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Chapter: 1495

A Star Is Born

Chapter 1495 A Star Is Born   The revelation made many sit up, murmuring the name of this strange, newly sprung empire in the desolate lands of Pyno. 

’Baymard, was it?’

Many had already planned on sending their forces and scouts over in a jiffy.

It would take months and months… But this was expected.

And in the end, this was Morgany’s first official ‘knowing’ of Baymard’s treason against them. 

What! Kidnap their citizens, steal their technology and expect them to sit and do nothing? Naive!

What belongs to them can ever stay in the hands of criminals!

By hook or by crook, they’ll rescue their dear Morgs from the hands of these shameless thieving captives. 

And just like that, the matter had come to an end… For now. 

But unlike their gloomy atmosphere, far away in the blooming empire of Baymard, many had happy yet nervous smiles on thinking of what today represented for them. 


–Royal Capital City, Baymard, Pyno.–



A loud clock rang out in the late hours of the morning, followed by a loud banging noise at the door. 

~Bang. Bang. Bang.

"Tina!… Tina… Wake up, girl; you’re going to be late! Today is your big day, remember?"

"Ah!-… Big day!" An inky dark-haired girl jumped off her bed in a defensive mode, as though about to karate-chop someone. 

The eyes face was still tired, and her sleeping hair cap was long disorientated above her head. 

Last night, her entire hair was covered before falling to sleep. But now, the hair cap had shifted from all her rolling, so much so that it was barely hanging on its last wits on her messy bun. 

And knowing her, it was clear she unintentionally took it off with her own hands while deep asleep. 

The girl was, as they say: A Hand-sleeper… Meaning, she liked to punch, you’ll, drag, and move her hands about while deep asleep. 

Smacking her lips, the 16-year-old forced her eyelids open while smashing the bottom above her clock. 


It was already 10:30 A.M?!


The girl screamed in horror. 

You have to know that she had snoozed 6 other alarms prior to this, thinking she had time. 

She intended to wake up by 9:15. But instead, she woke up an hour later?



The girl placed her hands on her head anxiously. "No! No! No! No!–"

~Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang.

"Tina, are you up yet?"

"I’m up! I’m up!… But why didn’t you knock on my door earlier?"

"I did!… But you didn’t even reply, even when I said the house was on fire. Lucky for you, the Theatre isn’t far from the Academy, or you’ll definitely miss your deadline!"


The girl Tina had no time for small talk. 

Of course, her friend was indeed correct. 

At present, she was in a small single room within one of the academy’s living quarters.

That’s right.

This was the Arts & Beauty Academy. 

Here, one could be a painter, sculptor, fashion designer, actress, actor, musician, stylist, makeup artist, masseuse, and every job pertaining to either Arts or Beauty. 

So one could imagine how massive the Campus spaces were. 

It was like a mini-city all on its own, with towering residences and teaching buildings all over the place.

And with the sleeping situation, one could choose to stay in the buildings that shared the same meal hall.

These buildings had no public kitchens, just a meal hall with specific eating times, free for those staying there.

It was great, seeing as their staying here hardly had to worry about what to cook or what groceries to get. Even if they got broke, at least their food was still guaranteed.

Of course, in these buildings, there were options for 2~4 people to share the same room like a dormitory or live in single rooms instead. 

The bathrooms and showers here were also public too. 

But if one didn’t like these sorts of accommodations, they could still live in the many buildings designed similar to apartments with their own kitchens, private bathrooms, parlors, and even balconies. 

Hey, it all depends on the price and a person’s presence. 

For Tina, she and 2 others lived in this 3-bedroom in one of the many apartment-styled complexes within the campus grounds. 




Tina slapped her face, knowing it was time for her to do her infamous morning marathon. 

This time, will she make it?

Looking at the time, it’s now 10:31, but she had to get to the theater by 11:10.

Well now… That gives her 34 minutes.

34 minutes to take a bath, clean up, get dressed, fix her hair, have her breakfast, drive over and arrive on time.

And for this, she only had one question to ask the nonbelievers… Do you believe in miracles?


A nonexistent sound echoed out in her mind. 

There was the bell, and there goes Tina. 

It was a fast break as Tina led the field around the far turn. 

That’s it. She was out of the room, making her way through the hallway, over to the bathroom. 

What a sensational leap!

In no time, she turned her shower on, waiting for the waters to stabilize to the temperature she wanted. But was she ideal? 

Not a chance! 

Toothpaste on her toothbrush, cleanser on her face, Tina made a big jump into the shower. 

In no time, she overtakes the showers by 2 lengths. And the imaginary baseball crowd goes wild! It’s Tina by one! 


She jumped out the shower, wiped herself off, and headed back to her room fully nude. But who the hell cares? 

Reaching the room, Tina stretched her body, proving that humans could only take a minute and a half to dress up. 

[The invisible crowd]: Hair Tina, Hair!!

With quick hands, she showed great form and grace as she hastily placed her hair in a bun.

But what about her face?

A dab of this, a dab of that.

And in the end… Tina looked… She looked… Well… No comment.



The girl took off like thunder, grabbing a box of Fruitloops and milk.

1 spoon, 2 spoons… 7 spoons, and a large gulp down her throat, keeping her place with indigestion. 

Tina finished her cereal, grabbed an apple, and flew out into the car.

8 minutes more.


Tina took off without delay, leaving the vast campus and heading off to the theater as fast as she could. 

6 more minutes… 

4, 3, 2… 


She parked her vehicle and rushed into the theater. 

Success! Success!

"I’m here… I’m here…"

Tina almost fainted the moment she arrived. And soon, she heard a familiar voice call out. 

"Ahh… There’s the star of my show, Miss Tina. There’s my Baronin Maria… The lead character of tonight’s performance, Sound Of Music!!… But, what’s with your face?"


Don’t ask. 

Tina walked backstage, feeling both nervous and excited.

She was a Teriquen girl who came to Baymard to pursue a career as a theater performer. 

Today was her first time chosen as the main lead in a show. So how could she not feel fidgety? 

Who would’ve known she would make it this far? 

Thinking if her journey and the changes she was able to bring to her family since studying here 3 years back, Tina felt warmth from Baymard. 

And tonight, her family would be here to watch her first lead-role show ever!

Sound of music…

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