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Chapter: 2246

This master is a bit arrogant

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Bai Yan could feel how much faith he had taken away from these six apostles.

Such a massive amount of power of belief has only been converted into ten source power!

Lin Yuan looked at the six apostles kneeling in front of him.

After Bai Yan's words were spoken, the eyes of the six apostles who had absorbed the power of their faith were full of hope.

No negative emotions at all.

This shows that the promise given by Bai Yan is very suitable.

This is indeed the case.

The reward given by the master to the apostle is somewhat similar to the tip that a wealthy person in Lin Yuan gave to the waiter when he dined in a restaurant in his previous life.

The more tips you give, the more you can reflect the style of the rich.

If the reward is less, it will appear rather shabby.

Bai Yan, who knew this well, deliberately raised his promise a little bit.

In fact, as long as Bai Yan promises, Lin Yuan will give them eight pure source powers.

These apostles would not feel at a loss.

At this moment, Lin Yuan saw an apostle kneeling at the back, carefully looking up at himself.

After finding that he met his own eyes, he hurriedly lowered his head again humbly.

He asked in a soft, cowardly tone.

"Master Lord, my name is Twin Feather."

"Thank you very much for your willingness to accept the power of faith embraced by my humble body. I hope you will give me a chance to follow you in the future."

The female apostle who called herself Twin Feather spoke with a steady voice, but her body trembled slightly.

An apostle making such a request to the Lord can definitely be described as arrogant.

If the master has a bad temper, he will be wiped out between heaven and earth with a wave of his hand.

But if this ruler has a gentle temper, then it is very likely that he will win an excellent opportunity for himself because of this sentence.

In fact, the twin feathers dared to make such a request because of Bai Yan who was by Lin Yuan's side.

Twin feathers consider themselves stronger than Bai Yan.

He is an apostle evolved from the Medusa snake demon.

The talent is definitely higher than the apostle evolved from the marsh crocodile.

Such a guy can stay by the master's side, what is he afraid of.

Almost all the apostles kneeling on the ground at this time had the same idea as Twin Feather.

It's just that he didn't dare to speak like twin feathers.

The twin feathers are asking for themselves.

Also asked for others.

The other apostles straightened up after Twin Yu finished asking.

Once the lord in front of him accepts the twin feathers, it is very likely that he will accept the follow of himself and others.

Because this master not only absorbed the worship of the twin feathers' faith.

It also absorbed the worship of the power of faith of himself and others.

Lin Yuan glanced at Twin Yu's body a few times.

In the eyes of the other apostles, Lin Yuan's gaze was playful.

But in fact, Lin Yuan's eyes were filled with excitement.

In the swamp world, Lin Yuan did not have many powerful subordinates.

Once he gained the following of these apostles by virtue of his status as the master.

Not only can it harvest the power of faith of these apostles for a long time, but also allow these apostles to defend their territory.

Contribute to the development of your own territory.

Lin Yuan must bring these apostles under his command.

Even if the twin feathers didn't mention it, Lin Yuan had to find a way to facilitate such a relationship.

Just in order to maintain the master's compulsion, Lin Yuan must be very sullen when he accepts the allegiance of these apostles.

It's like doing something trivial.

Lin Yuan now has a deeper understanding of the master.

Compared with the joy of his fake master status, Lin Yuan is more afraid.

As a fake master of himself, he can easily harvest his own followers.

The same can be said of the real masters.

Therefore, every real master must have a huge number of apostles.

Lin Yuan is developing in the swamp world, and it is inevitable that he will collide with the master.

This made Lin Yuan know how amazing the power in the hands of the master would be before he met the master.

The twin feather apostles have been waiting for Lin Yuan's reply.

During this process, the twin feather apostles nervously forgot to breathe.

The Twin Feather apostles held their breath for a long while, but did not get any feedback from Lin Yuan.

This made the twin feather apostle's heart sank.

At this moment, Lin Yuan raised his hand seemingly indifferently and pointed to the twin feather apostles.

Immediately point your fingers slightly forward.

Six amber streamers were injected into the bodies of the six apostles, including the twin feather apostles.

The source power is in Lin Yuan, and it is not precious.

But Lin Yuan did not choose to reward these apostles too much.

Since Bai Yan said it, ten pure source power is enough.

Then Lin Yuan gave ten pure source power to each of them.

And this twin feather apostle who first indicated that he wanted to follow him was rewarded by Lin Yuan with ten additional source powers.

This behavior, on the one hand, can express his generosity.

On the other hand, it is also sending a signal to other apostles.

Embrace the power of faith for yourself and follow yourself, you can gain benefits.

Lin Yuan's random reward made those apostles who were watching on the sidelines almost dashed in front of Lin Yuan with envy.

Just like the six apostles before him, he embraced the power of faith. UU reading

This is a full seventy pure source power!

It is rumored that other masters reward the apostles who follow them, and often only give a source of master-level power as fire.

Not so much at once.

Because these apostles who watched the fun had never felt how mellow the source power of other masters was.

Therefore, it cannot be compared with the purity of the source power that Lin Yuan gave to the twin feather apostles and others.

However, as beneficiaries, the Twin Feather Apostles and others who have actually experienced the pure source power bestowed by Lin Yuan.

All immersed in an indescribable comfort.

After repeated experiments, Lin Yuan discovered that the pure source power is to the apostles, just like the pure aura is to the spirits.

The pure source power does not lie in improving the strength of the apostles.

It lies in being able to improve the interior of the apostle and enhance the bloodline.

It is equivalent to increasing the potential and growth limit of the apostle.

It can also heal the dark wounds that cannot be healed for the apostles.

The twin feather apostle was once injured by someone, the stone gland located in the back of the head.

The petrifying ability of the Medusa snake demon's eyes is closely related to the stone glands, a gland unique to the Medusa snake demon.

The dark injury that Stone Gland suffered greatly affected Twin Feather's strength.

Now Twin Feather can clearly feel that his stone glands are constantly recovering.

When the five source powers were exhausted, his stone glands not only returned to the previous level, but also improved faintly.

Twin Feather naturally found himself, and gained ten more source power than the other apostles who also gave Lin Yuan the power of faith.

This discovery made Twin Feather very excited.

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