Little brother Cao, little brother Cao, save me!" Ah Xing recalled that Eunuch Cao had called me master so he ran towards Eunuch Cao, hoping he would put in a good word for him.

"Um, I’ll burn an incense for you next year at the Qingming Festival."

Eunuch Cao had no sense of brotherhood as he put the micro-camera into his arms, then turned and fled.

The second reason why he fled was because the noise we made had caused the class leader and the others on the other side of the stream to realize our presences.

The three girls stopped pretending to throw the class leader into the stream and looked towards us suspiciously.

"Eh, the one who just ran away looks like Eunuch Cao from behind."

"Isn’t that tall one Ye Lin? Have they been peeking at us swim?"

"Ye Lin is not looking towards us, but it looks like he wants to hit someone… the girl wiping her tears is Xiao Qin, what in the world happened."

Ah Xing saw his "little brother Cao" run away first, so he also wanted to follow suit. He threw his phone book and pen at me, then turned and ran.

The two stationery items were knocked away with one hand each. It pissed me off again he was using throwing weapons against me, who had experienced the class leader’s level of throwing weapons.

"I won’t forgive you for bullying Xiao Qin right in front of me."

I shouted out loud and chased after him. The girls on the other side who heard my shouts thought I was teaching a lesson to a lascivious man for Xiao Qin. They didn’t know the boy I was chasing, so they gave me shouts of approval.

"Come on, get rid of that kid, let him know that it’s not easy to mess with class 2-3."

"Ye Lin, you finally did something good. Since you recognized Xiao Qin as your god-sister, then you have to protect her."

"Hit him as hard as you can. We’ll help you dig a pit!"

The three girls shouted recklessly and fearlessly as the class leader was beside them.

I guess the ‘femme fatale’ saying holds true. If there are girls nearby a fight, then it’s more likely to have something go wrong. All those punks who end up taking in a life during a fight, usually do it because there’s a girl at the scene.

"Don’t listen to them." The class leader, who finally was able to escape, shouted, "Don’t fight with outsiders. Sit down and talk through your conflicts, it’s dangerous here."

After he heard the girls say Xiao Qin was my "god-sister", Ah Xing muttered while running down the mountain.

"It’s just your god-sister, aren’t you being too narrow-minded when I’m only asking for a phone number?"

"So what if I’m narrow-minded, what’s it to you?"

The more I listened, the angrier I became. I took a few more steps to catch up with him from behind and kicked him in the ass and made him eat dirt.

"Yeah!" "Beautiful."

Xiao Qin only watched me quietly with a gaze tinged with joy, but the three girls across the stream gave me shouts of approval as if Shen ShaoYi had scored a three-pointer.

"Stop fighting." The class leader barked at me as she was close to being furious, "I order you to stop fighting."

I kicked Ah Xing once and let him eat a mouth of mud. After I calmed down a bit, I thought he really didn’t do anything where he should be buried…

I did not expect Ah Xing to get up and continue to run forward like a headless fly. He rushed into the stream after a few steps and the water went up to his knees.

When he saw me stop chasing him, he went a couple steps deeper and looked back quite proudly at me.

"Jie jie jie jie…… if I’m not mistaken, you can’t swim, right? What’s wrong with class 2-3, neither the male nor the female class leaders know how to swim."

As expected of Eunuch Cao’s sworn brother, even their laughs are similar.

The question is how do I look like the male class leader of class 2-3? Our class has two PE committee members, but only a single class leader! Did you hear those girls cheering me on, so you thought I was also a class leader?

Since when does the male class leader have to act as a fighter for the girls in the class?

"Ahh, so vulgar."

In order to avoid me, Ah Xing moved to the middle of the stream and so his face was in full view from the perspective of the class leader’s group.

"So vulgar, his mouth is like an octopus… I see, he must have been spying on us earlier with Eunuch Cao."

Judging people by their appearances again, but this time you’re right…

"Throw rocks at him."

I don’t know who came up with the idea, but all kinds of pebbles and clumps of dirt went flying towards Ah Xing and showered him from above.

The class leader quickly stopped their dangerous behavior, but it was too late. In order to avoid a large piece of dirt, Ah Xing sprained his foot and fell in the stream with a thud.

He struggled and tried to get up, but he panicked, lost his footing, and took a wrong step into deeper water. He coincidentally stepped right into one of the currents and was swept away by the flowing water and washed downstream.

"Help, help!" Ah Xing shouted in despair and flailed his arms above the water.

Damn, you can’t swim even though you look like an octopus?

If you can’t swim, then why did you walk further inside. Did my kick earlier turn you stupid?

If you can’t swim, what right do you have to laugh at me and the class leader for not being able to swim?

Although I think Ah Xing has a low IQ and would increase China’s average IQ if he dies, but the heaven’s care for every living thing. Even Eunuch Cao has a purpose in life, it’s not like Ah Xing is a supervillain, so I can’t watch him get washed away.

So I ran downstream along the bank, trying to pull his arm whenever he washed close to the shore.

The class leader, who was on the opposite bank, probably had similar thoughts. She ran desperately downstream while pulling Obama. Although she was still afraid of the rushing stream, her mind was focused on saving him first.

The three girls who directly caused Ah Xing to drown were instead scared and confused. They were either biting their fingers or covering their faces, shivering and not knowing what to do.

Hmph, they are all energetic when fooling around, but turn into cowards when a real accident occurs.

The class leader, who was simultaneously running downstream with me, made me feel like we had a tacit understanding where we could rely on each other.

Although Obama, the dumb dog sticking out his tongue by the class leader’s side, was kind of ruining the mood, but I decided to ignore it.

It seems Xiao Qin also followed along, but I did not have time to turn around.

If I’m even a bit negligent, then Ah Xing will be dead.

If he drowns, then regardless if it’s the three girls who threw stones at him, or me and Xiao Qin, we are all a bit responsible for his death. The class leader is the only who is innocent.

But since she is the head of the class, if a 15 year old boy dies during the trip she organized, then she would never forgive herself and will live the rest of her life with regret.

That’s why Ah Xing can’t die. At least not now, right in front of the class leader! Wait until after we save you, then even if you die from jerking off night and day, it has nothing to do with our class.

In a flash, Ah Xing had already been washed to an "S" shaped bend! He desperately struggled to keep his head out of the water, then fortunately, he grabbed onto a black tree root sticking out from the shore.

"Pfft." After he spat out a large mouthful of water, he continued to shout for help. The black tree root was on my side, so I leaned over and grabbed the small tree with my left hand beforehand, then used my right hand to grab onto his hand.

But the black tree roots was full of mud and he didn’t have a secure hold on it even with both hands, so he couldn’t switch to grabbing it with one hand to accept my assistance.

The stream also ended here and its flow speed had doubled. When I looked downstream, I suddenly realized if he drifted for ten more meters, he would reach a waterfall.

Don’t tell me it’s the same waterfall Winnie lured me to last night? I remember there was a large round rock right below the waterfall, and Winnie also meditated on top of it. Although it was a mini waterfall, the drop was nearly 4 meters, if Ah Xing fell down, he might die.

Might as well drown to death, falling to your death is too bloody. Can you bear to let these young girl see your brains burst? It’s all because you can’t swim even when you’re an octopus! Hurry up and reach out and grab my hand! Shouldn’t an octopus have a lot of hands?

At this point, Ah Xing was pale. When he saw me reach over, he tried several times to gather his courage and grab the roots with a single hand while grabbing my hand with his other hand, but gave up because of the rapid water.

"Crack", the black tree root finally could not bear the weight of Ah Xing anymore and made an ominous cracking sound.

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