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Chapter: 2376

Temple of Grace

For the current Lin Yuan, finding Yin Lin can definitely be regarded as a top priority.

Lin Yuan originally planned to use the method of killing chickens to warn the monkeys.

In the event that one or several wheel-turning realm masters died, if anyone saw Yin Lin's trace, they would always speak up.

These four revolving realm masters are the most powerful people at the entrance of the water world dimension crack.

Yin Lin had no other place to go.

So there is no reason for these people not to understand Yin Lin's situation!

The female wheel-turning realm master who was questioned by Lin Yuan looked at Lin Yuan in horror.

In any dimensional world, an ordinary ruler can be regarded as the No. 1 character, let alone a powerful Revolving Realm ruler!

In the past, I was used to being in the water world, but after fighting all the way, it has become a pleasure to be arbitrarily manipulated in the hands of others.

This sense of contrast made the revolving realm master who was "ordered" by Lin Yuan a little overwhelmed.

Originally, I and others were arranged here to guard the entrance of the dimensional crack, and if they encountered any problems, they could respond immediately.

As a result, each of the five people who suddenly rushed in was not able to beat him.

When he fought against him and others, he didn't even have the ability to resist, so he was suppressed by the opponent in a lightning-quick manner.

If it weren't for the fact that the other party just wanted to control himself and others, but did not have the intention to kill himself and others.

I'm afraid that now I and others have already died and turned into source totems, and the corpses are rotting in the water!

After this young man came in, the previous five powerful beings were so respectful to him.

Moreover, the pink-gold water that jumped up on this young man's body immediately controlled himself.

Isa could feel the vitality contained in this pink-golden water stream, indicating that this pink-golden water stream was mostly transformed by a life.

Isa struggled desperately, but was unable to break free of the water.

Isa has no doubts about the authenticity of the sentence "Speak or die" just said by this young man.

In the water world, life is as worthless as in the swamp world.

As long as there is a chance to live, no one will really want to die.

Fujiyuan was still devouring the corpses that were floating and rotting in the water.

This sense of oppression made Yisa scream the moment she saw the picture of Yin Lin in Lin Yuan's hand, and then communicated with Lin Yuan in a hurried tone through mental power.

"I know where she is! Please let me go!"

"I am from the Temple of Grace."

"For the sake of the Temple of Grace, I hope I will take you to see her and let me live!"

The stronger a person is, the more fearful he will be when facing death.

Originally, he dominated other people's lives from the top, but now he has become a pitiful creature who will die at any time.

The instinct to survive under fear can make the strong who follow the law of the jungle give up their dignity.

As soon as Lin Yuan heard that the wheel-turning realm master knew Yin Lin's location, he had to take himself there.

He knew that Yin Lin was still alive at this time.

Yin Lingguo was really detained by the powerhouse in the water world.

This just explains why Yin Lin couldn't ask the Celestial Council for help through the letter of mind.

In addition to being happy to know Yin Lin's safety, Lin Yuan was also keenly aware of the forces mentioned by the wheel-turning master.

The Temple of Grace!

The holy source item that she contracted, the princess who embraced the holy sword, was formed by the fusion of two holy source items, the holy sword and the princess of grace.

The name of Princess Grace has a high degree of overlap with the Sanctuary of Grace.

The holy source of grace, Princess Grace, came from the water world.

Just by looking at the name, you can tell that Princess Grace must be related to the Temple of Grace.

A master of the reincarnation realm dared to call out the Temple of Grace when facing several masters of the reincarnation realm.

It means that there must be a reincarnation master in the Temple of Grace, and there may even be more than one.

Thinking of this, Lin Yuan's mind moved.

Whether it is to find out the relationship between Princess Grace and the Temple of Grace, or to conquer the water world.

There is no harm in having oneself in contact with the Temple of Grace.

With the top combat power in the swamp world, Lin Yuan can be truly unscrupulous when he acts in the water world.

Soon, the female wheel-turning master named Isa took Lin Yuan to a palace built with shells and corals in the distance.

This palace made of shells and coral looks exceptionally magnificent in the water.

When the shell is opened, it will flow out a brilliance similar to the pearl, which is extraordinarily dazzling and dazzling.

Isa raised her hand and pointed lightly in the hall.

"The person you mentioned is in the temple."

"It's just that she was hypnotized by Niscale, and it will take some time before she can wake up."

While speaking, Yisha looked behind her with some worry.

For fear that after hearing such news, this young man in front of him would choose to attack Nilin.

Hearing that, Lin Yuan had no plans to enter the palace, but instructed Isa.

"Go and bring her out."

"If she suffers any loss in safety, you must give me an account with your life!"

After hearing this, Isa entered the palace tremblingly, and then carefully carried Yin Lin, who was hypnotized, out of the palace.

For fear that something went wrong, UU Reading would lose his life.

After seeing that Yin Lin's situation was somewhat normal, Lin Yuan's heart was relieved.

He took out the treasure made from the skin and stomach pouch of the golden toad in Baodong and put Yin Lin in it.

When Yin Lin wakes up, Lin Yuan will be able to know immediately.

After doing all this, Lin Yuan looked at Isa with a playful gaze.

Feeling the fear from Isa's heart, Lin Yuan asked Shiji to release the **** of Isa.

Shi Ji turned into pink-gold water and returned to Lin Yuan again.

Lin Yuan raised his eyes to look at the frightened Isa and said.

"I'm very curious about the situation of the Temple of Grace."

"Tell me about the situation of the Temple of Grace, and I can guarantee that you will survive."

"I don't think you should be a character in the Temple of Grace, right?"

"As long as you are loyal to me, I can give you a chance to become a character!"

"Now I let you talk about the situation of the Temple of Grace, and I will ask your other companions to report to me one by one in a while."

"If you are different from what they said, or what they said you didn't say."

"Then I'll be rude to you!"

Lin Yuan's eyes are very serious, Yisa can easily feel the intention that Lin Yuan wants to convey through Lin Yuan's eyes.

This made Yisa understand that her description of the situation in the Temple of Grace will affect her life, death and future.

Leaking the news of the Temple of Grace to outsiders, even this outsider is likely to be a creature from another world, is a capital crime.

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