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Chapter: 872

Someone better

Chapter 872: Someone better

"They are ruthless and arrogant? Is the pot calling the kettle black? If they are ruthless, what are you?" Lucifer inquired. "Eve tried to help you all the while. She is the reason you all managed to get here and establish this city! She taught you what to do and how to do it, and after learning everything, you had her murdered? That seems to be more ruthless than anything I've ever done."

"At least I don't go around backstabbing the ones who helped me," he further added. "Take another guess? What's the difference between you and a Variant? Well, I guess I'll tell you myself."

Lucifer stood up and stepped out of the barrier once again, and stood before the man who was on his knees. "The difference between you and me is simple."

"It's that I don't need any external help to be what I am. You, on the other hand, are nothing without external help. Take out that external help, and this is what you become, someone lying on his knees before me," he said lazily. "All I had to do was freeze your gloves in time, and there goes all the tech you had the help of. Neat trick, isn't it? I just learned it."

"I would love to kill you myself, but I think there is someone who deserves it more." He smiled as he waved his hand. A shadow appeared near him on the ground, and a body came out of the shadow.

The body belonged to a violet-haired lady who seemed to be in sound sleep. Lucifer smiled, gazing at the lady before observing his surroundings.

"I'm sure you are seeing what is happening in the Dreamland. You also know that I can wake you up now that your body is healed," he let out, smiling. "But I won't do it, at least not now. If you wake up, you won't kill him. You'll only lecture me about how it's wrong to have revenge. That's why let me deal with it my way first."

The body of Eve started floating up in the air. It was as if she was doing it herself, all because Lucifer used the wind to control her like a puppet.

A shadow sword came out of the ground, which he sent towards Eve. The sword was grabbed by Eve, whose eyes were still closed.

At the same time, the King also felt the restriction around his body as if was pinned to the ground. The body of Eve reached the man.

"See? External help can fail you anytime. Without it, you can't even stand before an unconscious lady. And that's why you shouldn't have done what you did." Lucifer let out as he started walking towards the exit.

He heard the calls for help from the man as he left, but he didn't care. The cries for help soon went silent following the movement of a sword, at the same time as Lucifer opened the door.

A wind blade moved on its own, slicing the hands of the King which was wearing the gloves. The hands flew straight towards Lucifer. One by one, Lucifer took off the gloves from the man's hands and wore them on his hands. "Now, this is much better. Feels normal."

The body of Eve kept floating behind him as he advanced ahead.

"Hey Ai?" Lucifer called out. "Remove everyone's access to AI except me."

Since he had the highest authority gloves, he could do anything now, including taking the access of everyone else. Without that access, the guards of this place were nothing.

And now that he was taking the only gloves that had the access to the system, no one could do it again, especially since his next command was to delete all research data and only keep one copy for himself that couldn't be accessed by anyone else.

"Task achieved." The AI's voice came.

"Good. Now lead me to the teleportation chamber, which can send me to Triton."

A holographic map opened up before Lucifer, which led him straight to the formation chamber. Along the way, he met many guards. However, he didn't even need to kill them to take them out. They were so weak that a gust of wind was enough to send them flying.

It was only after Lucifer reached the chamber did he place the body of Eve down.

"Now that we're done let's get you up before we leave."

The body of Eve laid on the ground. Lucifer placed his hand on her chest and sent a small jolt of lightning in her body to jumpstart her heart like he did in the past. Fortunately, her skills kept her safe for the most part in the Dreamland.

Following a light jolt, the breathing of Eve started. Her eyes suddenly opened as she sat straight in shock.

Instead of being happy, the first thing she did was glare at Lucifer. "You just had to make me kill him, didn't you?"

"What else did you expect me to do? He is a bigger enemy of yours. This felt like a better way to show him how weak he was. The despair on his face was certainly amazing to watch after all," Lucifer replied as he stood up. He commanded Ai to send them to Triton.

Eve rolled her eyes. "You and your ways."

Despite being angry, she soon hugged Lucifer, surprising him. "I'm glad you're safe though. I watched everything from Dreamland. You were so close to death so many times. It's a miracle you're still alive after all this!"

"What miracle is living? With what I have, dying would be a bigger miracle. Though I do agree, I came close to it. And it's also not over yet. Jian is still alive, and so are the other two Generals in the land of Summons. They are going to be troublesome," Lucifer replied, sighing.

"Fortunately, I have this now!" He muttered as a sword came out from his shadow storage. The sword was the one given to him by Salazar in the tomb, which was supposed to belong to him since childhood.

As Lucifer held the sword, he did feel a familiarity with it. "This sword is really very strong. I wonder who made it."

"Who made it?" Eve smiled wryly. "I suppose then I can't answer that question. All I can say is that Jian was after this same sword! It was for this sword that he betrayed you in the Dungeon. I managed to find out more through their conversation in the Dungeon as well."


"This sword doesn't belong to you," Eve explained. "It was stolen."

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