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Chapter: 424

Side Story A Tale from Beast God City

While Ten Thousand Flower Valley overcame a demon crisis and continued to rapidly develop its territories, its first nemesis to the southeast was silently recovering and building strength. Their losses in recent times had be truly massive.

Losing a Spirit King in Immortal Mamba of Shadow Zhuge Kang was the first blow. Mei Qiaofeng’s attack of retribution sowed more chaos. And finally, their city being besieged by the Three Breast Kings caused unfathomable damage.

From top to bottom, their strength had been sapped by a great deal. In addition to Zhuge Kang, they had also lost two Spirit Lords, Immortal Berserk Ox Ji Tianyu and Immortal Thousand Owl Zhou Tongpu. There was also a whole generation of young talents lost during the siege as well as a few more during the massacre caused by that crazed Abbotess Liang at the Eastern Sanmu Metropolis.

The past year had been a complete debacle for the sect. While Beast God Sanctum was still a Spirit King Realm sect, it was difficult to call them a super sect any more. They used to be compared to the Four Kings of the Eastern Sanmu Metropolis and stood on almost equal footing. Now, there was no room for them to act so arrogantly anymore.

"What a mess." Chen Wentian, as He Xingping, sighed in frustration.

As He Xingping, he was an executive elder under Immortal Lion of Fortitude He Zicheng. He was responsible for tens of thousands of people and had a part to play in the future of the Beast God Sanctum. It was a lot of work, forcing him to spend long days at the Lion Lord’s Castle as well as reading mountains of reports at home.

He tossed the latest scroll into a pile and rubbed his eyes. It was another report about the lack of funds for something or another. They had to support the citizens of the city and members of the faction that suffered losses. They had to rebuild houses and walls. They had to scramble to raise up another batch of cultivators to replace those lost. It was difficult to pay for it all.

He got up and stretched his limbs. This soul was fifty-two and as a mortal, his body was already starting to decline. His eyes stung from reading all day. His back ached. Even though he was a cultivator at the peak of the Spirit Initiate Realm, he couldn’t fight off the inevitability of mortality.

A knock and a voice interrupted his thoughts. "Husband."

It was Qiu Jingyi, He Xingping’s wife.

"What time is it, did I miss dinner again?" Chen Wentian asked and then added quickly. "Come in, come in."

The door to his office opened Qiu Jingyi entered. She was wearing a comfortable, loose-hanging robe. From the plunging neckline, it seemed that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Her face was rosy and she was smiling.

"Husband, I know you’re working hard for the Lion Lord so I’ve brought dinner here."

She signaled behind and a row of servants filed in. They set up a table, chairs and piled it high with steaming dishes. After they left, a nursemaid came in, pushing a baby carriage made of wood.

"Zhuoyan!" Qiu Jingyi said and picked up their daughter, "Come meet your daddy."

Chen Wentian grinned and took He Zhuoyan into his arms. She was past six months old now and she was growing fast. She still drank milk but her appetite was insatiable. Although she was not exactly his daughter but He Xingping’s, Chen Wentian enjoyed acting like a doting parent in place of this soul.

"Zhouyan, precious daughter, are you hungry? Your Daddy is hungry!" He leaned down to nuzzle her cheek.

This elicited a series of giggles and nonsensical babbles. He kissed her a few times and then handed her over to his wife. After a few more laughs, she was returned to the nursemaid. They then sat down at the table and began to eat.

While they conversed about random things and the latest gossip around the city, Chen Wentian couldn’t help but notice Qu Jingyi’s exceptional mood. Finally unable to hold back, he prodded her.

"Xiao Yi, tell me. What has gotten you in such a good mood tonight?"

"Hehe." She finally couldn't hold it in and giggled.

He prodded her again and this caused her to abandon her chopsticks. She sat up, walked around his chair, and then sat down on his lap.

"Hey!" He complained.

Qu Jingyi draped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him in for a needy kiss. Dinner was forgotten as they savored each other for several rounds.

She eventually pulled away with a silly smile, "Guess."

"Uhh…" He pawed her ass while he thought.

But after a long silence, he gave up and kissed her again.

"Fine, I’ll tell you." Qu Jingyi said, "I heard about this from a trusted source in the Qu Clan. It’s about the Ji Clan.

"The Ji Clan?" He asked, not quite following.

"Mmm. They’re almost done for. They can struggle all they want but their decline is now inevitable since their lord died. And you know what the best part of that is? Now, we won’t have to deal with Ji Clan people ever again!"

"Oh! You’re talking about that!" Chen Wentian laughed.

He should have guessed it. The only thing that could make his wife so happy apart from another pregnancy was this. Since Immortal Berserk Ox Ji Tiangu died, the Ji Clan lost their support and was rapidly losing power in the Lion Faction as well as the city in general. They had originally tried to force an engagement on him with a young princess of the clan. He couldn’t fight back against an immortal so he had accepted Ji Mengluo. He had met her a few times during visits to their clan and they had even begun to make wedding arrangements.

However, Ji Tianghu died and upended everything.

After that, He Xingping no longer responded to any invitations from the Ji Clan. He ignored all letters and correspondences with impunity, intending for the engagement to simply disappear. There was nothing they could do. He was still a direct descendant of the Lion Lord, a member of the He Clan, at the end of the day.

He had ignored them for so long he had long forgotten about the matter. The Ji Clan also didn’t say anything publicly in an attempt to protect Ji Mengluo’s reputation. But it seemed that this matter finally leaked out and reached his wife’s ears. How could she not be happy? She no longer had to share him with a young, beautiful concubine.

"So, Xiao Yi, I’ve thrown away a beautiful little wife, just for your sake. How will you repay me?" He said teasingly.

She wiggled her butt a few times to get him hard. Then, she let her loose robe fall off her shoulders, revealing her swollen breasts, filled with milk. She eyed him coyly while she squeezed them together. Pearly white droplets formed and quickly turned into a spray of motherly nectar.

This was enough to set him off.

Unwilling to let a single drop go to waste, he lifted her up and carried her to his desk. He swept the scrolls and tomes off with his spiritual energy and laid her down on it. With her legs wrapped around his waist, he leaned down to suckle her nipples.

Sweet milk caressed his tongue and filled his mouth. She was so full. She probably hadn’t nursed their daughter all day, intending to reward him.

He drank several mouthfuls from one breast and switched to the other. Back and forth, he savored her greedily, not letting a drop touch the wooden table, licking every, leaving her breasts glistening with his saliva.

At some point or another, he had managed to undo his pants and find the opening in her loose robes. He was already hard as steel and she was a puddle of arousal.

He plunged in. He bottomed out inside of her in one go and knocked on the entrance to her womb.

"Husband!" Qu Jingyi cried out joyfully.

She pulled her legs up, giving him better access.

He pulled back and thrust back into her pussy. She screamed, causing breast milk to squirt out powerfully like a fountain. He slammed into her again. She howled and flowed like a mountain spring.

Chen Wentian fucked her hard and fast. They rutted on his office desk like a pair of beasts. He pounded her like a common whore. Tenderness was forgotten in favor of raw passion.

The harder he thrust and the deeper he went, the more milk flowed. He couldn’t get enough so he put his weight on her and plowed her with everything he had.

He didn’t know how long they went at it. He lost count of how many times she orgasmed. When he finally blasted her pussy with his seed, his stomach was already full.

But her milk still flowed and she still wanted more. So, he obliged.


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