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Chapter: 4216

The dark eight claws have one pulse. It was a great threat to the Zaohua palace in those years.

Even at its peak, the Zaohua palace did its best to completely destroy the eight claws of darkness.

That's why Fang Chen's three elder martial brothers, when they learned that the younger martial brother was the descendant of the dark eight claws, looked very dignified. They wanted to eliminate the dark eight claws on the younger martial brother at the first time.

However, it is a long process to eliminate the dark eight claw mark. If you are careless, you will seriously injure the younger martial brother. This is something the three brothers don't want to see.

For the three brothers, time is just a flick of the finger. What they need to do is to keep up their spirits and never make any mistakes. At the same time, they should also be wary of whether they will send clansmen to intercept the younger martial brother because of the dark eight claws hidden in the dark.

Three thousand realms of the road, the dark realms.

This is a very dark realm. The whole realm has nothing but darkness.

No practitioner has ever dared to step into the dark world.

Because the dark world is the nest of the eight claws of darkness.

Today, the calm dark world suddenly vibrated. The dark octopus, who had been sleeping for hundreds of millions of years, revived his afterthoughts. He sensed that his descendants had fallen.

"In this age, someone dares to kill my descendants. It's death."

After saying that, it directly sent a message to the descendants of the dark eight claws, and then continued to sleep.

Soon, the dark world gathered powerful forces and marched into the death plain according to the guidance of their ancestors.

An ancient force, spacetime mountain.

A white haired old man kept calculating with his fingers. Finally, he saw a meteor, which cut through the sky and fell to a certain place in the 3000 boundary of the avenue. He disappeared.

Suddenly, footsteps came from behind the white haired old man, followed by a handsome young man who walked quickly.

"Grandmaster." The young man saluted with fists.

"Lin Wu, here you are." The old man with white hair did not look back.

"Master, I have reached the bottleneck in time and space. I want to go out and experience." Lin Wu spoke his mind.

The white haired old man turned around slowly, looked at the forest fog and said, "do you know the origin of my space-time mountain?"

Lin Wu shook his head, indicating that he did not know.

Then the white haired old man explained to him the origin of spacetime mountain.

"My space-time mountain comes from Hongmeng world."

Hearing the speech, the forest fog vibrated inside.

As the chief disciple of the space-time mountain, the top force in the 3000 realms of Dadao, Lin Wu naturally knew how prosperous the Hongmeng world was in those days, but it was a pity that later it experienced a great collapse and was almost extinct.

Unexpectedly, spacetime mountain actually originated from Hongmeng world.

"In those days, our spacetime mountain was also one of the top forces in the Hongmeng world, but the Hongmeng world was destroyed, and the spacetime mountain was almost destroyed. I was the only one who survived." The white haired old man talked about the past, and there was a sad look on his face.

All his fellow disciples died in the collapse of Hongmeng world, and only he survived.

So he recreated the mountain of time and space.

"Do you know why I never let you practice the scriptures on the time and space monument?" The white haired old man asked.

"Does that Scripture also come from the Hongmeng world?" Lin Wu asked.

The white haired old man nodded, "yes, the scriptures on the space-time monument are the strongest scriptures and space-time magic skills of my space-time mountain that dominated the world in those days. The reason why I have not let you practice is that the Scriptures are not available to ordinary people."

Time and space magic is the most powerful Scripture of time and Space Mountain at the beginning. In addition to his extraordinary talent, he also needs to have a strong physique. Only when he is strong in all aspects can he hope to practice. Otherwise, once he is possessed by the devil, he will be scared.

The white haired old man is also worried about the failure of Lin Wu's cultivation. He doesn't want to lose such a talented disciple.

"But now that you have reached the bottleneck and are about to go out for training, I will tell you." The white haired old man paused for a moment and continued: "if you want to cultivate the magic of time and space, you must supplement it with mental strength."

Lin Wu was puzzled. The white haired old man explained that only with the help of the people of the heaven and earth palace can he achieve the space-time magic.

"Master, do you want me to go to find the disciples of the Fortune Palace while practicing?" Lin Wu said, "the world of Hongmeng was destroyed and the palace of fortune was destroyed. How could he find the disciples of the palace of fortune?"? Isn't this looking for a needle in a haystack?

"Lin Wu, the most important thing in cultivating is to lay a solid foundation. Remember not to aim too high. I will teach you the magic of time and space, not to let you practice now, but to let you wait, wait for an opportunity." The white haired old man warned that you must not practice the space-time magic without authorization until you find the man of the lucky palace. Otherwise, you may become possessed.

Lin Wu also knew the seriousness of the matter, and he did not dare to mess around.

Moreover, he also shoulders the important task of rejuvenating the mountain of time and space. He must not be busy.


The white haired old man's wrist shook, and a mark penetrated into the forest fog.

"I put my mark into your body. At the critical moment, you can stimulate the mark and protect your life." The white haired old man said softly, "this mark can resist any power below the heaven realm, but it can only be used once."

In fact, once is enough.

Both the strong in the Tiandao realm and the white haired elders know that they will not take action after they know the identity of Lin Wu. Below the Tiandao realm, their own marks can resist an attack. At the moment when the marks are triggered, they will also sense the position of Lin Wu and go to the rescue as soon as possible.

Therefore, this mark, which seems to be used only once, is actually a talisman.

"Thank you, master." The forest fog thanked him.

"Well, you go." The white haired old man said, as if he thought of something. He gave Lin Wu a direction, "you can go to the southwest."

Hearing the speech, Lin Wu thought quickly in his mind, and soon thought of a place, "did you want me to go to the death plain?"

Recently, there has been a lot of uproar about the death plain. Many top forces have sent disciples to explore. It is really a good place to experience.

The white haired old man smiled but did not say anything. He watched the most outstanding disciples of the generation of spacetime mountain go away.

"Brothers of the Fortune Palace, are you still alive?"

The white haired old man sighed. If they were alive, why haven't they heard of any in the long years?

He was the only one who survived the space-time mountain, but he also rebuilt the space-time mountain with his strength. If the people in the Fortune Palace were still alive, they would be no worse than him.

But so far, the three thousand realms of the avenue have not heard of anything related to the lucky palace.

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