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Chapter: 1460

A Sequence of Operations

Chapter 1460 A Sequence of Operations  Kaboom!

There was an implosion within a spatial storm as the majority of its energy was absorbed by a growing Realm that stabilized soon after. 

The moment it stabilized, the Rune Realm connected a portal to it as countless immortals as a large number of Krune's clones exited it, arriving within the Tilk Realm once again. 

They immediately set off to another breaking fragment. 

At present, the way they did things was different from before. 

The moment a massive fragment broke off, Hazak would first arrive next to it with her growing realm, absorbing all the surrounding energy storms, ensuring the fragment wasn't devoured by the spatial storms. 

Around the same time, Wally would lead a beam of the Kun Realm's energy into the broken fragment, beginning to stabilize it a little. 

Immediately after, Gegrafikan and his Spirit Aberrant family would latch onto this fragment, rapidly converting it into the Kun Realm's.

Krune's clones would jump into the fragment, attracting a majority of the Kun Realm's power before seeping it into the fragment.

Gegrafikan would then convert another smaller broken fragment of the Tilk Realm, convert it into the Kun Realm, and disassemble it into the empirical laws that form it before compressing it into a sphere. 

Hazak would then take root within, causing the sphere to rapidly begin absorbing energy from the spatial storms, enacting an effect similar to a tribulation. 

Luvile would unleash his tribulation lightning into the sphere, helping in refining it, allowing Hazak to turn it into a Realm Core faster. 

Once the Realm Core was completed, it would be inserted into the broken fragment to turn it into its core. 

Hishe would begin to stitch the two into a singular entity while Krune's clones ensured power from the Kun Realm flowed into both, keeping them stable enough. 

But, that alone wouldn't be enough to stabilize and create a Realm. This was where the rest of the immortals came to play. 

Heavenly Incarnation!

They unleashed their respective Heavenly Incarnations, creating bubbles of terrain everywhere in the fragment, turning it into a sphere. 

This was possible thanks to Soren, that dispatched them according to the makeup of laws of the fragment. In other words, the composition and strength of the immortals varied from fragment to fragment. 

Plus, they also positioned their Heavenly Incarnations in such a way that it conformed to the layout of the laws of the region originally. This meant that their Heavenly Incarnations only served to enrich the foundation of the fragment instead of interfering with its setup by altering the laws of the region according to their Spiritual Incarnations. 

This was achieved by Feifei, who computed the information of everyone, using Soren's mind as an enormous supercomputer to process and analyze everything. 

Soren's Mental Energy absorbed data regarding both the cultivators and the fragments, while Feifei created the necessary blueprint of Heavenly Incarnation establishment. 

Of course, that wasn't all. 

When all the Heavenly Incarnations were set up, the Realm Core fully synchronized with the fragment, creating the Realm Wall that protected it against the spatial storms and also began to absorb energy from the spatial storms. 

Once this began to function properly, Wally led a massive population of demons birthed by Hazak into the birthed realm, sacrificing them immediately. 

He siphoned the entirety of their lifeforce and infused it into the Realm Core, thereby causing it to have more foundation as the satellite realm would eventually begin to produce its own indigenous races. 

This would ensure its stability as it develops more in the future. 

Hazak didn't mind the demons being used this way, as that was her intention in the first place. She casually birthed thousands of demons every second by absorbing the spatial storms. 

This was how the Tilk Realm fragments were converted into satellite realms of all sizes and shapes. 

Hundred years, two hundred years, five hundred years…

Everyone kept working nonstop with little to no rest. However, the reason they were able to endure this was thanks to the fact that they were progressing in their cultivation the fastest. 

After all, they were gaining experience superior to hundreds of wars daily. They were working to create satellite realms, an experience very few even among the Greater Universe could experience. 

So, this experience allowed them to break through nonstop. It was also because Wally was siphoning the energy unleashed by the Kun Realm before funneling it into all the immortals that had arrived. 

The other Gods were also helping with the various process. Moreover, even they were growing stronger slowly.


The power attracted from the Kun Realm suddenly expanded in size and concentration as Krune reached the Primal God Realm in cultivation. 

It was because his Hunger Law had pervaded many satellite realms, continuing to grow as the satellite realms themselves stabilized and began to gradually grow by absorbing the spatial storms. 

Little Cally absorbed the spatial storm barrier protecting the Kun Realm, the Tilk Realm, and the Satellite Realms, saying to Krune, "Even though it had weakened a bit at the start, that has stopped now and stabilized. In the future, it will become a bit stronger. So, we don't have to worry about our enemies invading us for the time being."

"They should very well be observing the state of the spatial storm barrier, but they cannot do anything." 

"That's helpful." Krune nodded in response. "It also means we can continue to grow stronger in this fashion."

"How are the mortals taking this?" he asked next, facing the Rune Realm Spirit. 

"A lot of them are working on becoming immortals. I've been sending the Semi-God and God Trial Realm immortals back to the Kun Realm for short durations of rest. And in this time, they interact with the mortals and convey how this is the best time to become and grow stronger quickly as immortals," the Rune Realm Spirit responded excitedly. "Thanks to that, everyone is working with greater enthusiasm. Every second, at least four immortals are birthed." 

"Damn, that's terrifyingly high," Krune said in surprise. 

"Well, that's also because Luvile announced that strong immortals would be able to set up stations within the various satellite realms that are forming. And in the future, if they become a God of that satellite realms, they would be rulers of their own domains," the Rune Realm Spirit said in response. "This has prompted all the Primal Gods to work harder. They're the most enthusiastic among everyone now." 

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