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Chapter: 874

Don t tell

Chapter 874: Don't tell

"I have a feeling you're in for a surprise. There is no way your parents won't recognize you, no matter how many years pass. It might be a bit odd to see you all grown up, so the way they express their love might be different. They aren't your parents after all," Eve said.

"So don't worry about anything. Don't control your emotions either. You are allowed to act weak! You are allowed to cry and hug them when you see them! Don't think about anything else. Just listen to your heart," she added.

Lucifer placed his hand on his chest. His hands were still trembling because of all the damage to his nerves, but he had learned to live with this.

"Not heart, rather hearts," Lucifer smiled. "And both my heart craves for one hug from them. No matter how the other Lucifer was or which side he was on, one thing will never change. He loved them as much as I did. I can feel it."

"I wonder if I didn't have to kill him, what would it be like," he sighed. "All he wanted was their safety after all. He was just my naive little self who didn't know better. It feels like I killed my old self. To the world, I am the villain, but I'm sure, to even my other self, I was a villain."

"Who says you killed him? Nonsense! You saved him! You saved both of you! If you had died, you would've been gone, and Licorice would've killed him as well! By doing what you did, you didn't kill your other self!" Eve explained.

She placed her hand on the trembling hand of his, which was over his chest. "You merged with him! That little naive boy who can do anything for the safety of his parents? He isn't dead! He still lives! He lives inside you! He lives in each of your breaths! He will never be gone!"

"He will never be gone?" Lucifer muttered, looking down. The other-self was truly a part of him... They were the same person, after all.

He nodded. "You are right! He isn't gone. He lives!"

After a long flight, Lucifer finally reached the Capital City. Seeing the city, his eyes lit up in excitement! For others, he was a fierce Warlock who had no emotions, but only people closest to him knew that this guy wasn't really a bad guy. There were times when he was as excited as a kid.

Lucifer flew above the small village which he had saved the last time he was here. The villagers noticed him fly from above them. They immediately recognized him and waved their hands.

Lucifer smiled and waved back. The man who mostly looked brooding was smiling so much today that sometimes Eve even wondered if she was dreaming. Was this really Lucifer? She felt so happy to see Lucifer like this.

'I pray to God that he always stays happy like this,' Eve thought, looking at the bright sky.

Lucifer finally entered the Capital City. As he floated above the city, his eyes looked for someone special.

The roads were filled with humans who were celebrating surviving the onslaught of the Dungeon Dwellers! They didn't know who was behind saving them, but they were just happy. Their cheers could be heard far and wide. The entry city was in a celebratory mood.

This city wasn't alone, though. There were thousands of such cities all around the world that were almost wiped out! If Lucifer hadn't interfered at the right time, more than half the world would've been destroyed by now.

Their savior was right above them, but none of them knew. They were busy with their celebrations.

Amidst the crowd, Lucifer noticed many faces of Uprising members that had died recently. They were brought back now. Seeing the smiles on their faces, he also smiled.

He has always taken life only. It was the first time he had given life to people as if he was a god. It was a really special feeling. Taking lives only made him feel satisfaction since it came as revenge but watching the people he brought back to life celebrate happily, he felt happy as well.

He had contributed to their happiness... In the happiness of the people who fought and died for him! They were his family in the absence of his real family! They were special! They were all special.

Lucifer kept flying above the city, going straight towards the Warlock Council headquarters, but he didn't take his eyes off the streets since he didn't want to miss his parents.

He knew Salazar was a fan of his father. That's why he had sent his father right here! He was sure that as soon as Salazar saw them, he was going to understand everything! There was a good chance that his family was inside the Warlock Council headquarters, waiting for him!

Reaching the Warlock Council headquarters, Lucifer landed at the entrance. Both his hearts were thumping crazily as he observed the entrance.

There were also many Warlocks who were standing outside the Headquarters. As soon as they all saw Lucifer, their eyes lit up. They all went down on their knees.

"Lord Lucifer! Welcome back! And thank you for saving all of us! You literally brought us back from death! We don't know how to thank you!" The men exclaimed.

"You can thank me by not dying again," Lucifer jokingly replied. "Anyway, I'm also happy that you're all back. This is the second innings of your life! Spend it well."

"Yes, Lord Lucifer!" All the Variants exclaimed in unison.

"Is Salazar and Milena inside?" Lucifer asked.

"Yes. They are all inside with some special guests. Please go to the top floor. A big surprise is waiting for you!" One of the Warlocks cheekily responded.

Lucifer knew what he was implying. He nodded and took his first step inside the Warlock Council headquarters. The entire world is different now! This entire world belonged to Lucifer, even though indirectly.

His Uprising was back at its full strength, and all his major enemies were dead! Not only that, but he was also stronger now that all his cores were completed! The world was almost close to the completion that he had visioned.

Entering the building, Lucifer straight went to the lift with Eve and pressed the button on the top floor with his trembling finger.

"What happened to your finger? I've been noticing for a long time. Your hand had been trembling. Is it because of the battle?" Eve asked, noticing Lucifer's hands again.

"Side effects of using the strength that doesn't belong to me. Even my healing can't heal it," Lucifer responded. "My hands will always be like this..."

"Don't tell anyone else! I don't want my parents to worry," He added.

The door of the lift opened…

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