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Chapter: 2374

Enter the water world

To some extent, these members of the Azure Federation who control water pollution and clean up toxins have to enter more waters with high toxin concentrations.

Otherwise, it will be difficult to maximize the effect of removing toxins.

This made the number of attrition members of the Azure Federation who were arranged to clean up the toxins to be more than those of the Reiki professionals who maintained the ice wall.

But soon those Reiki professionals who were in the polluted seawater and were waiting to clean up the seawater toxins suddenly found out.

The toxins in the sea are rapidly declining!

The speed at which this toxin declines is obviously not something that people like me can do.

Looking around, these people suddenly found that there was a yellow-brown substance in the surrounding sea area that was rapidly spreading around.

These yellow-brown substances flickered faintly with green light, which looked very strange.

These aura professionals from the Azure Federation looked carefully and suddenly found that the yellow-brown substances in these sea areas were not the color of the water itself.

It is a kind of worm that is constantly expanding.

Wherever this little worm goes, all the pollutants in the sea are devoured by it.

Standing on Xiao Hei's back, Liu Jie gave instructions to the poison-devouring water louse mistress, who already had a certain wisdom of the diamond-rank tenth-level legendary quality.

Let the mistress control other individuals to spread into the sea and **** toxins.

After the toxins in the sea area have been swallowed up, the self-destruction program is started.

Let those worms that are useless all turn into nutrients for seawater.

While Liu Jie was directing the poison-devouring water lice, he was also directing the poison-stinging mosquitoes and flies.

The stinging mosquitoes and flies **** toxins on the seabed and become larvae, and they **** the toxins from the seabed upwards.

Enough to turn larvae into adults.

After the stinging poisonous larvae turn into adults, they will spontaneously attack the aura professionals and spiritual objects on the surface of the sea.

Blood-sucking is the instinct of a mosquito carcinoid spirit and cannot be controlled.

Therefore, Liu Jie had to let the poison-stinging mosquitoes and flies reach the water level about one thousand meters above the sea level, when the poison-devouring water lice can clean up the waters.

He let it hang himself like those poisonous water lice worms.

Otherwise, with the instinct of stinging mosquitoes and flies, it is difficult for the mother insect to control the daughter insects.

In the rescue activities of the two major federations, once the insect carcinoid spirits such as stinging poisonous mosquitoes and flies hurt the aura professionals of the Azure Federation, it means that there was an accident in the rescue.

This will have a great impact on the situation and relations between the two federations.

Liu Jie paid great attention to this.

After the toxins in the waters were completely emptied, Lin Yuan nodded to Liu Jie.

Then Lin Yuan put his hand on Xiao Hei's neck.

Xiao Hei immediately took Lin Yuan and Liu Jie into the sea.

The moonlight emitted by the Totem Moon can effectively identify the target of damage.

Under the moonlight of the Totem Moon, Lin Yuan not only will not be harmed, but will be guarded by the Totem Moon.

Layers of solid ice are built to resist a large number of invasions and toxins from dimensional creatures in the water world.

The problem of the massive invasion of dimensional creatures in the water world has been resolved by Totem Moon.

If there is really a reincarnation master coming here, the moon of the totem cannot solve the problem.

No matter how sturdy the ice walls were built, they would not be able to resist the attack of the Lord of Reincarnation.

And the problem of toxins in the sea has been completely solved by two diamond-level worm carcinoid spirits, poison-devouring water lice and poison-stinging mosquitoes and flies.

Lin Yuan couldn't help being a little embarrassed when he saw this scene.

If Lin Yuan knew about the situation of the Azure Blue Federation earlier, he would definitely propose it to Moon Empress.

Don't bring so many aura professionals to the Azure Federation.

Of course, not all of these Reiki professionals have nothing else to do.

The Totem Moon has a limited range, and it must be placed above the cracks in the sixth-level water world.

In the protracted confrontation, it is inevitable that there will be fish that slip through the net.

A large number of water world dimensional creatures ran to the surrounding sea area to harm one side.

If you want to solve it completely, it takes at least a month to hunt and kill with all your strength.

Liu Jie single-handedly solved the pollution in the sea, causing the powerhouses of the Azure Federation to look at each other in dismay.

Many of these powerhouses recognize that these spirits that clean up toxins from the sea are insect carcinoid spirits.

Hui Yao actually found a way to control the diamond-order worm carcinoid spirit!

And this method is still in the hands of a younger generation.

Although their hearts were full of doubts, in the end, the powerhouses of the Azure Federation did not ask any questions.

A younger generation possessing this kind of heritage-level ability must be the core secret of the Radiance Federation.

In the impression of the powerhouses of the Azure Blue Federation, the Radiance Federation likes to hide their strength the most.

Facing Azure Federation's request for help, Hui Yaoken sent a younger generation of geniuses to Azure Federation to help in danger.

No matter how you look at this kind of behavior, it can represent the great sincerity and the invitation to establish friendship shown by the Radiance Federation.

At this time, Lin Yuan and Liu Jie had already set off to cross the ice wall after solving the problem of toxin pollution in the sea area.

Came to the entrance of the sixth-level water world dimension crack.

Lin Yuan said to Liu Jie, who was holding a green oxygen sea anemone beside him.

"Brother Liu, wait for me for a while."

"I'll come out and let you know when you can get in!"

After speaking, Lin Yuan raised his hand and summoned Hengyuan and Tengyuan, who had just crossed the Klein hub and entered the lock spirit space, the two most powerful reincarnation masters in the swamp world.

They are all dimensional worlds, and the overall strength of the water world is not necessarily stronger than that of the swamp world.

Moreover, the entrance of the sixth-level crack in the water world is connected to the main world, and there may not be a reincarnation master guarding it.

The master of reincarnation rarely does this kind of **** to do things.

Therefore, it is impossible for Hengyuan and Tengyuan to encounter a strong enemy immediately after entering the water world.

Those apostles and masters in the water world are more definitely exploring the main world, and they don't know what the main world is all about.

It's like the feeling that Hengyuan and Tengyuan had when they just discovered the entrance to the dimensional crack in the swamp world.

Although the Azure Federation has not developed much of the water world, there are some aura professionals who mine coral in the water world.

These Reiki professionals are very likely to be discovered by the dimensional creatures in the water world, which is why an exploration operation of this scale is launched.

Let so many water world dimensional creatures come to the main world one after another.

After Hengyuan and Tengyuan were summoned by Lin Yuan, they both bowed gently to Lin Yuan.

As the saying goes, those who know the current affairs are Junjie.

If a person does not even have the ability to understand current affairs, then it is impossible for this person to survive in a world dominated by the law of the jungle.

And become the strongest group of rulers in this world.

After knowing Lin Yuan's identity at the beginning, it was difficult for Hengyuan and Tengyuan to identify with Lin Yuan's identity.

But the fact is that there is no way to disagree.

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