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Chapter: 1455

The Collapsing Tilk Realm

Chapter 1455 The Collapsing Tilk Realm!  "Damn it!" Luvile screamed in anger, seeing the all too familiar scene as the Mong Realm God left through the beam, piercing through the Tilk Realm's skies, shattering its laws in response, destabilizing the entire realm. 

"Dolnu-K-Malon!" Sterlena screamed with unbridled wrath, all too familiar with the figure that carried a Sub-Realm with him and left the Tilk Realm. 

He was the one in her memories, one that had been a Primal God back then and had been solely responsible for annihilating the True Spirit race through her. 

"The Tilk Realm would collapse at this rate!" Luvile shouted in alarm. "Everyone! Do your best to prevent this from happening. If the Tilk Realm collapses, the resulting chaos might cripple our Kun Realm as well. We're too close by, after all." 

He then looked at Krune and Sterlena, telling them, "The both of you, try your best to funnel our realm's power into the Tilk Realm. Use the Balance Laws to balance the Tilk Realm's collapse."

Luvile hurriedly faced Gegrafikan, holding his hand. "I'm sorry to ask this. But can you…?"

"Leave it to me." Gegrafikan nodded. "We Spirit Aberrants exist for this reason."


Gegrafikan took on his Spirit Aberrant form, turning into a Heavenly Aberrant as he rapidly unleashed his power, turning a small portion of the Tilk Realm into the Kun Realm. 

Krune and Sterlena arrived there, activating their Balance Laws to the limit, screaming in pain immediately as they tried to forcefully establish a connection with the Kun Realm despite being away from it. 

This was only possible for a Champion after they reached the God Realm in cultivation. Unless it was a special case like before where they created their God Seats, it wouldn't be possible to harness the power of the Kun Realm. 

But now that the situation was dire, they had no other choice but to take the risk. 

Krune's body began to crack slightly as he shouted, "Help me, Little Cally!"

"I'm here!" Little Cally shouted as it arrived before the two of them, amplifying their power through its Calamity Laws, strengthening their connection to the Kun Realm. As it was a fragment of the Kun Realm, this was possible. 


The Kun Realm slowly responded to their call when suddenly, Krune and Sterlena shouted in surprise, "Turia?"

"Uncle… Aunt…  I'll help you." Turia shouted from the Turia Supercontinent, connecting to them through the laws of the Turia Supercontinent, reducing the strain the two faced as Turia slowly influenced the Kun Realm to support them out of its own volition. 

Unfortunately, this was only a small fraction of the power it was supplying to them. Nevertheless, it was still enough to reduce their burden as Krune and Sterlena were able to endure it better. 

"Haap!" Wally shouted as he acted as the guide for the energy, pouring it into the cracks that formed in the Tilk Realm.

In the meantime, Gegrafikan targeted the cracks that had formed in the Tilk Realm first, turning them into the Kun Realm. This way, Krune and Sterlena were able to repair it better. 

But, it was easier said than done to repair a cracking realm. 

It was to note that even after so long, the damage in the Kun Realm had yet to be fixed. Unless there were enough Gods in a realm, it was impossible to mend its damage. 

That was why Hishe led the other Gods to revive their fallen Gods as much as possible. After all, with the addition of every God, the Kun Realm would stabilize further and mend its cracks on its own. 

This was why the Tilk Realm took such a major hit. It was because there were no Gods in it. So, its laws were at their most vulnerable state. 

And in such a situation, the Mong Realm Gods wreaked havoc, plundering everything without any concern before finally escaping by breaking through it forcefully. 

And now, it was guaranteed to collapse unless they did something about it. Then again, even the Kun Realm Gods were helpless, having no guarantee of being able to save the Tilk Realm. 


Suddenly, the chaotic storms from beyond leaked into the Tilk Realm through a crack, instantly destroying a supercontinent. Thankfully, there was no life there. 

But, this was just the start as more and more of the chaotic storms began to leak into the Tilk Realm. If this continued to happen, then the Tilk Realm would shatter sooner or later.

"Little Cally!" Krune shouted.

"I'm at full power already." Little Cally shouted in response. "I cannot divert the spatial storms while supporting you." 

"Damn it, is this it?" A God shouted in despair before looking at Soren. "Let us abandon this and strengthen the Kun Realm's defenses. We'll endure the aftermath of the Tilk Realm's collapse."

"That's useless!" Soren shouted in response. "Even if we endure the blast, the spatial storms protecting us would turn weaker. It would allow the Mong Realm to invade us with full force." 

"Then, is this where we'll be annihilated?" A Kun Realm God screamed in despair. 

"Let me try something!" Hearing their shouts, Hazak shot towards the crack, taking on her Demon Nest form.

"Idiot! That's dangerous!" Krune shouted in alarm. "You're only at the Elementary God Realm! Don't!"

"Serving you is my pleasure, Lord!" Hazak shouted as she slammed into the edge of the Tilk Realm, connecting with a crack as she began to rapidly siphon energy from it. "More!"



The energy from the spatial storms slowly flowed into her body as hundreds of Demons flew out of her body immediately, having been birthed just now. 

That didn't stop, though, as Hazak rapidly absorbed the energy from the spatial storms in a frenzy, birthing thousands of demons, some of which were even Black Demons. 

"Aaargh!" She screamed in pain when the edges of her body began to vaporize instantly. Even though she was absorbing energy from the spatial storms, her rapid energy absorption drew faint wisps of the spatial storms, resulting in her body vaporizing immediately upon contact. 

"Hazak!" Krune shouted in a fluster, watching Hazak slowly sacrificing her life to slow down the spatial storms as much as possible. 

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