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Chapter: 2194

Give them their blessings

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

‘Wu Lingyu hugged her tightly, as if he wanted to stuff her into his chest.

He leaned in her ear, and whispered, "I missed you already, so I just came."

Sima You Yue sensed that there were not many people in the surrounding area, and brought him into the Spirit Pagoda. When they reached the Pagoda, the two did not have to worry so much.

They shared a long and affectionate kiss, and a little comfort after the pain of love sickness. Wu Lingyu then slightly released her, but held her and sat her down on his lap.

Sima You Yue wrapped her arms around his neck, placed her head on his shoulders, and said, "Since you’ve come back like this, how are things at the Devil Realm? If you come back like this, won’t it affect things over there?"

"Don’t worry, the situation over there has improved already." Wu Lingyu said faintly.

"After all, the Demon King has been the king of the Devil Realm for so long, and the whole of the Devil Realm is under his ruling, Although you have some loyal people passed down from the previous generation, when compared to the Demon King’s power, it will definitely be tough." Sima You Yue did not

believe him, "You have already spent a lot of time going to the Ghost Realm because of me previously, now you’re coming here again…"

"There were indeed some issues that cropped up previously. That is why I only came even though you’ve already been awake for so long." Wu Lingyu did not deny it. The current situation was indeed a little tough for him. How could she not know since she was so intelligent? "But you do not need to worry,

I didn’t stay in the Devil Realm for decades for nothing, I still have spare time to come back. What’s wrong? Don’t you want to see me?

"Twant to see you! I think about you everyday!" Sima You Yue’s little head rubbed against his neck.

She had been thinking about him ever since she woke up. Based on her personality, and the thoughts of when she was going through the calamity with the Ghost King, if it was not because of the black-robed men, she might have gone to the Devil Realm to look for him by now.

"What do you miss?" The comers of Wu Lingyu’s mouth curved up, but his voice did not match.

"I missed everything." Sima You Yue answered kindly.

Hearing her words, Wu Lingyu hugged her and leaned back. The stool from before was now gone, and it was replaced by a large bed. In just a moment, he was on top of her.

Sima You Yue laid on top of him. She saw his penetrating gaze, but she was not shy at all, and even lowered her head and pecked at his lips.

"Before I came here, I went to Sima’s Manor." Wu Lingyu said."

"What happened then?"

"Imet your father and mother."


"They said they’ll give us their blessings."


"Let’s get married!"



"Right here."

Two rings suddenly appeared in Wu Lingyu’s hand. They were different from ordinary interspatial rings. This ring was one that she had designed herself, based on the designs in her previous life.

"When did you refine this?" Sima You Yue looked at the ring, surprised. At the same time, she could not stop the corner of her lips from curving up.

"These are all not important." Wu Lingyu held onto the ring, and looked at her with sincerity, " Young Miss Sima You Yue, are you willing to marry Young Master Wu Lingyu and be his wife, love him forever, be by his side, no matter how strong his abilities are, no matter how many outstanding men there

are, to love only him?"

Hearing his awkward oath, Sima You Yue laughed till she almost fell off his body, but she was grabbed by his other hand.

"You You, will you marry me?" Wu Lingyu looked at her affectionately.

The smile on Sima You Yue’s face continued to widen, and her eyes were deep. She bit her lips, and nodded her head in his expectant gaze, "I will!"

"Alright, now it’s your turn to ask me." Wu Lingyu said seriously.

Sima You Yue laid on Wu Lingyu, forearm on his chest, and laughed, "Young Master Wu Lingyu, do you take Sima You Yue as your wife, love her forever, cherish her, be by her side, no matter poor or rich, no matter the status, and to never leave one another in this lifetime?"


Hearing these words, the tears that pooled in the corners of Sima You Yue’s eyes finally fell. She sniffed, and said, "Then I now pronounce Young Master Wu Lingyu and Young Miss Sima You Yue as husband and wife. Groom, you may now kiss the bride."

She was on top of him, and they were probably the only two in the whole world who would have such a strange marriage ceremony.

After Wu Lingyu heard her words, his clear eyes were stained with lust and passion, and he hugged her as he rolled with her into the middle of the bed.

"You can only kiss your bride…"

"We are now going in the bridal chamber segment."

"The ceremony isn’t over yet, we have yet to wear our rings…"

"Lknow you are also in a hurry, we can wear the rings later."

If she was not in a hurry, would she say it was alright to kiss before she wore her ring?

‘Well, that seemed to be the case as well.

Then they might as well just go into the bridal chamber first, ring or what not, just let him fall and talk about it later.

Behind the warm lotus-flower curtain they took their pleasure in the spring night.

Sima You Yue opened her hands and counted using her fingers. Their bridal chamber lasted for several spring nights.

She poked the naked body beside her, and said, "Have we been here for too long?"

"It hasn’t been long, it has only been a day outside." Wu Lingyu’s big hand started to become restless on her body.

"Lingyu, we can’t…"

Can’t what?

‘Wu Lingyu did not care, and Sima You Yue was distracted by the kiss, so she forgot what she wanted to say.

‘When she came down from his bed, she felt like her body was not hers anymore. If she had not been cultivating her body with thunder and lightning, she would have stopped working long ago.

"You You, where do you think you’re going?" A pair of strong arms stopped her from behind. It pulled at her, once again she was pulled back to the bed.

Sima You Yue held down his wandering hand, and said, "Lingyu, don’t, I’m really tired."

"If you don’t answer me, you will be punished." Wu Lingyu bit her ear from behind.

"I don’t feel very well, I want to go and take a bath at the hot spring." Sima You Yue said.

"Take a bath? Alright, this isn’t a bad idea. Let’s go together." Wu Lingyu was satisfied with her suggestion.

Sima You Yue was speechless, the "I" that she clearly said had become "we" in his mouth.

Without a doubt, the person who ended up having a bath had become "us". As for how the two splashed the water from the hot spring to the shore when they were taking a bath, um, she was determined not to say.

After the two of them were tired, Wu Lingyu leaned on the shore. Sima You Yue leaned on his arms, playing with his slender fingers.

"How long can you stay in the Human Realm?" Sima You Yue asked him. Thinking about how they would need to be separated soon again, there was a deep sadness in her heart.

"Ican only accompany you until you finish your matters in Clear Bridge City." Wu Lingyu said. He was afraid that it would not be possible for him to stay any longer.

Sima You Yue wanted to talk about Xuan Qiu He, but she suddenly thought that it was not appropriate to mention another man at this time, so she changed the topic and asked, "That Demon King… it’s only his ancestor who harmed you, so you actually don’t need to send him to his death bed, right? Could

it be that there is another reason?"

"The person who tried to kill me has revived through his body.. So, I am not only facing the demon king, but also my former enemy!"

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