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Chapter: 1555

My Seed of Reality ll

Chapter 1555: My Seed of Reality! ll

Like layers of fabric lying atop each other, five endless Realities came to join a single one.

But they didn’t just do this action alone as while they were joining something else, Noah’s eyes were also able to see everything that these past Realities were…was coming to an end!

They were something else before, and their very structure and Essence would be assimilated into another as these Realities were undergoing their end the moment they were fusing into his Home Reality.

They were experiencing a finality…they were experiencing an Apocalypse!


Deep within Noah’s Origin, the concept of destruction bloomed forth as Apocalypse trembled to witness the end of multiple Realities while they joined a single one hungrily.

After the Realities laid atop of each other and were pulled into something else…a blinding multicolored light bloomed out that bathed everything with utter majesty!

"Wow…" Amelia wasn’t even able to comprehend what she was seeing, her eyes and the eyes of Little Henry in her eyes becoming bathed by the multicolored light as everyone was momentarily blinded.

Everyone…but the Watcher that continued to see everything occurring.

The Watcher who began to feel changes to their very surroundings as in the midst of the blinding multicolored Reality, his eyes saw that the edges of Pandemonium were rapidly pushed further as this Reality expanded, this process happening rapidly as it became double its past size in a microsecond and became five times as large an instant later!


The stacked up fabrics of Reality melded into his home Reality in a shocking fashion as it was expanded wondrously, grand changes beginning to occur at this moment!



The multicolored light died down as everyone was able to see once more.


When they did see and feel, gasps were heard throughout as those in the Ruination Sea saw glimmers of golden essence condensing throughout the red sea, the concentration of atmospheric essence continuing to rise as it was becoming potent enough to liquefy and turn the crimson sea a dazzling spectacle that was tinged with gold!

The far away Primordial Sea was the same as wisps of golden rivers were gradually forming from the potent atmospheric essence merely surging in the surroundings. This wasn’t all as the Infinite Empire itself…

This vast cluster of Cosmos that was now over 25,000 was experiencing the most changes as at this time, a Veil of an illusory river of Reality wrapped around it!

A circular Veil that barely revealed the Cosmos within as while everyone could feel enhanced changes outside, what was happening inside of this cluster of Cosmos was ten times that.


A final blinding multicolored light shone from the Veil of illusory Reality as the monotone voice continued within Noah’s mind.


The Seed of Reality.

As Little Henry and all the others were dazed at what they saw before them, Noah was dazed by the process that had just occurred and what it truly meant!

The process of the Infinite Empire fusing with other Cosmos ultimately resulted in Realities fusing into it. Other Realities…joining into it! Was this not what Primordial Beasts were doing?

Was this not their purpose of trying to go back to the natural order and return every Reality back to the Main Reality?

If Noah continued to traverse the vast Realities around him and fuse every single one he came across, just what would this imply for the future?!


Noah’s stellar eyes shone with multicolored light as his illusory crown pulsed with light. His golden blood coursing through him surged as potent fortune and destiny ran alongside it, his eyes never leaving the illusory circular Veil covering thousands of Cosmos- the newly born Seed of Reality.

A treasure that began as a floating island in a small world.

On this day, it turned into a shocking tool that all Primordials would seek to destroy without a second thought!

A tool that did a better job than even Primordial Beasts in bringing things back to how they were countless eons ago!

A tool…that Primordials would seek to destroy in the far future when they realize just how much of a threat it truly was.

"How could a mere floating island become such a thing…?"

Noah’s words came out with wonder as the monotone voice continued in his mind.

WAA! ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ

His home Reality.

Others were termed as the Isles of the Gilded Forge, Forsaken Treasure Realities, Continuum Apocalypse Realities, Forgotten Realities…and many more. As for what his own Reality stood for the most? It wasn’t even a question that needed to be asked!

"I give you all…"

While floating in front of everyone, Noah raised his arms out while as he basked in this shocking achievement, his figure releasing an incandescent light that made others not even be capable of looking away.

"…My Infinite Reality…Our Infinite Reality!"


Out there, there were Infinite Realities. And then…there was Noah’s singular Infinite Reality!

A radiant multicolored light pulsed from the Seed of Reality.

The voice continued to echo out as Noah focused on the words before Enlightened Primordial Relic!

Sui Generis.

A concept that meant unique or one of a kind!

Out there, there were Enlightened Primordial Relics similar to RUINATION.

But against all those Enlightened Primordial Relics…his seed of Reality was one at a distinguished Sui Generis level!

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