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Chapter: 1541

The Progeny Of The TyrannicalEmperor Descends Lll

Chapter 1541: The Progeny Of The TyrannicalEmperor Descends! Lll

Adelaide couldn’t help but utter out with utmost love and shock as she gazed forward, not even bothering to check the state of her body as she locked onto the bundle she held within her arms.

Even though it was newly born, the glow of shimmering half black and half blue hair could be seen draping over just the cutest baby boy, his fair face filled with innocence and purity as his bright jewel-like dark eyes were opened and staring into everything with utmost wonder!

A shocking thing that must be mentioned was the fact that above the head of this baby, one could barely discern a faint glow of a glimmering golden crown! The implications of this were unimaginable as one had to wonder how it was so!

The arms and legs revealed showed chubbiness and untold scales of adorable, the bright of eyes of this boy that shockingly shone with intellect and reason gazing back at Adelaide and then soon after…they changed direction as they searched for a certain being.

To the side of Adelaide, these bright dark eyes very quickly locked onto Noah’s stellar multicolored eyes as the cute small hands of this baby boy rose- one of them towards Noah and the other landing on the chest of the newly made mother as a shockingly sweet and innocent voice echoed out.

"Father, Mother."



A voice! A shockingly sweet and sonorous voice that caused bright gold essence to surge a moment after as the source of this voice had not even moved its lips to speak out these words! A voice that showed the shocking intellect and wonder of this existence that had come to be as the surprises were nowhere near done.

Noah’s eyes flashed with splendor as Adelaide’s mouth hung open in shock, locking onto the sparkling eyes of the baby boy in her arms as tears of joy began to flow on her face!

The dark eyes of the baby in her hands caught this as their turned back to the woman holding them, the soft arms reaching up and wanting to wipe the tears on Adelaide’s face as when the baby found that it was still too small to reach…mana shockingly erupted around it in small waves as its figure began to float up!

Pristine essence from the surroundings was actually commanded under this being as this essence propped up its figure, its soft hands reaching Adelaide’s face and wiping away her tears as the innocent voice filled with intellect continued to ring out.

"Sorry I took so long and kept you all waiting."


Adelaide saw the scene before her with marvel as her eyes screamed of happiness, turning into crescents as her hands went to grab the bundle in front of her again tightly as if she didn’t want to let it slip from her hands again!

With eyes full of love, Adelaide held onto one of the small arms of the being before her as she spoke out.

"You can talk as soon as you’re born and your first words are Father? What about your mother that’s carried you this whole time huh?" Words filled with love and teasing echoed out as the bright eyes of the newly born baby shone, an innocent smile forming on its fair and pure face as it called out.

"Mother. Mother. Mother."


Three times, this sonorous voice echoed out as Adelaide couldn’t help but bring it to her chest again and hug it tightly!

"My baby…"

Noah watched on beside her with a smile as even his trained bright eyes couldn’t hide the joy he felt, his stable and overly powerful heart beating ever so faster as he felt a cluster of emotions he couldn’t describe rise up!

"My boy…" He said these words he never expected to say in his lifetime as the baby within Adelaide’s embrace turned towards his direction, his innocent eyes filled with love and respect as they spoke out with a shocking light of conviction.

"I understand my purpose and will do everything for your happiness. I only wish for my father to give me a name."

…!ᴘ ᴀꪁⅆ a ɴꪫꪚeʟ

With his mother embracing him, the small hands of the baby reached out towards Noah as the fingers of this Tyrannical Emperor unconsciously rose up, only a single one of his fingers being able to be grasped by the hands of this radiant baby as father and son came in contact.

They looked at each other as waves of golden essence surged, the faint crown atop the baby spinning ever so slowly as the more prominent crown above Noah released wondrous waves of authority and light, his expression becoming distinguished and brilliant as his voice echoed out with power!

"Henry. Henry Osmont!"


Henry! A name that had the meaning of a ruler or leader!

Fortune surged and destiny overflowed.

ᴘ ᴀɴ ᴅᴀ-ɴᴏᴠ ᴇʟ, ᴄ,ᴏ,ᴍ The figures of the three beings were wrapped in waves of essence as the childish face of Henry released a smile that would cause the heart of any Existence to melt, his figure remaining in his mother’s embrace as he called out his own name while his body began to glow!


He called out his own name while shockingly, one could see the illusory light of nothing else but a…Cosmos actually rising on his chest which was covered by the soft white wrappings.

A Cosmos!

The newly born Henry Osmont was actually in the Cosmic Realm as his small body was covered with a pristine aura of gold that distinguished him as a Higher Existence!

At the moment of birth, this being was actually a Higher Existence at the Cosmic Realm as this…was just the tip of the iceberg.


While in the embrace of his mother, the hands of this small figure began to move as shockingly, the Essence of Daos and Laws erupted from him!

They came together to shockingly form a Concept of an Edict as when one looked at it closely, they would stupendously come to realize that it was the Nomological Edict of Samsara!

It felt like the Essence of Samsara Noah was familiar with…but it was different at the same time under the hands of Henry.

"Father, Mother. Your child shall make a move first to help achieve your dreams."


A scene of utmost majesty and wonder bloomed as the essence of Samsara from a single small existence went on to wrap around two others, the illusory light of a Reality blooming as while Henry grasped onto Noah’s finger, his wide dark eyes shone with multicolored light as he grasped strings of destiny and time that a newly born existence had no business grasping- the glow of light around them only intensifying!

Golden prompts began to flow over Noah’s eyes as he witnessed an ecstatic sight.


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