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Chapter: 2375

Live or die

Not agreeing with them will not change the fact that Lin Yuan and others have controlled their lives.

So after understanding this, Hengyuan and Tengyuan made a good psychological construction.

Then, he recognized Lin Yuan's existence from the bottom of his heart.

In the past, Hengyuan, Tengyuan and others had always been in a competitive relationship, and everyone was the king of one side.

At present, the emergence of this situation has not changed the status quo.

It's just that the original pure competition between strengths has changed to whoever can be more appreciated and reused by Lin Yuan.

This is the track that everyone will face and compete with in the future.

After trying to understand this, and then facing Lin Yuan, even Fuji Yuan, who had always been the most hostile to Lin Yuan, became humble and submissive.

When Lin Yuan saw Hengyuan and Tengyuan salute him, he knew that the two wanted to understand the key to getting along with him.

Know what attitude and attitude to take to face yourself.

Lin Yuan didn't say anything to Hengyuan and Tengyuan, just nodded to Hengyuan and Tengyuan.

He then indicated that the two would enter the water world directly through the sixth-level water world dimensional crack.

Feeling the breath from the cracks in the water world, Hengyuan and Tengyuan showed solemn expressions on their faces.

Teng Yuan took the lead and asked Lin Yuan softly.

"Lord Wanyuan, is this what you call the passage from the main world to our world?"

When Lin Yuan heard the words, he first nodded, then shook his head again.

"This is indeed a channel connecting the dimensional world, but this channel is not connected to the swamp world you are in."

"It's a place called Water World."

"That world has the same energy source system as yours."

"Now I need you to enter this world to deal with all the dimensional creatures that have not transformed into human form at the entrance."

"Remember, whether it's an apostle or a lord or a creature from another world in your human form, all of them are kept alive."

"Don't let them have any accidents!"

"This is my most basic requirement, do you understand!?"

Heng Yuan and Teng Yuan looked at each other subconsciously after hearing Lin Yuan's words, and finally nodded seriously.

Although the two have not been in contact with Lin Yuan for a long time, they still think they know Lin Yuan quite well.

Lin Yuan has never been the kind of person who talks a lot.

Now that this kind of thing is emphasized so seriously, there must be a reason for it.

If this matter is not done well, it is likely to arouse Lin Yuan's displeasure and even anger.

So both of them took Lin Yuan's request in their hearts.

Lin Yuanhui specially emphasized this point because Yin Lin was in the water world nine times out of ten.

The inability to use the mind letter is either because the mind letter is lost, or because Yin Lin is in a state of being controlled.

No matter what the reason is, Hengyuan and Tengyuan may kill Yin Lin by mistake after entering the water world.

So Lin Yuan had to avoid this.

In Hengyuan, after Tengyuan entered the sixth-level water world dimensional crack, Lin Yuan stood there and did not follow up.

After waiting for a full five minutes, Lin Yuan summoned Chi Yuan and Xie Yuan again.

Let Chi Yuan and Xie Yuan also went to the water world and made the same entrustment.

Five minutes after Chi Yuan and Xie Yuan entered the water world, Lin Yuan summoned Killing Yuan alone.

While making the same entrustment to Lu Yuan, he also deliberately emphasized one sentence to Lu Yuan.

Let Lu Yuan not have any problems after exploring the other side of the water world, and then go back through the crack of the water world dimension to inform himself.

First of all, when going to the water world, what Lin Yuan must ensure is his own safety.

Hengyuan and Tengyuan are the strongest and most able to resist strong enemies.

Therefore, it is most appropriate to send Hengyuan and Tengyuan to go first.

After five minutes, send Xieyuan and Chiyuan to enter the water world again.

It was because they were afraid that if Hengyuan and Tengyuan really encountered a strong enemy, there would be reinforcements to get support.

As for why Lu Yuan was only summoned, it was because Lu Yuan was still in the same awkward position as before.

Xie Yuan has been sitting at the bottom of the killing source, after being disgusted by the killing source.

When there is something to do, he goes to find the stubble of Lu Yuan, which makes him miserable.

Therefore, among the seven people, Lu Yuan must be the one who wants to please him and change the status quo the most.

So Killing Source doesn't have the same heart as other masters.

For such a person, Lin Yuan felt the most at ease when using it.

Just arrived in the water world, the slaughter source quickly turned back from the inside.

After confirming that there was no danger, Lin Yuan directly entered the water world with Lu Yuan.

Lin Yuan found that the entire water world was littered with corpses.

A large number of water world dimensional creatures were killed in cruel ways and floated in the sea.

Originally, the corpses of these water world dimensional creatures should rot and pollute the entire sea area.

But Fujiyuan didn't give these water world dimensional creatures a chance to rot.

A large number of silver-grey vines with green awns emerged from Fujiyuan's body.

There are many vines on each vine, and the vines will spontaneously meander towards the corpses of dimensional creatures.

Then the corpses of these decaying and extremely disgusting dimensional creatures were absorbed into the body by Fujiyuan.

Fujiyuan's face showed a fascinated expression from time to time.

A large amount of purple-black mist gushed out from Xie Yuan's body, and there seemed to be insects wriggling in the purple-black mist.

In each cloud of purple-black mist, there is a humanoid or humanoid creature.

These are the apostles and masters in the water world.

Lin Yuan carefully perceived and found that most of these humanoid creatures were apostles, and there were only four masters.

And the strength of these four rulers is in the revolving realm.

Seeing that, Lin Yuan nodded secretly.

If there is a master of reincarnation, Hengyuan, Tengyuan and others will fight for their lives with the master of reincarnation in the water world.

It's not impossible to fight for a day and a night!

The four runners of the water world were wrapped in purple-black mist and were not tortured.

But the expressions on the faces of the four runners were extremely fearful.

Lin Yuan found that the master of the water world and the master of the swamp world are completely two styles in appearance.

The clothing and appearance of each dimension world has its own unique style.

Lin Yuan walked in front of a wheel-turning master and waved at Xie Yuan.

The evil source immediately released the master of the revolving realm from the purple-black mist.

Shi Ji immediately turned into pink-gold water, and bound the female ruler with long dark green hair, a retro dress, and a strange scar on her hands.

"Have you seen this person?"

While speaking, Lin Yuan took out Yin Lin's photo.

Then communicated with the master of the revolving realm through mental power.

"Speak or die!"

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