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Chapter: 2247

Small source fruit

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This not only shows that Lin Yuan accepts his following, but also shows that Lin Yuan appreciates his behavior.

Compared with the excitement of getting Lin Yuan's appreciation, it is the excitement of getting more benefits.

Twin Feather's heart is more puzzled and surprised.

Twin Feather has never been loyal to the Overmind.

But in the Medusa snake group where Twin Feather is located, there is a Medusa snake demon who has an excellent relationship with Twin Feather. After becoming an apostle, a master takes a fancy to it.

That sister also injured the stone gland just like herself, but she definitely didn't hurt herself as badly.

But her sister was not able to restore the stone gland after receiving the reward of the power of the master source.

Although cured, do not delay use.

But in use, there are still some flaws.

Could it be that the master in front of him possesses the purity of the source power.

Is it higher than the other masters?

It is said that there is a higher level above the master.

That is the master of the revolving realm.

It is said that the master of the revolving realm will bring the state of the Origin Holy Body to the extreme.

Activating the Holy Body of the Source will fade away the appearance of being a dimensional creature.

Playing it to the extreme, isn't that what the Lord Master looks like now?

Now behind the Lord Master, there are four pairs of black wings flapping.

But before this lord, when sitting on the back of the apostle, there was nothing on his back.

Thinking of this, he has always been calm, and he has gained a certain reputation outside. He is called the twin feathers of the cold-faced snake girl by many apostles, and he almost screamed without excitement.

OMG! Not only is he allegiance to a master, but the master may also exist in the revolving realm!

You are so lucky too!

The remaining five were apostles who were rewarded by Lin Yuan with their source power.

Strength is not necessarily weaker than Twin Feather.

Able to concoct a certain hallmark in a situation close to the marsh east area, dare to participate in the conference of all things.

More or less, they have rich knowledge and rich accumulation.

Therefore, these apostles are also making the same guesses as Twin Feather.

After crawling on the ground and digesting the source power given by Lin Yuan, the apostles stood up from the ground.

Naturally, he bowed and bowed to Lin Yuan.

Immediately followed behind Lin Yuan.

With the twin feathers, the group of apostles looked like, except for the apostles who had already devoted their faith to a certain master.

The other apostles knelt down in front of Lin Yuan.

Hope to get Lin Yuan's reward.

Compared with the power of belief that he entrusts, the pure source power, which belongs to the master level, is more precious.

Lin Yuan gave the apostles source power, and it didn't take long for the apostles to absorb them.

It was indeed a long process for Lin Yuan to extract the power of faith from the apostles.

It took Lin Yuan nearly nine hours to extract the power of faith from the apostles such as Twin Yu.

Lin Yuan was anxious to go to Marsh East Palace ahead of schedule, it was impossible to accept the allegiance of these apostles in batches now.

Lin Yuan did not know how efficiently the other apostles absorbed the power of faith.

With the use of his current spiritual power and soul power, it is already the limit to extract the power of faith from the eight apostles at one time.

However, if these apostles wanted to follow him, Lin Yuan couldn't just give up.

Lin Yuan felt that he should give these apostles some sweetness first.

Yunling lychee, which is rich in a certain source of power, can just be used as a sweetener.

After Lin Yuan handed out a Yunling lychee to each of the apostles.

These apostles ate Yunling lychee and felt the effect of Yunling lychee.

It's bound to advertise itself.

Before going to participate in the conference of all things, Lin Yuan never thought to take advantage of the opportunity of participating in the conference of all things to win over a group of apostles for his own use.

However, based on the current situation, Lin Yuan has already decided on this idea.

Lin Yuan had a hunch that there would definitely be a ruler in this conference of all things.

Those apostles who did not swear allegiance to the Lord would choose among the several Lords who came to the scene.

The best way for these apostles to choose themselves is to act domineering and high-profile.

Although Lin Yuan is not such a person, there is no problem in pretending to be like this.

Lin Yuan stood behind him, his eyes were full of curiosity and awe, but he did not dare to look directly at his twin feathers and waved.

Then he took out a wooden box engraved with exquisite patterns.

These wooden boxes were made by Hu Quan when he was resting.

Because the wooden box is made of Huachun Phoebe, Huachun Phoebe has a strong preservation function.

Therefore, these wooden boxes carved by Hu Quan from Huachun Phoebe were used by Lin Yuan as fresh-keeping cabinets one after another.

Seeing Lin Yuan hand him a beautifully shaped wooden box in his hand.

Twin Feather hurried forward to pick it up.

Twin feathers who took over the wooden box did not dare to open the wooden box without authorization.

Instead, he quietly waited for Lin Yuan's next command.

Be careful and humble.

Bai Yan, who had been with Lin Yuan for a long time, was very satisfied with Twin Yu's attitude.

Lin Yuan looked at the twenty or so apostles kneeling in front of him and said.

"I have no intention of accepting the power of your faith now."

"But you can stay by my side for a while, and let me see how you plan to have your potential."

After Lin Yuan said that he had no intention of accepting, the power of faith of these apostles.

The expressions of these apostles were all stunned.

But Lin Yuan's next words made these apostles regain their spirits immediately.

The honorable Lord Lord in front of him even said to let himself and others stay by his side for the time being.

That means that there is still a chance after waiting for others.

Just perform well!

Before these apostles could express their opinions, Lin Yuan continued to speak.

"Twin feathers, give each of these apostles one of the small round fruits in the box."

Twin feathers heard the words and curiously opened the lid of the wooden box.

Look at what this so-called small round fruit is.

The name Xiao Yuanguo, the Twin Feather Apostles had never heard of it before.

The twenty or so apostles kneeling on the ground did not expect that Lin Yuan would not accept the allegiance of himself and others, but was willing to reward himself and others.

This shows that this master master has an excellent character.

At the same time, I am also very fortunate that I and others were not in a hurry to express their position just now.

Otherwise, if you collide with the words of the master, it will be disrespectful to the master.

Opening the lid of the wooden box, Twin Feather saw a bunch of bright red blood-like fruits inside the box.

Each of these fruits is larger than its own eyes.

The surface of the fruit is covered with a scaly raised substance.

In swamp worlds, there is no shortage of predatory plants capable of bearing fruit.

Ordinary dimensional creatures are not qualified to eat the fruits of these predatory plants.

But at the level of an apostle, it is not particularly difficult to obtain.

But Twin Feather had never seen a plant fruit similar to the one in this wooden box.

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