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Chapter: 1459

First Annex in History

Chapter 1459 First Annex in History  Roar!

Gegrafikan roared as the Primal Gods jumped into his mouth one after another, sacrificing their lives while allowing him to attain a deeper comprehension of the Tilk Realm's laws and their power. 

Soon, all the surviving immortals were eaten by him as Luvile sent him back to the location where the Tilk Realm was fracturing. 


Followed by a powerful bellow, Gegrafikan unleashed his law projectiles, rapidly converting a broken fragment into the Kun Realm's, even going to the extent of disassembling the laws of a smaller fragment, condensing it into a Realm Core before stuffing it into the broken fragment. 

This way, the resulting satellite realms were more stable, rapidly reducing the burden on everyone. 

"Kuek!" Krune grunted as he continued to funnel the Kun Realm's power into the satellite realms through him. As the Kun Realm's power flowed through him, his Hunger Law slowly spread through the satellite realms, etching itself in all of those. 

It was a natural process as part of the power carried the fragments that broke off his body thanks to the strain. And these fragments were what was etched in the various satellite realms, gradually causing the Hunger Law to grow in all of them. 

As the Hunger Law grew in response, Krune's cultivation also grew accordingly. After all, his comprehension of the Hunger Law had already surpassed the Primal God Realm in comprehension. 

So, it meant that if he went all out, the quality of Hunger Law he could produce was at the God Realm in comprehension. Though, he would only be able to create a tiny fragment as he didn't have enough Godly Energy/cultivation base to support a full activation. 

But, that still meant that he was able to unleash the Hunger Law on the level of a God if necessary. Meaning, he already had the required qualifications to reach that level. Only his cultivation was lacking. 

Since he already had a God Seat, it meant that his growth was intricately linked to the growth of the Hunger Law in both quantity and quality. 

Thanks to the Kun Realm's power funneling through his body, he was slowly growing in strength. Though, it wasn't just him alone that was experiencing this growth. Sterlena and Gegrafikan were the same. 

Sterlena was in the same state as him. So her growth was similar. 

But in the case of Gegrafikan, it was more like he was digesting various Laws that rapidly expanded his plethora of laws, allowing him to understand the same law in various power structures belonging to the Kun Realm, Mong Realm, and now the Tilk Realm. 

So, he was growing in that way, now able to convert the terrain even better. Also, as he was conversing massive amounts of fragments of the Tilk Realm nonstop, even though it was straining him to the limit, he was growing. 

After all, Wally used a mysterious technique to direct the power of the Kun Realm into the breaking fragments. But that wasn't all. He was also funneling the same power into the bodies of everyone, giving them an almost infinite supply of Godly Energy. 

Thanks to that, all of them were able to unleash their abilities to the limit without any holding back. Of course, that wasn't all. Since they were strained thanks to the task at hand, pretty much all of them had surpassed their limits. 

And every time they did this, the infinite supply of Godly Energy allowed them to break through to higher realms nonstop. 

The fate of an entire Realm rested in their hands. And protecting it was no simple matter. They had to be incredibly precise, not to mention expand their arsenal and senses to the limit, handling matters way beyond their capacity. 

It wasn't just that. 

As the fragments of the Tilk Realm were converted into the Kun Realm, even though they only became satellite realms, it still meant a minor increase in the foundation of the Kun Realm. 

Meaning, their laws were getting strengthened. Even though it was by a minute sum, pretty much every immortal in the Kun Realm was able to sense this. 

And at this time, the Rune Realm Spirit contacted them, bringing more and more of them into the Tilk Realm to help with the situation. 

Even those living in secret Sub-Realm came to sense the changes, coming out when the Rune Realm contacted them, bringing them to the Tilk Realm. 

And the moment they arrived, Soren assigned them their respective tasks, instantly making them heed his commands. 

Initially, not many immortals had arrived. After all, the Kun Realm was vast. And unlike the Mong realm, the Gods here didn't have a strong enough control over everyone. 

At most, they could influence the Supercontinents they originated from and the surrounding continents.

But thanks to the changes, more and more expressed willingness. 

All the Land Spirits and Heavenly Spirits of the Kun Realm had already taken action, alerting everyone of the situation at hand, forcing the remainder of the immortals that were stubborn, causing them to arrive at the Tilk Realm as well. 

For the first time in history, the entirety of the immortals of a realm had arrived within another realm. 

With that, this was also the first annexing of realms in the Greater Universe's history. And it was done by none other than the realm that was second in line to be annexed by the superpowers. 

This was irony!

None of the Kun Realm Gods had the intention to annex the Tilk Realm, though, for it wasn't in their nature. They weren't like the Mong Realm. 

At present, they hadn't even tapped into a fifth of the Kun Realm's potential. So there was no way they lusted over another realm's resources. 

It wasn't necessary. 

But, the situation demanded that they take action, or else the Kun Realm would also suffer the aftermath of the Tilk Realm's collapse. The spatial storms would swallow it and become so terrifying that they would devour the Kun Realm next. 

And this was stated by Little Cally, someone that had been through everywhere in the Greater Universe as the Mong Realm's henchmen. 

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