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Chapter: 873

Still remember

Chapter 873: Still remember

"Stolen by who?" Lucifer asked, frowning. This sword was apparently discovered with his newborn self. That meant whoever left that sword with him was the one who left him there? His family? Could they be the ones who stole it?

Only Eve had the answer she could give. As she saw the eager look of Lucifer, she couldn't say no. She took a deep breath as she sighed. "According to the one who was possessing Jian, the one who robbed that sword was none other than the man you want to meet."

"According to him, that man stole the sword. That's all I could hear."

"That man... I am sure he is related to me somehow, but he said he isn't my family. I need to talk to him again to get clear answers. I had too little time!"

"You talked to him? What?" Eve exclaimed in shock. It was the first time she was hearing of it.

"Yeah. After I absorbed my other self, I saw him. I don't know if I actually saw him or if it was just an illusion, but it felt real," Lucifer explained, letting out a sigh.

"That... That's big news. What did you talk about? Did he tell you his identity?" Eve asked.

Lucifer shook his head. "I could only talk to him for a few seconds, and most of his answers ended in a no. He isn't my family or even me from the future. If this wasn't an illusion, then his identity just became even more complicated to guess."

At first, he used to think that the man was his real father, who sent him here for some reason right after he was born, but his answers removed that possibility. Another possibility he believed was that there was a good chance that man was himself in the future. But he also refused that. So who was he?

Lucifer kept cursing his luck for not having more time with that person. Still, it wasn't as if he had no opportunity. All his enemies on earth were gone now. The ones who were left were too weak to stand before him. All he needed to do was find the stones which he knew about already now. He was going to open a portal to that man, no matter what it took.

"Wait, did you just say the thing which was possessing Jian?" As Lucifer was lost in the thoughts of the man, he only heard the words of Eve but didn't think about them thoroughly. It was only now he went through the words she spoke more clearly.

"Yeah. From what he said, he isn't from this universe. His body isn't even in this universe, and he couldn't cross through with his main body. That's why he established a contract with Jian. Jian didn't have another personality that was stronger. He just gave control of his body to that entity," Eve explained.

"So I didn't only make Jian an enemy but also who is controlling him. That thing... If he can make Jian so strong just by controlling him from another universe, I'm curious how strong his real body will be, wherever he is..." Lucifer muttered, remembering the words that Jian had spoken to him previously.

That person had asked Lucifer if he had ever been to Hell. At that time, Lucifer didn't know that it wasn't another identity but another being entirely. Now that he knew he wasn't from this universe, he could get some clues. That entity was from Hell?"

"Eve, do you know about hell?" Lucifer asked.

"The mythical place in human stories where bad people go?" Eve asked. "I heard some stories."

"It seems that the place isn't entirely mythical after all," Lucifer responded. "I mean, it might not have anything to do with the hell you and I know about, but there seems to be a place with the same name. That thing most probably from there," Lucifer exclaimed lazily.

He gazed at the sword in his hand. "I have a feeling sooner or later we'll come across him."

He sent the sword back to the shadow realm.

"Ai, we are ready. Send us back to Triton!" Lucifer commanded.

The formation under Lucifer started shining. The entire room was filled with light. By the time the light stopped, the room turned out to be completely empty. Neither Lucifer nor Eve was here.


Back in Triton, everyone had finished meeting with each other, and all the people who had returned from the dead were briefed about what had happened. They were also told that the Warlock Council was now theirs and that they could go inside and rest or go out in the city and celebrate.

However, most of them selected to just wait with Salazar for Lucifer's return. They wanted to thank him for bringing them back to life.

"Lucifer isn't in the city!" Salazar exclaimed. "It might take him some time to come here. Don't worry. As soon as he returns, I will make sure he addresses all of you. So you won't miss him. Until then, go and have fun. Eat, dance, celebrate! It's a special day! It's a happy day! All our fallen comrades are back now!"


Lucifer came out of a portal, far away from the capital city of Zeston, still being on the continent of Triton. As last time he had destroyed the Formation neat Zeston, this was the closest he could be sent. Fortunately, Atlantis had repaired some of the formations, so he wasn't sent too far.

Lucifer was so excited to meet his parents that he didn't want to waste a single second! He wanted to be in Zeston right away and meet with his family! He had taken too much risk to bring his family back! He had literally messed with time without caring about causing any disturbance in the timeline.

"I've never seen you this excited. I am so happy for you," Eve commented, flying right beside Lucifer. "After thirteen years, you'll meet your parents."

"Wrong," Lucifer replied. "I met my parents just last year when I went back in time. But this year, it will be my first time in thirteen years when I'll be meeting the version of my parents that I know and love!"

"I still remember how they used to be back then when I was little. I wonder if they will recognize me now? Will they still love me as they did before? Or will they hate me for what I did throughout the years? I'm excited as well as scared to meet them," he let out, seemingly concerned.

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