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Chapter: 4213

Fang Chen sat on the ground with his knees crossed, his hands folded, and his powerful breath surged around him. He soon entered the ethereal state.

His three elder martial brothers, each performing his own duties, were always ready. Seeing that the time was almost up, he reminded the younger martial brother, and then started directly.

First of all, it was the fifth elder martial brother. He put his hands on Fang Chen's back. The power of terror was constantly injected into the latter's body, and fiercely collided with the original power in his body, stimulating his body.

The second is eighth senior brother. What he mainly does is to use his mental power to guide the mental power in the younger martial brother, walk around the whole body, and then complete the transformation.

The most important task is the ninth senior brother. He holds the sky opening axe and uses his powerful mental force to fully activate the sky opening axe. The fire red light rises into the sky, as if to cut the whole void.

The internal power of Kaitian axe shrouded Fang Chen. In the next instant, Fang Chen's body began to change.

If an ordinary person steps into the Tao realm, as long as his understanding is in place, it will be a natural thing. However, Fang Chen is different. The three top powers protect his Dharma and guide him.

At this time, Fang Chen had only one idea in his mind, that is to step into the Tao realm.

The biggest difference between the Tao realm and the supreme realm is the Tao mind. Every practitioner can step into the Tao realm as long as he can condense and strengthen the Tao mind.

Fang Chen was very successful in the process of refining his Taoist heart. After all, he has accumulated a lot over the years, and he is still understanding the mysteries in the peach blossom forest, which is the greatest help to him.

In about three hours, he completely condensed his Tao mind.

"The younger martial brother is really gifted," said the fifth senior brother.

"The Kaitian axe can be removed." Eighth senior brother said.

Elder martial brother Jiu nodded. Just as he was about to remove the sky axe, suddenly in the sky, the terrible thunder clouds gathered rapidly. The terrible thunder roared through the sky. In the next moment, the thunder clouds formed a pillar of light, swooped down madly and bombarded Fang Chen directly.


Almost at the same time, the three senior brothers retreated to the safe area. Their faces were both happy and worried.

I'm glad that my junior brother's entry into the Taoist realm can lead to Tianjie, which means that he is extremely talented. What I worry about is that Tianjie's power is too strong. Through the ages, I don't know how many heaven's favourites have failed to cross this barrier and fell.

"Younger martial brother, I can only rely on you next." Five elder martial brothers.

There is no way for outsiders to help. Only by relying on their own strong spiritual will can they resist the past.

If you fail, you will die.

Moreover, Tianjie is also strong or weak. The higher the talent, the stronger the Tianjie.

From a preliminary point of view, Fang Chen's disaster is already a medium disaster.


Leiyun light column swooped down and bombarded Fang Chen, directly drowning him. During this period, his three elder martial brothers could not find out his situation, so they had to pray in their hearts.

And now.

In the light column of thunder cloud, Fang Chen felt terrible power, and seemed to tear his body at any time, but he controlled Tao Xin and resisted tenaciously.

In my mind, I flashed back my own struggle experience over the years. How many times have I been able to survive on the edge of life and death? What is just a natural disaster?

"Give it to me."

With Fang Chen's roar, the heart of Tao in his body was rotating faster and faster. In the end, the naked eye could not catch its trace. That is, at this time, Fang Chen's mind power broke through and went to a higher level. The operation of the mind power also offset some of the power of the disaster, but it was not enough.


The disaster of heaven has been strengthened. One after another thundercloud light column mercilessly bombarded Fang Chen. As time went on, the faces of the three senior brothers became more and more dignified, and finally they were speechless.

Fang Chen's heavenly calamity has reached the power of higher heavenly calamity from the medium heavenly calamity they predicted at the beginning, and is even strengthening.

The three brothers looked at each other nervously.

It is a long time to cross the robbery. Fang Chen is in the whirlpool and constantly resists one disaster after another, because he knows that once he relaxes and is hit by the disaster, he will die.

And now.

In the dark net, a great event also happened.

A powerful divine operator in the three thousand realms of the great road has caught a glimpse of heaven's mystery. He thinks that there will be an evil genius beyond history in the three thousand realms of the great road. The birth of this genius may even affect the pattern of the three thousand realms of the great road.

As soon as the news came out, it immediately caused a sensation in the 3000 circles of the avenue.

Everyone is guessing, which force is the super demon genius born?

All the top forces are speculating with each other. After the news spread to the dark net, it became more and more crazy. Many people even offered expensive fees to explore. In recent months, there were abnormalities in the major dangerous places within the 3000 boundaries of the avenue. I want to infer from this that where a demon was born.

The demons that can affect the pattern of the three thousand realms of the main road, even the giants of the top forces, have to pay attention to and consider.

For a moment, the whole Avenue was in chaos.

Even Wang Xuan was curious about who could stir up the situation in the three thousand circles of the avenue.

"I don't know if the legendary supernatural demon genius has a higher talent than brother Xuefeng?" Wang Xuan whispered to himself that he had never seen a genius with a higher talent than blood peak in his cognition.

However, he never dreamed that the demon that caused the vibration of the three thousand realms of the road was his good brother Xuefeng.

of course.

Fang Chen doesn't know these things at all. During this time, he is fully devoted to the disaster.

And the three elder martial brothers are also watching at all times.

"Fortunately, we have blocked the secrets here. Otherwise, the outside world will find out here." The fifth senior brother said.

"Yes, that divine calculation still has some means. Unexpectedly, it can be calculated that a demon was born." Eighth senior brother grinned.

Because they knew that it was their younger martial brother who caused a sensation in the 3000 circles of the avenue.

Old nine was even more complacent. "Now you don't accept my eyes?"

In the face of Lao Jiu's complacency, the two elder martial brothers just shook their heads.

"It's a pity that the eldest martial brother can't see it. Otherwise, they would be very happy." Fifth senior brother sighed.

"Don't worry, fifth senior brother. None of us are dead. The eldest senior brother may still be alive." Old eight said confidently that in those days, there were many better than them in the Fortune Palace. Even they could survive. Maybe other disciples also survived. They just lived in some places and dared not show up.

"Well, be patient. When the younger martial brother is strong enough to influence the top powers in the 3000 realm of the avenue, it will be the time for our lucky palace to come out again."

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