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Chapter: 1461

God Realm Cultivation

Chapter 1461 God Realm Cultivation  Of course, everyone was excited, despite the circumstances. 

Thanks to the efforts of everyone, they were slowly managing the fracturing of the Tilk Realm. Even though the situation worsened countless times, they somehow pulled through. 

And now that everyone had grown a lot stronger compared to five hundred years ago, they were able to handle things better. 

In what seemed like the Tilk Realm had a century for a complete collapse, it had now been dragged forward thanks to the efforts of everyone. 

Thanks to that, they had more time to stabilize it while also creating more and more satellite realms. 

And now, the Primal Gods had a great chance. If they played their cards well, they could become Gods of the satellite realms. 

Unlike the massive Kun Realm, the satellite realms didn't have a deep enough foundation to have many Gods. At most, it could support one to five Gods. 

This meant that they could become the king of a major group as long as they became the first God in a respective satellite realm. That would imply that they could eventually make their family the rulers of the satellite realm. 

This was different from owning a supercontinent. 

Even though a supercontinent was a God's property, it could still be invaded by the other Gods. And they couldn't perform actions that would draw the ire of the other Gods. 

At the end of the day, they wouldn't have complete sovereignty. 

But things were different in a satellite realm. Here, they could invest time and effort to slowly terraform the satellite realm itself into a place perfect for their race, especially for demon beasts that didn't have a home of their own. 

In other words, the demon beasts would be able to have a home exclusive to their own, allowing their population to boom unhindered where they could practice their exclusive culture to the limit, unhindered.

This was what everyone was hopeful for, to obtain a place they could call their home and something that would become the birth home for their future generations. 

Plus, once the satellite realm birthed a Realm Spirit, it would mean that the satellite realm would become even more perfect for their race. 

This was unlike the Kun Realm, where every race could live, and no race had any home-ground advantage. Well, except for True Spirits, which to a certain extent could be considered as the rulers of the Kun Realm while the Wisps formed their royal guard. 

As every race wished to experience what it felt like to live similar to True Spirits, they were super enthusiastic. 

This led to the immortals calling forth everyone from their respective races to focus on a fragment with the intent to convert it into a realm perfect for themselves. 

The already existing Gods of the Kun Realm weren't interested in this, though, for they only intended to remain within the Kun Realm. 

After all, it had already been established that the satellite realms would fall under their rule. So, even among the Gods, they would be a step higher. 

This was also true since their representative Laws were in the Kun Realm, while the Gods from the satellite realms only had their laws there. 

So obviously, the Gods from the Kun Realm would be many times stronger than Gods from the satellite realms. In short, they weren't interested. 

But for those races that didn't have any Gods in the Kun Realm, owning a satellite realm exclusive for themselves was terrifyingly lucrative, even if it meant they would be slightly weaker as Gods. 

Honestly, none of them even worried about something like that. After all, becoming a God meant practical invincibility. 

As long as their satellite realm wasn't destroyed, they wouldn't die. 

The Kun Realm Gods didn't stop them but rather pushed this ideology forward. After all, if the satellite realm grew in strength, it meant there was more power the Kun Realm could harness in terms of wars, which they would have to participate more in the upcoming future. 

Years passed in such a fashion as centuries turned into millennia. From time to time, the Kun Realm Gods sensed those from the other Realms trying to break through the spatial storm barrier.

Unfortunately for them, Little Cally swiftly took action in response, using its Calamity Laws to turn the spatial storms there fiercer, this way thwarting their attempts. 

However, upon noticing that the rate of their attacks was increasing, everyone understood that it was only a matter of time before those from the other realms created a method to break through the spatial storm shield. 

If nothing else worked, they could grit their losses and throw a satellite realm into the spatial storm shield, thereby breaking through forcefully. 

This way, they would be able to open a path forcefully, allowing them entry into the region of space where the Kun Realm, the Tilk Realm and the other satellite realms were. 

Even though the Tilk Realm continued to collapse at a faster pace, the growth of everyone was also proportional to it. Hence, it was always in their control. 

After all, more and more immortals were birthed in the Kun Realm that were brought to the Tilk Realm to participate in this feat. 

And those satellite realms that had already formed at the start had long since completely stabilized as a lot of people had already begun to live within. 

The first few centuries were indeed the most difficult for them to adapt but gradually, they terraformed the satellite realm to become more and more suitable for their living. And now, some of them had already begun preparations for their final tribulation. 

The moment they succeed and become Gods of their satellite realms, these satellite realms would become enormously stable and would enter their rapid development phase. With their help, the population of their race would explode as more and more powerhouses would emerge in their midst. 

In such a fashion, as Little Cally and many other Gods worked in ensuring the spatial storm barrier wasn't breached, twenty-eight thousand years had passed. 

And with that, Krune had reached the God Realm in cultivation. 

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