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Chapter: 2192

The Important News

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Hong Rou smiled at Sima You Yue. After receiving the news from the servant, she frowned and said, "Miss You Yue, take a look at this."

Sima You Yue looked at her with confusion.

She originally thought that it was Xuan Yuan Pavilion’s personal matters, and did not expect that she would show it to her.

"This has to do with your disciple." Hong Rou explained. "Because your disciple previously disappeared, we have been keeping an eye on this matter."

Once Sima You Yue heard that this had to do with Mu Si, she immediately took it so that she could read it.

"Mu Si has appeared? After not doing so for so many years, why did he choose to appear at this time?" She felt that it was suspicious.

"I don’t know, but someone has indeed seen him in Mulberry City." Hong Rou said.

Sima You Yue looked down at the information in her hands, wondering whether or not it was true. However, after only contemplating it for a while, she made up her mind.

It did not matter whether or not it was real. She still wanted to go and take a look. She could not afford to gamble.

However, this piece of news came just when she was about to go and look for Xuan Qiu He, wasn’t it too much of a coincidence?

"In that case, I won’t disturb you anymore." She stood up and said goodbye.

Hong Rou sent her out. When she came back she sat on the chair and stayed silent.

"Hong Rou, why did you ask us to send the information in at this time?" The person who gave her this piece of information came in, sat beside Hong Rou and asked.

The action was very casual. You could tell at a glance that she was not a servant.

Actually, this information was sent here a day ago. She did not know why she wanted her to send it here today.

Hong Rou closed her eyes and remained silent, the lady did not rush her either.

"Someone came to look for me this morning, saying that Sima You Yue was coming, and to tell her about this piece of information." Hong Rou said.

"Who is the other person, and why are you so obedient?" The woman asked.

"What matters is not who they are, but what they said. If Young Miss You Yue does not leave this place, her life will be in danger."

"You believe them?"

"It is better to believe that it is true than otherwise." Hong Rou said, "Besides, the information given is true. She was also truly worried

about her disciple."

"Alright, it is not easy to deceive Sima You Yue, either. I wonder what her temper is like. If she knew that you lied to her, I wonder whether or not she would hate you." The woman shrugged her shoulders, looking as if she was watching the show.

"I don’t know, we shall see." Hong Rou rolled her eyes at her, "How long are you going to stay here for?"

"Loriginally planned to leave, but now I want to stay and watch the fun." The woman laughed.

"As you please." Hong Rou had rested enough. She stood up and left the VIP room, and the woman also followed soon after.

After waiting for all of them to leave, a scarlet bee quietly flew away from the window.

‘When Sima You Yue knew about the news, she sighed, there was indeed someone manipulating things behind the scenes.

She did not even have to think to know who the person behind this was.

Thinking about this, she sighed, sat on Little Throne and left Declaration City.

Not long after she left, the space from before opened up. Xuan Qiu He was dressed in white, and came out of it, his eyes filled with sadness.

Sima You Yue did not go to Mulberry City, instead, she returned to the Sima Clan. The people in the Sima Clan were all very happy to see that she had returned.

After disappearing for two years, she was finally back.

"Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother."

Sima You Yue bowed to them one by one.

No matter how strong her abilities were, how high her status was outside, at home, she was still considered a junior. She was still their daughter, granddaughter, and great granddaughter.

"Now that you’re back this time, don’t go out anymore. "Sima Zhi Yuan was the person who did not want to see her go through those things the most.

"Great grandfather, I did not go missing those two years, I was absorbing the spiritual power left by Emperor Qing Dao." Sima You Yue said helplessly, "Also, apart from the previous time, I also know of several other tombs that he has left behind, and if I stayed at home, I would not be able to get those

spirit energies."

"Uh… alright then." Since she had such an opportunity, she couldn’t waste it!

"Then how long are you staying for this time?" Yu Ke Luo asked.

"Tl be leaving in a while." Sima You Yue responded.

"So soon?!"

"Lreceived news about Mu Si. I need to go to Mulberry City now to take a look." Sima You Yue said, "I came back first because I have some information to tell you guys."

Seeing her so serious, the rest of them started to become serious too.

"Let’s talk inside."

They went into the discussion hall. Sima You Yue asked all the servants in the house to leave, then she set up a soundproof barrier.

‘When everyone saw her acting this way, they knew that what she wanted to say was very important.

"Great grandfather, Grandfather, the thing that I am able to tell you, I still have to verify it myself, but it will not differ much. After you guys know this, you guys will have to search for proof first, if it’s true… let it be known to the world!" Sima You Yue said.

"What is it that makes you treat it so seriously?"

"The mastermind behind the black robed men and Qi Spirit. It should be the Xuan Qiu Clan." Sima You Yue said.

"What?! Really?!"

Her words were like a bomb exploded in their face. She had such a good relationship with Xuan Qiu He. How could it be the Xuan Qiu Clan?

In their opinion, anyone who would do something like this must be someone that likes to do bad things, and the Xuan Qiu family clan had always kept a low profile, no one would associate them with this matter.

"Yue Yue, how did you come to know about this matter?" Huang Ying Ying asked.

Sima You Yue told them all that she knew and had speculated.

Then she said, "I originally wanted to go and look for Xuan Qiu He, but knowing about Mu Si’s whereabouts, I didn’t proceed to verify it. I thought about it, and decided that I should let you guys know about this first. I’ll let you go and verify it. If it is really them, we can’t let them continue to do harm any


"It must be hard on you." Yu Ke Luo’s heart ached for her own daughter. After hearing about Sima You Yue’s and Xuan Qiu He’s matter, she knew that her daughter valued relationships, and she had a good relationship with Xuan Qiu He. She knew how difficult it was for her to do this now.

"believe this matter was not his original intention. If it’s that thing that is doing this, I will pull the thing out of him, and make it go to hell!" Sima You Yue said hatefully.

She would not give up on Xuan Qiu He!

"We’ll send someone to go and investigate now. As long as we have a lead, this matter will be easier to investigate." Sima Zhi Yuan said.

Previously it was difficult to check because the continent was so big. Anyone could get involved in this, so the scope of investigation was too large, and it was not easy to find any useful information.

Now that they were focused only on the Xuan Qiu Clan, no matter how careful they were, there would surely be hints that would give them away. This time of investigation was like firing an arrow.

Reliable and effective.

"Then I will go and make the arrangements." Sima Lie said.

"Go ahead, ask them to be more cautious." Sima Zhi Yuan wamed.

"Tunderstand." Sima Lie stood up after finished speaking. He only remembered about Sima You Yue’s barrier when he came to the door.

Sima You Yue kept the barrier, then Sima Lie went out. She said to the rest of them, "I will go to Mulberry City and take a look now.."

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