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Chapter: 651

Dedicated Funds

Chapter 651: Dedicated Funds

"Hurry up and pull him up!" I shouted at Xiao Qin, "If you don’t save him, he’s going to get strangled to death."

"But, but…" Xiao Qin said with some sobs, "I’m afraid to touch him. If I touch him, I won’t be pure anymore."

In my eyes, you’re probably very far from being ‘pure’. Although it’s partially my fault for accidentally showing you H manga, but you have already lost all integrity in front of me.

"Don’t treat him as a man." I shouted, "Pretend he’s an inanimate object."

Xiao Qin nodded. The waves had soaked her hair and clothes, but was unable to wash her away.

"Alright, I’ll wait until after he gets strangled to death by Ye Lin classmate and becomes lifeless, then I’ll save him…"

Then would he even need to be saved? Are you going for a rescue or a corpse retrieval?

I was so angry I almost fell head first into the stream.

The class leader was initially alarmed when she saw Xiao Qin jump into the water, but then she was shocked by Xiao Qin’s Olympic-level swimming skills. She was able to have peace of mind and no longer tried to take off her jeans.

Obama looked very disappointed. I will not say there was a moment when I wished to swap perspectives with Obama…

However, Xiao Qin only stayed near Ah Xing, but did not help him. The class leader heard our conversation and understood the reason why Xiao Qin did not help was because of her androphobia and she began to worry again.

"Xiao Qin, there’s nothing to be afraid. Men are just a lazy species, save him quickly."

The class leader cupped her hands around her mouth and shouted at Xiao Qin.

Hey, class leader, you’re talking about your brother, right? Please don’t include me, I at least help wash the dishes after you cook.

"Xiao Qin, if you save him, I will teach you how to cook every day for the remaining twenty days of summer vacation."

Xiao Qin still remained unmoved.

"Xiao Qin, if you can save him, I’ll… I’ll tell you the secret to make your breasts bigger."

The class leader shouted out a lie with a red face. Does she mean she used that secret every day to make her breasts so big?

Xiao Qin’s ears instantly perked up and muttered to herself:

"As expected there’s a secret… Gong CaiCai and the class leader are all bad people, so it’s justifiable if they don’t tell me. But Winnie calls herself my friend and she doesn’t tell me…"

There is no secret! Even the school doctor told you papayas can enlarge your chest, but there is no scientific basis for it.

The class leader only lied out of her goodwill. We have to save the octopus boy first no matter what.

Xiao Qin, who was lured by the "breast enlargement secret", swam a circle around Ah Xing, then finally decided to take action from his hair.

Grabbing her opponent’s hair and then kneeing their face was a common attack The Little Tyrant used back in the day. It was the reason why I still keep my hair short.

But as Xiao Qin was about to reach out and grab Ah Xing’s hair, he broke free from the leash, then threw the collar downstream.

Why not throw your life away too, you idiot! Although the leash was strangling you, it also prevented you from being washed away.

Now, Ah Xing was like a kite with a broken string, being swept away by the stream.

"He-, help." Ah Xing finally reacted and began to struggle.

Xiao Qin frowned and chased after him like a dolphin. She first dodged both his hands and intended to follow her original plan of grabbing his hair.

But the current was unpredictable. Ah Xing was twirled around like a spinning top and instead leaned towards Xiao Qin.

Xiao Qin was focused on avoiding Ah Xing’s hands and finding the right time to save him while trying not to touch him. While she was able to avoid the octopus boy’s hands, she was not able to avoid his puckered octopus lips.

The octopus boy kissed her temple, he might have even touched her ear.

Of course Ah Xing did not realize, he was just desperately crying for help. He was unaware that his only hope of being saved was beginning to black out and transform.


Xiao Qin shouted out frantically. I’m not sure if it was water or tears that appeared in the corners of her eyes.

"I can’t wear a pure white wedding dress anymore when I get married!!!"

Xiao Qin grabbed onto Ah Xing’s hair roughly, but it wasn’t to save him. She gnashed her teeth in anger as she forcefully pushing his head under the water.

"Pffft!" Xiao Qin pressed his head underwater, then pulled him out again, repeatedly. Every time, Xiao Qin would keep him underwater a bit longer.

The class leader was stunned.

I was also stunned.

Obama expressed it had nothing to do with him.

"Xiao Qin, don’t be impulsive." I calmed down and immediately shouted, "You’ll drown him!"

"Sob sob sob~~~~ pure white wedding dress, pure white wedding dress." Xiao Qin cried and continued to press Ah Xing underwater.

I was not old-fashioned where I would think Xiao Qin was impure and can’t wear a pure white wedding dress if a man accidentally kissed her hair (or ear).

On the contrary, I thought this was a good opportunity for me to see there was still hope for Xiao Qin’s androphobia to be cured.

Of course, suddenly seeing Xiao Qin have contact with other men, makes me feel slightly uncomfortable… but she’s my god-sister and I can’t be the only one that’s an exception for her androphobia.

In that case, what will Xiao Qin do in the future? If I can’t cure Xiao Qin’s androphobia, won’t I have to take responsibility and spend the rest of my life with Xiao Qin.

Ah, so annoying, I really hope that Xiao Qin’s androphobia can be cured, but there’s a hidden part inside me that hopes that she can’t be cured… why do people have to be born, why does the universe to exist?

The class leader was just worried that Ah Xing would be "accidentally killed" by members of class 2-3, but now Xiao Qin was trying to "murder" Ah Xing. The class leader covered her eyes and could not bear to look anymore and almost fainted.

At this time, the three girls who first forced the class leader to call them "husband" and then threw stones at Ah Xing, also rushed along the bank of the stream towards us.

They all pushed each other trying to make someone else walk ahead, afraid they would have to be the first to confirm Ah Xing’s death.

"I never wanted to throw stones, it was your idea…"

"But I didn’t ask you to throw such a large piece."

"It’s over, will the police come to arrest us…"

When they saw the class leader standing on bank, while Xiao Qin was in the middle of the stream, repeatedly pushing Ah Xing’s head underwater, they were also dumbfounded.

"The one in the water is… is Xiao Qin."

"Why didn’t Ye Lin go save him? Didn’t Xiao Qin say he’s great at the breaststroke?"

Why did you believe whatever Xiao Qin told you? If the class leader also believed Xiao Qin and appointed me as lifeguard, then you guys would have had a really bad time.

"What is Xiao Qin doing? Is she saving him or…"

"It’s over, this time the police really will take us away to investigate. It sucks to be me, I’ve never even had a boyfriend before…"

The thin girl said and cried.

Can you guys stop causing more trouble? It might not be realistic to ask you to save him with your swimming skills, but you can at least not cause more trouble. I can now understand why there are often generals who shoot disobedient soldiers.

In the joint rescue operation organized by me and the class leader, Xiao Qin was the vanguard force, but she’s emotionally unstable and now she’s trying to kill the rescue target… but she hasn’t killed him yet! I feel like we shouldn’t give up just yet.

Instead, the three of you are useless. All you know how to do is cry and cause more trouble. If it was during a war, I would have you dragged out and shot.

I shouted at Xiao Qin who kept on tormenting Ah Xing:

"That’s enough Xiao Qin. Someone who really likes you won’t care if somebody else kissed you hair. I guarantee you can still wear a pure white wedding dress."

Xiao Qin stopped pressing Ah Xing underwater and looked hesitantly at me.

I struck while the iron was hot and continued to shout: "Save him. If you save him, I’ll buy you a pure white wedding dress. I will save up a large sum of money, specifically for you to buy a pure white wedding dress."

Hearing these words, Xiao Qin forcibly held back her tears from being touched, then dragged Ah Xing onto shore.

The octopus alien’s face was white, but he still had one last breath. Our rescue operation was a success.

When the class leader heard me promise to buy a wedding dress for Xiao Qin, she looked at us with suspicion.

But when she saw me gently stroked Xiao Qin’s wet hair and praise her, it probably reminded herself when she praised Shu Zhe for doing well in the math Olympiads, so she slightly relaxed.

Then I don’t know what she thought of, but she suddenly blushed. Did she imagine what she would look like in a wedding dress?

Before that, you should think about how you are going to tell Xiao Qin: you don’t have any secrets for breast enlargement, you were lying to her.

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