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Chapter: 1458

Sacrifice Thyself

Chapter 1458 Sacrifice Thyself  "No matter what, become a God!" Krune shouted at them. "You have our full support."

"But how?" The Primal Gods replied in dejection. "None of us have the potential necessary to become a God. Everyone with even the least bit of potential had already been killed by the Mong Realm with the utmost priority."

"They did everything in their power to ensure we would never recover," a Primal God said before slumping to the ground. "Honestly, all of us are just tired of everything. Endless invasions. That has pretty much been our entire history."

"Let this just be our end. We have neither the power nor the energy to fight against them anymore…" The Primal God said when suddenly, he was sent flying by Krune's slap. 

Grabbing hold of his collar, Krune pointed at the mortals, saying, "Look at their faces, see their expressions. They've suffered as well." 

Krune shouted in anger, "They've slaughtered most of your God Realm's population. But if you give up here, you'll be the ones responsible for the deaths of the remaining."

"Do you wish to be the final wave that results in your realm going extinct?"


The Primal God gritted his teeth, tearing up as he spoke, "B-But, what else can we do? All our Gods have died. And our realm is collapsing. There's no hope anymore." 

"Even if we tried our best, it would take time to ensure a successful breakthrough to the God Realm," the Primal God said, asking Krune. "Do we have that kind of time with us now?"

"No…" The clone grunted, realizing the situation at hand. Even if one of the Primal Gods before him had the potential to become a God, they would need time to prepare and engage with the final tribulation. 

Even Sterlena had prepared for thirty thousand years to begin her final tribulation. So for others, they would need even more time. Otherwise, they would just die within the first few lightning bolts. 

Based on the rate at which the Tilk Realm was collapsing, it would shatter into pieces within a century or even further before. So, anything they could do was pretty futile. 

"Then, breaking it into satellite realms is our only option." Krune sighed, stating, "We'll try our best to preserve as big of a portion of the Tilk Realm as possible. That way, you'll still have hope to regain everything in the future by re-absorbing the satellite realms." 

"Thank you," All the surviving immortals bowed in response, with the mortals following suit. 


Slowly, a large portion of the Tilk Realm branched off. But immediately after, Spirit Aberrants converged over the edges, having converted them into the Kun Realm's already as Krune's clones rushed into the detached part, siphoning the Kun Realm's power into it. 

Slowly, they began to form a Realm Core, stabilizing it after some time passed as a barrier began to form over it. With the barrier forming over it, the satellite realms would be somewhat stable. 

It was still pretty unstable in the sense that it didn't have a God to stabilize it. So, the moment a slightly stronger spatial storm came into contact with it, the satellite realm would be destroyed as its Realm Core wasn't powerful enough to absorb the energy in the spatial storm fast enough.

Moreover, its laws weren't whole like the Tilk Realm's. So, its Realm Core had considerable deficiencies. Honestly, it would be a miracle if it even birthed a God, for the laws themselves were incomplete, making cultivation all the more difficult. 

Hazak arrived at its core, hastening the formation of the Realm Core, also allowing the satellite realm to absorb more energy from the spatial storm. Her actions stabilized it to a great extent. 

Of course, it was because Hishe was using all his power to amplify her abilities, also performing a major role in stabilizing the satellite realm. 

After all, whether it was the laws of the Kun Realm or the Tilk Realm, he represented a Law from either side. 

And only thanks to his intervention did the Tilk Realm slow down in its rate of collapse. After all, there was still one God supporting it.

But clearly, this was far from sufficient. 

Even with dozens of Gods, the Kun Realm was also collapsing, even though the process was super slow that it would take tens of millions of years. 

So, even if they were to find a way to increase the number of Gods on the Tilk Realm somehow, that would only serve to slow down the speed of its collapse. 

They hadn't even finished stabilizing the first satellite realm when another large chunk of the Tilk Realm collapsed. All the Kun Realm Gods unleashed various abilities, ensuring the collapsed fragments wouldn't crash into the Tilk Realm and create a chain explosion that would collapse everything. 

They managed things to keep it as stable as possible while the rest worked on turning the branching fragments into satellite realms. Unfortunately for them, the load was too much for them to bear as the cracks continued to gradually speed up while they were soon feeling short-staffed. 

"Krune!" Gegrafikan shouted. "You said you revived some of their Primal Gods, right? Can anyone of them become a God?" 

"No." Krune shook his head, sighing. "None of them have the potential. Even if they did, there's not enough time to prepare for the final tribulation." 

"I understand." Gegrafikan nodded before looking at Luvile, saying, "Please send me to where those people are."

"Are you sure about this?" Luvile asked. 

"We have no other choice." Gegrafikan nodded as a bolt of lightning carried him throughout the Tilk Realm, dropping him before the group of immortals.

Gegrafikan looked at them, stating in a hurry, "I am what you call a Spirit Aberrant, a mysterious race that grows stronger by devouring the laws of everyone. My race is the progenitor of all Spiritual Incarnations." 

"And now, I need you to help me," he said, hesitating for a moment to ask them to sacrifice their lives.

"Will this increase the chances of saving our realm?" The leading Primal God asked. 

"Yes." Gegrafikan nodded. 

"Then…" The Primal God made eye contact with everyone else before looking at Gegrafikan. "We'll entrust our realm in your hands."

Saying so, he flew into Gegrafikan's mouth. 

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