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Chapter: 2245

Harvest and Give

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Among the apostles who were paying attention to Lin Yuan, there were many who were stronger than Bai Yan.

Once these apostles attacked Bai Yan and Lin Yuan, Lin Yuan had no time to pour the power of faith into Bai Yan's body.

Let Bai Yan react.

However, Lin Yuan would do this, and naturally he had his own deep meaning.

Immediately, the vision has been transformed into a delicate cufflink like Shiji before.

The amber button-shaped cufflinks formed with Yuansha were decorated on Lin Yuan's clothes.

If there is danger, the gods will respond immediately.

There is no need for Bai Yan to protect Lin Yuan's safety.

Second, Lin Yuan had already determined that the apostles in the swamp world did not have a comprehensive understanding of the master.

Now Lin Yuan wants to give it a try, what kind of attitude will the apostles have when they see a master driving.

Although Lin Yuan has his own territory in the swamp world, and has been developing for several months.

But Lin Yuan has only started to focus on the swamp world now.

Therefore, Lin Yuan did not have an accurate understanding of the various conditions and rules of the swamp world.

From Bai Yan, the wandering apostle, the information Lin Yuan could obtain was very limited.

Many of them required Lin Yuan's efforts to investigate.

Before Bai Yan stood up from the ground, several apostles were already crawling and came to Lin Yuan.

Facing Lin Yuan with a trembling body, a thread of faith turned into a thread.

Through the previous communication with Bai Yan, Lin Yuan learned.

The apostles wanted to gain the Lord's approval, or to be attached to a Lord.

Will use the power of their own faith to worship the Lord.

The power of faith in the apostles is a very precious energy.

It can be when the apostles make offerings to the Lord.

Instead, the apostles hoped that the Sovereign would be able to extract a large amount of the power of faith from his body through the thread of his faith.

Because once the Lord accepts his offering, there is a high possibility that he will reward him later.

The reward of the master often contains the purest source power.

This kind of reward of pure source power is impossible to obtain at the stage of apostle.

The apostles who were kneeling in front of Lin Yuan were uneasy.

I don't know what kind of feedback I will get from the Master in the next second.

Lin Yuan had already seen Bai Yan and the Void Shadow Demon's attitude towards the Lord.

Bai Yan and the Void Shadow Demon's attitude towards the Lord can be described by licking a dog.

It is a kind of worship and belief that comes from the heart.

As if mortals would look up at the gods.

When mortals see the gods, they don't think too much.

Only subconsciously admiration.

The actions of these apostles now have made Lin Yuan even more determined to dominate the swamp world.

As the saying goes, the more knowledge you have, the better your attitude will be.

Bai Yan has never even appeared in Donghan Daze, and is a very inconspicuous existence among the apostles.

Without him, Bai Yan had never planned to participate in the Conference of All Things.

Because of Bai Yan's strength, he is not qualified to enter the Marsh East Circle at all.

The apostles here have more knowledge and strength than Bai Yan.

Therefore, after knowing that he is the master, his attitude is even more respectful than when Bai Yan first knew that he was the master.

Lin Yuan needs the power of faith very much now.

Because if the kingdom of God in Lin Yuan's soul shrine wants to develop, it needs to consume a lot of faith.

Just transforming the environmental comfort of the kingdom of God would consume one-fifth of Lin Yuan's current power of faith.

In order to develop the kingdom of God, the power of belief that Lin Yuan has accumulated so far is simply not enough.

Fortunately, when a creature believes in itself and becomes its own believer.

The power of faith will be continuously generated from its body.

If these apostles can provide themselves with a huge amount of faith, it will undoubtedly help the development of Lin Yuan's kingdom of God.

Thinking of this, Lin Yuan did not politely use the beam of faith formed by his own faith to wrap around the thread of faith protruding from these apostles.

Then try to use the power of your own faith to guide the power of faith of these apostles into your body.

Because these apostles sincerely worship.

Therefore, Lin Yuan pulled away the power of faith through the thread of power of faith, without any obstruction, it was very easy.

The power of faith of these apostles did not differ in purity.

It's just a matter of quantity.

The power of faith of these apostles was easily integrated into Lin Yuan's body.

He was taken into the kingdom of God by Lin Yuan.

The power of faith trickling like a stream of water keeps pouring into the fountain of faith on the central altar of the Kingdom of God.

Let the water spray from the Fountain of Faith gradually increase and become higher.

In the face of such a good opportunity, Lin Yuan did not hold back.

Directly absorb all the power of faith that these apostles can absorb.

After dimensional creatures become apostles, their lifespans will become very long.

Long-term accumulation has made Lin Yuan rich.

The power of faith obtained from the body of the six apostles kneeling in front of him alone.

It doubled the total amount of faith power in the Fountain of Faith.

This allowed Lin Yuan to discover a new, convenient and quick way to harvest the power of faith.

There are gains, UU reading www.uukanshu. com will have to give.

These apostles are fighting to dry up the power of belief in the totem, not hesitate to affect the totem, but also willing to worship themselves.

Lin Yuan must give a sufficiently generous reward in exchange.

Otherwise, where would the apostle Ken offer the power of faith to Lin Yuan in the future? !

Without the apostles in this way, the power of faith in themselves, the false master.

Then, as a fake master, how can he rapidly develop the kingdom of God?

Just how much reward should be given, Lin Yuan was a little undecided for a while.

Because Lin Yuan did not understand, for an apostle, the value and replacement ratio of the power of faith and the power of origin.

Lin Yuan lowered his eyes and looked at Bai Yan.

Lin Yuan hoped that Bai Yan could understand his meaning through his eyes.

After Bai Yan saw Lin Yuan's eyes, he immediately had his own understanding.

Bai Yan didn't know that Lin Yuan was looking at him because he was asking himself.

I just thought that Lin Yuan was unwilling to talk to these vile apostles and let himself be the talker.

So Bai Yu said in a very arrogant tone.

"It is a lifetime honor for you to devote the power of faith to the master of my family!"

"If the master of my family is willing to reward you with ten pure source power, you need to be grateful."

Bai Yan misunderstood what Lin Yuan meant, but gave Lin Yuan the answer he wanted.

Lin Yuan glanced at Bai Yan with admiration, and then a hint of surprise appeared in his heart.

Although Lin Yuan knew that the pure source power could make a dimensional creature directly transform into an apostle.

I have tried this too!

But I didn't expect that the pure source power would be so precious in the swamp world.

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