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Chapter: 2377

Mermaid Forbidden Sea

After being discovered, it will be cleaned up by the adults in the Temple of Grace!

But if he didn't say anything right now, he would die immediately.

Therefore, it is the smartest choice to make sure that you can survive in the present moment.

If the person in front of him can really reuse himself after telling the situation of the Temple of Grace, then the Temple of Grace may not necessarily have the ability to liquidate him.

At present, the strength displayed by this young man already has the combat strength of six players whose strength is comparable to that of the ruler of the reincarnation realm.

This kind of combat power is already stronger than that of the Temple of Grace, and it is not too much to give in to the mermaid forbidden sea!

The Temple of Grace has not been as good as it used to be since the previous king disappeared.

Although those reincarnation masters have been nominally waiting for the return of the new king.

But in fact, everything he does openly and secretly is all for his own sake.

The hearts of the Temple of Grace are not aligned, and it is not bad to be able to avoid stumbling each other when encountering things.

It's impossible to agree to the outside world at all.

Thinking of this, Isa was heartbroken and said.

"The Sanctuary of Grace is located in the far west sea."

"The location of the extreme west sea is at least two months away from here."

"If you want to go to the Temple of Grace, I can lead the way!"

"There are two kings in the temple of grace, and these two kings gave birth to a queen together."

"Later, due to some changes, the two kings had a dispute."

"During the battle, the two kings ended up being both injured."

"After passing the throne and authority of the Temple of Grace to their daughters, they immediately retired and disappeared without a trace."

"Originally, the Temple of Grace was not affected by the disappearance of the twin kings."

"But the princess suddenly disappeared less than three years after she took the throne, and the two kings never reappeared."

"In the current temple of grace, there are only four royal servants in charge of the entire temple's affairs."

"These four king attendants have the same strength as your servants, and they are all in the reincarnation realm."

"I am a sea patrol under the command of Lord Jiyang, who is loyal to one of the four kings' servants."

"Then the other sisters are all under the command of Lord Jiyang."

"After we discovered this crack, we only spoke to Lord Jiyang."

"Master Jiyang specially told us to keep quiet!"

Lin Yuan nodded lightly when he heard the words.

Isa's introduction is very detailed.

It not only shows the strength of the Temple of Grace, but also the composition of the power of the Temple of Grace.

As for other news, a sea patrol under a king servant may not know very well.

Lin Yuan thought about it in his heart.

Lin Yuan came to the water world this time for two purposes.

The first purpose is to find Yin Lin, which has been achieved now.

The second purpose is naturally to conquer the water world.

As for how to conquer the water world, Lin Yuan already had a clear plan in mind.

First, find the two endless gems in the water world, and then find the secret treasure in the water world.

After the two endless gems in the water world are combined on the Pure Land of Bliss, they will most likely form something similar to the Feng Rang Treasure Tree.

This thing is the key to conquering the water world.

According to the information said by the high-level Isa in the revolving realm.

It takes at least two months to swim all the way to the far west sea of ​​the Temple of Grace from the location where the sixth-level water world dimension crack is located.

It's not hard to imagine how fast the wheel-turning realm dominates swimming.

Therefore, the area of ​​the water world is probably larger than that of the swamp world.

Lin Yuan did not rely on strength to conquer the swamp world.

Instead, all this was achieved by relying on Feng Rang Baoshu, conspiracy and conspiracy.

If it takes two months for even the light to travel, then it will take Lin Yuan about a year to conquer the water world at least.

Lin Yuan doesn't have that much time to stay in the water world.

So Lin Yuan didn't plan to go around in circles while conquering the water world.

Prepare to go directly to the top combat power in the water world.

The Reincarnation Realm, to which Isa was originally loyal, was the ruler of Jiyang, which was a good target.

Lin Yuan's subordinates have more than ten combat powers that are comparable to the masters of the reincarnation realm.

And it can also increase the master of reincarnation.

After contacting Jiyang, if Jiyang doesn't cooperate.

Lin Yuan is fully capable of killing Ji Yang with the strength of his subordinates.

If Ji Yang cooperated, Lin Yuan would have completely penetrated into the water world.

Can easily access high-level information.

You can also confirm your guesses about Princess Grace.

In the process of telling the story, Isa mentioned the forbidden sea for mermaids more than once.

If it weren't for the favor of the princess with the sacred source, Lin Yuan would definitely be more interested in the mermaid banning the sea at the moment.

Because of the name Mermaid Forbidden Sea, as soon as I heard it, I knew it was related to the mermaid bloodline in my body.

It was impossible for Lin Yuan not to pay attention to this.

The reincarnation masters in the swamp world are independent of each other, and each has its own power.

In the water world, the ruler of reincarnation is distributed between two forces, and the two forces fight against each other.

In Lin Yuan's opinion, the water world is more united and stronger than the swamp world.

If there is any problem, the power of the water world will become stronger than the swamp world because of unity.

Even now the four royal servants in the Temple of Grace have their own thoughts and intrigue.

However, once the Temple of Grace is in danger, these four royal servants will definitely unite together to fight against foreign enemies.

If the Mermaid Forbidden Sea is ruled by high-level mermaids, there should be only one will in the Mermaid Forbidden Sea.

Published by the person with the highest bloodline of the mermaid.

Because of the level of status among the mermaid clan, it is not only the strength, but also the strength of the blood.

This is also the reason why Lian Shen, who has the power of mermaid blood in his body, will have so many reverie in his heart after seeing Lin Yuan.

"You go to inform Jiyang, but don't say you are being controlled!"

"It's to tell him that everything is going well here, and the other world doesn't have much combat power."

"It's a big treasure house that you can pick and choose."

"As long as you let him succeed, then this thousand copies of source power will be yours!"

While speaking, Lin Yuan raised his hand and injected a source of power into Isa's body.

Feeling the purity of the source power that Lin Yuan rewarded her, Yisha looked at Lin Yuan in amazement.

As a master, Isa has a strong ability to identify the purity of source power.

Isa received the source power that Jiyang rewarded her.

It's just that the source power that Jiyang bestowed upon him was far inferior to the purity that Lin Yuan gave him.

Anyway, he has already betrayed Jiyang, so he doesn't have any psychological burden to trick Jiyang over to Yisa again.

For this thousand source power, if Isa has the ability.

Then let alone betraying Jiyang, even killing Jiyang Yisha is willing.

"Sir, I will immediately call Ji Yang over at your request."

"It's just that how long it will take for Jiyang to arrive, I can't be sure!"

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