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Chapter: 1496

The Sound Of Music

Chapter 1496 The Sound Of Music  Tina was quickly rushed for last-minute rehearsals to ensure everyone was aligned with one another, knowing where to enter and exit the stage.

Tina twirled and moved, keeping her from while ensuring to bring out her character for all to see. 

"Yes!… That’s it! You aren’t in rehearsals but on stage! The lights are shining on you. That’s it. Good. Good, and twirl. Marvelous! I can already see Maria in you. But remember, when reacting to Scene 3 Act 1, you need to show an even more stubborn yet graceful side."

"Billy, that’s it! You are Baron Von Trapp! You hate music because of your deceased wife. Music opens the wound in your heart. Yes… Yes… Bring out the pain in you! More… More, God Dammit! Bring me more!"

"Oh… That’s it. Don’t stop; you’ve got it now. Show me more!… And… 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3… Tonight’s Broadway show must be better than good!"


The key instructor dawned in all black with a scarf around his neck and glasses on his face, walked about the stage, commenting on everyone’s performance. 

Today’s Broadway show was one never seen before in Baymard. 

That’s right. It was an adaptation of the book ‘Sound of Music,’ written by his majesty, Landon Barn. 

Though the book has not yet been made into film adaptation or even cartoon adaptation, it was dubbed one of the greatest love stories since the Baymardian Empire’s birth. 

Do you know how many copies of it get sold out instantly? Even in school, it’s taught in literature, alongside the infamous ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Story. 

But while the latter was a tragic love story, the former was one with a happy ending and more cheerful protagonists in them. 

After all, the entire Romeo & Juliett takes place in just barely 4 days. 


Though some were romanced by Romeo’s love, many felt he was a creep, a stalker, a cheater, and a flirt. 

That is… Wasn’t he the one who at the beginning of the play, said he would crash the Capulet’s household to see the woman of his dreams, called Rosaline?

Didn’t he say he could walk on fire and even die just to have the opportunity to have her? 

Yet, this same man turned around and suddenly fell in love with another at the same party? 


I’m sorry, but this was why women couldn’t trust men so much. 

Moreover, this guy snuck into her courtyard, planning to do what exactly?

What if he had raped her or done anything dastardly?

And that Juliet girl… So you happen to see a strange man behind your backyard, and you don’t even have an iota of shock, fear, or defense?

Look… As people living in dangerous times, they couldn’t understand the reasoning behind these 2. 

You can say it’s love, but they begged to differ. 

What sort of love would make the two fall to such unfortunate deaths in under 4 days?

In the end, wasn’t it better for them never to meet?

To many, the moral of the story was to teach their children never to rush into things like love. 

Many could swear that if the 2 had lived long enough, who knows if Romeo would also fall in love with another the same he abandoned his life for Rosaline and fell for Juliet?

Such a man had ‘excess’ love and would have 5~10 wives at that rate. 

Of course, they found nothing wrong with polygamy. But please, don’t make it seem as though this Romeo fellow was some noble guy who found his one true love. 

Compared with Romeo & Juliet, they preferred the Sound of Music.

It was far more in tune with their sense of reasoning, with them rooting for the main characters to get together. 


"And… 1, 2, 3, 4…. 1, 2, 3, 4…"

The key instructor clapped and gestured while swaying back and forth across the stage. 

"And… Scene! Good job! You all did marvelously! Now head for the locker rooms, shower, dress up, and get backstage for hair and makeup!"

Of course, they would be putting their makeup on themselves. Only after they’re done will the professional team see what’s missing or what needs more adjusting.

Unlike models and many flashy professions that allowed makeup artists and hairstylists pamper them in the seat, part of their job was to learn how to do their own makeup instead. 

And for Broadway and theater performers, they would apply a whole lot more power because of the lights. 

When they hit the overly powdered face, they looked smooth on camera and even on eye-view from the audience’s stance. 

In a flash, Tina headed for the shower rooms to take yet another bath.

Of course, the reason she bathed this morning was that her little ‘aunt flow’ was here.

And just like that, the performances got ready for the biggest show of the month. 

The Sound of music.

Because of its popularity, it felt like the whole world would be here. 

Tina was nervous just thinking about it. 

And in no time, the afternoon passed, and the early evening hours came. 

The people were jolly and merry while strolling into the best estate grounds called the Baymardian Emerald Theater. 

What a place! 

This was by far the biggest theater property they had ever seen!

The theater had 10 three-story buildings within its promises, each having several overly grand stages in them. 

On the first floor of each building, ken could check-in, get their popcorn and drinks, and head to the theater where their play, magic show, or other shows would unfold. 

So grand!

In total, the theater had 20 mega stages. 


"Oh, my! We’ve booked a ticket for the fireman act of the jungle riders! So hurry up! We can’t be late!"

"Ahhh!~… Finally, I’ll get to watch the Imaginarium circus show live! Hahahaha~… Oh, honey, this is the best birthday gift ever!"

"F***! I can’t believe we’ll be seeing the Sound of Music! All over Pyno, there are indeed some theater performers who have brought the book’s adaptation to life in the other empires. Now, I want to just how different Baymard’s adaptation would be from others."

"Me too! I love Maria in the book. She was such a free-spirited girl!"

"Hey, I loved the little Von Trapp children instead. From the book’s description, I know they must be very cute!"

"Quickly! We have to head to theater 9! We only have 11 more minutes before the show begins!"

Quickly! Quickly!

Many already felt their feet pick up the place while grabbing their popcorn and rushing into the theater Halls. 

And among the stream of audience members was a family of 3; a little boy no more than 9, accompanied by his parents. 

"Mom, dad… At this rate, we’ll be late for sister’s play!"

The young boy of 8 years old was so nervous, pulling his parents along.

How can he miss big sister’s first ‘big act?’ It was because of his sister that he was able to go to school here without worrying about his tuition. As for his parents, they had come to visit them during this coincidental period, making them lucky enough to watch her play.

Though Big sister had been informed she was the lead star several months ago, even if they wanted to invite their parents, they might not have made it on time.

So big sister only promised to write a letter and send a tape of the show after it was over.

But who would’ve known 2 weeks ago, their parents would come visiting, planning to spend 3 weeks with them?

Because big sister was a lead star, she got a few audience tickets but had been keeping them, but always had a habit of keeping 3 to herself, lest her family arrived. 

Both parents smiled, looking at their Little boy pulling them forward. 

"Alright. Alright. We are coming."

They felt it funny. They could’ve long entered the theater hall. But who was it that said he wanted pretzel buns, popcorn, and fruitopia?

Both parents chuckled, quickly entered the hall, and found their seats. 

It was in the middle section. 

’Not bad…’ 

They nodded, also feeling proud of their daughter’s achievement.

The couple sat, proudly thinking of their daughter’s accomplishments. 

They had only watched her play on tape and had never seen it live. And never had they ever been in a theater before. 

Their hearts pounded with a thousand goosebumps covering their bodies.

This feeling…

What a magical feeling…

"Look! Look! Over there! That’s King-Father Lucus, Queen Mother Kimberly, and their daughter princess Kora!"

"What? They too are here watching the show?"

"Ah!–… Look over there! That’s his majesty Hidoran from the Romain empire of Tulip. It appears he too is watching the show is family as well."

The couple glanced at the many important figures the crowd spoke about, feeling awed to be in such a grand place alongside them. 

Royalty! They actually got to see royalty this close!

’How exciting!’ They thought, not knowing that the real magic was just about to begin.

In no time, the curtains went up, the lights dimmed, and the little boy was squirmish in his seat. 

"Mom, dad, sister’s show is starting!"


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