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Chapter: 1547

The Surging Will Of The TyrannicalEmperor Ll

Chapter 1547: The Surging Will Of The TyrannicalEmperor! Ll

Emperor’s Haki!

An ability that carried +100,000,000,000% True Annihilatory Soul Damage and was reinforced by the 10 strongest Flames of Edicts under the Tyrannical Emperor.

This…now included two Quasi-TABOO Nomological Flames of Edicts!


Akin to mirrors shattering, every single surface area before Noah’s eyes shuddered and cracked as the power of his will and soul backed by his strongest Edicts surged out towards the eight Sixth Firmament Primordial Wolf Guards trapped in the Mirror Reality.

The surroundings changed color and were bathed with a Tyrannical golden hue wherever the influence of spread, the eyes of the Primordial Wolf Guards shuddering as they felt like a beast was making its way towards them, their bodies shining in intoxicating light to defend!

The will of the Tyrannical Emperor smashed down like an unquenchable hammer.


It smashed onto the bodies and souls of the eight existences after seamlessly passing through the Mirror Reality, the eyes of these beings turning a deadly red as an instant later…their heads wiggled and discombobulated like they had ravaging worms within them before…


Golden blood bloomed in a glorious fashion as the heads of Sixth Firmament existences could not withstand the will of the Tyrannical Emperor, becoming pulverized from him just gazing at them and sending waves of his soul power mixed with his strongest flames of Edicts over!


Silence reigned on the mesmerizing surroundings of the depths of the Treasure Island.

Over Noah’s head, golden prompts overflowed.

[+18,950 Cosmic Filament Cores obtained…] DING! The effects of Loot Multiplier are applied…[+1,895 Shards of a Seed of Reality are obtained.]

[+25,000 True Blood Pearls obtained…] DING! The effects of Loot Multiplier are applied…[+2,500 Existential Pearls are obtained.]

[+46,500 Runic Dao Line Enhancers obtained…] DING! The effects of Loot Multiplier are applied…[+4,650 Evolutionary Runic Lines of Ascendancy are obtained. ]

[+75 Trillion Skill Points obtained…] DING! The effects of Loot Multiplier are applied…[+75,000 Cosmic Resource Points obtained.]

Notifications of 187 more Insuperable Nomological Edicts in total from the eight Sixth Firmament existences, 230 Quasi-Insuperable, and dredges of Greater and Minor Nomological Edicts flooded their way towards Noah as this time, he was prepared!

The third True Sanguine Clone was already in the Soul Library as the burst of concepts coming in were passed and collected here to be organized first, simply waiting for Noah to come choose which Nomological Edicts were worthy of him to add to his soul and forge even more Ascendancy Halos with!

All of this was taken care of silently as the reality of what he just did in the Treasure Island remained.

SHAA!pan da-nov el ,c`o`m

The set up mirror Reality turned into particles of light as RUINATION came to float beside Noah emotionlessly, this being the only existence to not even bat an eye towards Noah’s actions as Foidduit and Natalya currently could not even express their shock!

The Blessed body of the blessed Primal Titan was shaking in awe and stupor as the ride in Firmaments of Ascendancy, the power displayed, the grandeur…it was all just so unbelievable!


Rostova had no words.

She was speechless!

Her red lips parted up and down as she couldn’t even get her words out at this moment!

"Do you know which concepts I’ve found to be most crucial?"

Atop a glorious vessel releasing a terrific aura of a Primordial Relic, a man adorned in a white robe with his hair flaming crimson and gold could be seen looking into the eyes of a small baby that was listening with rapt attention.

"Destiny. All concepts that deal with destiny are truly crucial as they can be the decider for fortune or disaster, with those who have stronger Tiers of Edicts routinely falling because they couldn’t peer sufficiently into their destinies."


Little Henry nodded his childish head with agreement as he listened to Noah, his eyes releasing a dazzling light as he voiced out cutely.

"I was going to start accumulating all the Edicts from you dealing with Destiny that I had access to in order to form a Quasi-Insuperable or an Insuperable Nomological Edict dealing with destiny, because I can’t really replicate the Quasi-TABOO Nomological Edict of the Dictum Emperor at this moment…"

The eyes of the Little Tyrant were filled with helplessness as it looked at its chubby little arms, Noah letting out a smile at the shocking things the little guy was saying so freely as he patted his head reassuringly!

"It’s just a Quasi-TABOO Nomological Edict. You’ll be able to forge them in no time at the rate you’re going."


His words may have just seemed encouraging, but the talent that this Little Tyrant displayed was truly too terrific as Noah couldn’t help but say this.

The Little Tyrant smiled sheepishly while taking his father’s compliments, their surroundings fluctuating as the Serendipity of the Cataclysmic Reality came to a stop with an Emerging Reality at this moment.

ᴘᴀ nᴅᴀ – ɴ oᴠ ᴇʟ , ᴄ`ᴏ`m Noah raised his head as he gazed outwards, seeing the cluster of Cosmos in the distance and the auras of the Emperor Penguin and others in his group that were in charge of overtaking this Reality as the Primordial Relic they were on floated forward calmly.

"The second Reality."

Noah’s voice echoed out as he rose up, the Little Tyrant’s body wrapping itself with essence as its head floated to be just a little lower than his father as he also looked out.

"Watch the flow of mana. The intricate connections all types of essence have and where Ruination and the Primordial essence come in to bind everything together…"

Noah’s voice echoed out as Little Henry nodded, his jewel-like eyes watching with rapt attention as his father pulled on his connection to the Infinite Empire and acted as the intermediary to form connections with the cluster of Cosmos ahead of them, all Clones moving at this moment to bring every single Cosmos within this Reality and the Realities Noah would soon make his presence known!

Realities where in a single one in particular…a present was waiting for Noah as he could barely hide the devilish glint in his eyes when he thought about it!

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