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Chapter: 1457

You Have Our Full Support

Chapter 1457 You Have Our Full Support  "Hazak!" Krune shouted in a fluster once again upon seeing her being reckless. 

"Lord Krune, I'm perfectly fine!" came her reply as, surprisingly, she was fine within the spatial storm. A condensed barrier protected her from the spatial storms, preventing her from being erased from existence. 

"I'm helping her," Hishe replied. "The Demon Nest has interesting traits. And I feel like this is a good opportunity to further them."

"There are countless mysterious races in the Kun Realm," he smiled as he explained. "And I have been cultivating a lot of them in my Sub-Realm. There's a reason the demon race was the sole race in an entire layer."

The concentrated barrier he created allowed her to interact with the spatial storm without trouble as Hazak continued to absorb energy from the spatial storm, also beginning to absorb small fractions of the spatial storms itself. 

Her body continued to change and evolve, slowly turning more and more mysterious as the change began to be condensed in her body, birthing a brand-new law.

One could say the chaotic storm was a sort of tribulation, only that it was wholly destructive in nature, unlike tribulation lightning that had a refinement nature. 

But since she didn't die, her body continued to evolve rapidly. This wouldn't have been possible thanks to Hishe's barrier alone. 

After all, even Gods would be killed by the spatial storms. The only reason Hazak was alive was thanks to her innate trait, where she was absorbing the energy within the spatial storms and birthing demons nonstop. 

When she didn't birth them, she unleashed a tremendous volume of miasma, raising her defensive strength. 


Suddenly, a tremendous volume of the spatial storm was rapidly sucked into her body as the mysterious law was wholly birthed in her, causing Hazak to begin pulling a majority of the spatial storms in her direction. 

The barrier protecting her slowly expanded in size, turning into a sphere as the shattering fragments of the Tilk Realm were directly pulled into it. 

Gegrafikan arrived close to her, unleashing his power as he rapidly conversed all the fragments of the Tilk Realm into the Kun Realm, allowing Hazak to absorb them readily. Slowly, the sphere grew in size before creating a synchronous pulse that reacted with the Kun Realm, causing it to unleash a massive beam that slammed into it, condensing a mysterious power in it. 

Realm Core!

Most of the fragments broken out of the Tilk Realm were changed by Gegrafikan into the Kun Realm and absorbed into the forming Realm Core as it shone with dense miasma. And within this miasma was Hazak, actually fusing with the Realm Core itself. 

"What's… happening?" Krune was shocked as he asked Hishe. 

"The Demon Nest is able to absorb the essence from anything and birth the demons while also producing the miasma to create a terrain perfect for the demon race. The demon nests in my Sub-Realm were, unfortunately, unable to unleash their utmost potential," Hishe explained. "And now, thanks to the destructive spatial storms that acted as her tribulation, Hazak evolved and surpassed her limitation as a Demon Nest."

"Instead of just influencing a terrain through the miasma, she's now able to create terrain itself." He smiled. "She now has the same traits as the Realm Cores and can move through the spatial storms to grow her realm."

"Since the Tilk Realm is fracturing as we speak, it's time that we take control of the fragments and create satellite realms exclusive for various races." Hishe concluded, stating immediately after, "All except the True Spirits and the Wisps. You're the blood of the Kun Realm. So, it would never allow you to set up station beyond it, even if they're satellite realms under its control."

"After all, the True Spirits are the Kun Realm's daughters while the Wisps are its guards."

Thanks to Hazak's actions, the spatial storms leaking into the Tilk Realm stopped for the time being. After all, the cracks had only worsened in one place where the spatial storms were seeping in from. It was where the Mong Realm Gods had broken through. 

Since Hazak was stopping the spatial storms, it allowed the others to relax a little and execute their plans more stably. 

"Please, what's happening to our realm?" A group of mortals approached one of Krune's clones. This was a remote region whose immortals had been slain long ago. They were next on the chopping block on the Mong Realm's to-be-made-into-blood-pills list.

But they survived when the Mong Realm retreated in a hurry. 

And now that they saw Krune, they hurried towards him in a fluster upon sensing that he wasn't from the Mong Realm. 

The Tilk Realm had suffered invasions numerous times. Hell, most of its history consisted of invasions. So, they obtained an innate sense, allowing them to perceive the place someone originated from. 

That was how they noticed that Krune wasn't from the Mong Realm. And upon seeing cracks form on the Tilk Realm's skies, they despaired.

"I'm Krune, the Kun Realm's Champion," the clone spoke. "We came to an agreement with the Tilk Realm representatives to ally. That's why we moved the realms of both next to one another. Unfortunately, we hadn't expected the Mong Realm to take such a drastic means."

"Krune?" A Primal God arrived, kneeling before him in despair. "Just what…happened?"

He was one of the Primal Gods that had committed suicide just to ensure news regarding Krune helping them wouldn't be discovered by the Mong Realm.

"The Mong Realm forcefully broke through the Tilk Realm to leave." The clone said in a hurry. "And since there aren't any Gods to protect it, the Tilk Realm is collapsing as we speak."

"Is this how it ends for us?" The Primal God despaired. He was just revived by the clone when he met with such news. 

The rest of the Primal Gods that had been hiding as Land Incarnations revived one after another, despairing equally. 

"Don't give up yet!" The clone shouted in response. "Currently, all the Gods from our realm are trying their best to stabilize the Tilk Realm. We're even converting the breaking fragments into satellite realms. But, as long as at least one of you become a God, the situation would improve."

"It might take time, but we'll eventually be able to stabilize the Tilk Realm." The clone continued. "So, please revive every single Primal God you know and force at least a few to become Gods. That's the only way to save your world."

"If the Tilk Realm collapses, our Kun Realm would also be devastated in the aftermath. So, you have our full support! No matter what, become a God!" 

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