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Chapter: 2373

The horror of the split

Chapter 2373 The horror of the split!

The head of the Azure Yuanhe Family, one of the Twelve Azure Blue Families, spoke very cautiously, but he was not alarmist.

That's exactly what happened!

In the abyss world, human aura professionals are faced with an endless high temperature environment.

However, in the water world, what human Reiki professionals must face is how to solve the breathing problem.

Spirits like the green oxygen sea anemone, if they are not contracted by Reiki professionals, will shrink their tentacles in fear and stop supplying oxygen once they are in danger.

Many aquatic creatures that can produce oxygen will have more or less disadvantages when they encounter danger.

Unless there is a contract with these spirits that can produce oxygen, there is no way to artificially change the instincts of such spirits.

The main idea of ​​the blue sky crane family is to remind them so carefully, and when there is a problem later, they will be embarrassed to go to the blue federation again.

A month later, I heard that the Azure Federation was afraid that Lin Yuan had a problem in the water world, which would affect the Azure Federation.

Moon said with a light snort.

"The apprentices of this palace and Ye Sishou's apprentices will come here specially to help you Azure Blue Federation completely solve the problem of water pollution."

"Just wait and see!"

The words after a month were not to find a reason for Lin Yuan.

In fact, Lin Yuan and Liu Jie went together, and that was the purpose.

Under the training of Ye Qingyue, Liu Jie started the final weapon plan and contracted many worm carcinoid spirits.

Many of the worm carcinoid spirits were obtained by Ye Qingyue from the Moon Empress.

After a month, he is not sure how strong Liu Jie is now, but he knows how terrible the worm carcinoid spirit of the legendary quality of the bronze rank is.

In the past, it has always been insect carcinoid spirits that have destroyed the environment in which humans live.

Now the worm carcinoid spirits can finally be used by human beings and create positive value!

The catastrophe faced by the Azure Federation this time is a good opportunity for Liu Jie to become famous.

Ye Qingyue deliberately asked Liu Jie to come over, thinking that it was part of her idea.

Yue Hou is willing to help Ye Qingyue.

Right now, let Zhanlan Federation witness this revolutionary scene!

Lin Yuan raised his hand and summoned Xiao Hei.

With the sound of a dragon roar, Lin Yuan and Liu Jie flew over the waters of the Azure Federation on the little black.

Looking at Lin Yuan's summoned dragon-type spirit creature that only had five changes in the tenth level of the diamond rank, it has transformed into a pure-blooded dragon-type dragon.

The powerhouses of the Azure Blue Federation couldn't help but turn their eyes and secretly said.

After a month, he deserves to be a six-star creator! It is possible to cultivate the disciple's spiritual things to such a level!

After a month, I didn't know the thoughts of the strong men of the Azure Federation.

If I knew, I would definitely feel helpless and embarrassed after a month.

Because as Lin Yuan's master, he really doesn't know how strong Lin Yuan's real strength is right now, and what kind of abilities the spirits of the contract possess.

Even Lin Yuan's many spiritual things, he, the master, had never even seen it!

Liu Jie, who was riding on Xiao Hei's back, looked at Lin Yuan.

Feeling Liu Jie's gaze, Lin Yuan nodded lightly at Liu Jie.

Immediately afterwards, Liu Jie directly summoned the Dimensional Lantern Moth, a goblin turned into a carcinoid worm.

Then let the dimensional lantern moth release the insect carcinoid spirit that was specially controlled to absorb toxins.

One is called the poisonous water louse, and the other is called the stinging poisonous stripe fly.

Even if the rank of the poisonous water louse is upgraded to the tenth-level legendary quality of the diamond rank, its body size is still about the same size as an ordinary cockroach.

This size can definitely be called a small person among the diamond-level worm spirits.

However, the small venomous water louse is a proliferator.

The harm of venomous water lice lies in its endless proliferation.

Venomous water lice reproduce by fission.

One life two, two begets four, four begets eight!

If it splits in this way, it only takes ten splits to get one thousand and twenty-four individuals.

Splitting it a hundred times gives a thirty-one digit value.

The division of the venomous water louse does not necessarily depend on toxins.

The division of the poison-devouring water louse mainly relies on the omnipresent aura, and the requirements for aura are extremely common.

There is no need for how high the concentration of Reiki is.

A thin aura can also maintain the continuous differentiation of the poison-devouring water lice.

Once the poisonous water lice proliferate in large numbers, the harm caused cannot be removed by human beings at all.

A poisonous water lice disaster broke out in the Arctic Icefield of the Radiance Federation.

Thanks to being in the Arctic ice sheet, there are no large cities inhabited by humans.

In the complete blockade of the Arctic ice sheet, the strong man established an artificial isolation zone.

It was only after the poison-devouring water louse that the division reached its limit that it squeezed all the living space, and finally perished as a last resort.

It can be said that in the end, it was not that humans defeated the poison-devouring water louse, but that the poison-devouring water louse was killed by themselves!

When the venomous water louse splits for the first time, one individual is called the main mother, and the other is called the sub-mother.

The mistress will hide herself.

As long as the mistress is still alive, even if the second mother dies, the poison-devouring water lice can still make a comeback.

Even at a critical moment, the mistress will let the second mother and all the differentiated poison-devouring water lice cut off their own vitality, thereby ensuring the resources needed for their own survival.

The body of this poison-devouring water louse was caught just like that.

Liu Jie threw the poison-devouring water louse with green fluorescence on its back into the water, and gave instructions to the poison-devouring water louse through the insect mother.

Let the venomous water louse begin to divide in the water.

Liu Jie observed the poison-devouring water louse in the sea and found that the poison-devouring water louse took only forty seconds for each division.

That is to say, in half an hour, the poison-devouring water lice can multiply to a terrifying level.

Basically cleans the toxins out of the water.

However, in order to speed up the progress and carry out deep cleaning of toxins in the depths of the sea.

Liu Jie threw another worm carcinoid spirit stinging venomous fly into the sea.

The worm-like carcinoids of the stinging flies lay eggs that are very water-friendly.

Requires water elemental and poison to hatch. UU reading

Because of the affinity for water, the buoyancy of the water surface does not affect the eggs of the stingray fly.

The stingray flies lay eggs that sink to the bottom in large numbers.

After each egg hatches, it becomes a stinger.

The stinger will swim toward the surface on the bottom of the sea.

In the process, toxins can be removed from the ocean floor to the surface.

Otherwise, it would be difficult to dive to a position below a kilometer in the sea just by the poison-devouring water lice that split out.

The most important aspect of worm carcinoids' impact on the environment is speed.

The aura professionals in the Azure Federation who clean up the pollution of the sea are instructing the spirits to purify the seas.

Because the spirits are soaked in water containing toxins for a long time, the bodies of the spirits rot and suffer unspeakably. 7744/10569121

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