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Chapter: 1462

Run Out of Time

Chapter 1462 Run Out of Time  It could be said that Krune was pretty much the fastest to ever become a God. After all, on average, it took a decade to break through every stage in the Semi-God Realm, a century per stage in the God Trial Realm, a millennium per stage in the Elementary God Realm, and ten thousand years per stage in the Primal God Realm. 

After this, one would begin preparations for their final breakthrough, which would take tens of thousands of years. Even on average, a cultivator needed at least two hundred thousand years before they became a God. 

On the other hand, Krune took only twenty-eight thousand years to do so. Honestly, no matter how talented he may be, this was an impossible feat. 

Nevertheless, it was only made possible thanks to the Tilk Realm's breakdown. Because of that, his cultivation grew at a staggering pace, allowing him to attain this status in record time. 

Krune and Sterlena both reached the God Realm in cultivation.

As for Gegrafikan, he had returned to the Kun Realm for a short duration to prepare for the eventual breakthrough to the God Realm. 

The Tilk Realm was less than a tenth of its original size now as its breakdown had slowed down to a considerable extent. 

It was still continuing to collapse, but as a majority of it had broken off, everyone was able to stabilize it to a certain extent. 

With that, all the survivors of the Tilk Realm had gathered here to survive. Unfortunately for them, they hadn't been able to produce any Gods yet. 

Then again, there were some talents that had emerged among them that had become Primal Gods by now. However, they would still need a lot of time before they could become Gods. 

Feifei, Seamstress, Zamuria, Rumria, Guria, and a lot of talented cultivators had all reached the peak of the Primal God Realm. At this point, all of them were preparing for their final breakthrough.

Of course, what best way to do that than by working to stabilize the Tilk Realm?

This way, their power would be condensed more and more in them, allowing them to grow even stronger. 

Krune and Sterlena were working on stabilizing the Tilk Realm, for they had already become Gods.


One of Krune's clones shouted, casually dropping from the God Realm to the Godly Path Realm like it was taking a dip in a pool.

As he was the Kun Realm's Champion, he was able to travel even faster than Wally. Though, that wasn't all. He was able to do the same with his billion other clones. 


This was the limit to the number of clones he could create. At the peak, Little Cally was able to fragment itself a billion times. 

Plus, Krune had been working on raising the strength of his Cultivation Lotus all along, causing it to reach the Primal God Realm in quality. It only needed a small push to begin producing Godly Energy on par with a God. 

Having become a God, he now understood how the Cultivation Lotus functioned. It siphoned energy from the Kun Realm Core through a mysterious process, generating Godly Energy endlessly. 

It wasn't all that useful for him now. After all, Krune was the Kun Realm's Champion. He was capable of harnessing power directly from the Kun Realm no matter which part of the Greater Universe he was in. 

Well, he was also working on his godly ability that he gained inspiration from the Mong Realm. Thanks to Hazak's evolution, he was able to perfect it, now capable of harnessing power from the environment itself, even if he wasn't in the Kun Realm. 

He could harness the spatial storms to attack on his behalf. Even though this task strained him even now, it was powerful enough to be a trump card. 

He was also using that to gradually strengthen the defenses of the spatial storm barrier protecting them. 

The Kun Realm Cluster!

Since there were thousands of satellite realms surrounding the Kun Realm, not to mention the Tilk Realm that continued to become smaller and smaller, being reduced to the status as a satellite realm, they decided to call this place the Kun Realm Cluster. 

It was a more appropriate term for everyone enclosed within the spatial storm barrier. 

After becoming a Wisp God, Krune gained the passage to travel through the Kun Realm freely. This also extended to the satellite realms as he was able to enter and leave them as he pleased, not to mention harnessing their power as well. 

After all, the satellite realms were also an extension of the Kun Realm. So, with him being the Champion, the moment he activated his Balance Laws, he would be able to harness power from the entire Kun Realm Cluster. 

Thanks to this, he could unleash strength beyond his power as a God. 

Even though he had become a God, Krune didn't have the confidence to fight the Mong Realm Gods. He had just become a God, after all. There were plenty of areas he was still lacking in to compete with them, not to mention the Champions from the other realms. 

Thankfully, the Kun Realm didn't have one Champion. It had two Champions, a Wisp and a True Spirit. 

Honestly, it was the strongest combo the Kun Realm could have. After all, these two races were the most basic of what the Kun Realm birthed, forming the core of its power. 

It was somewhat anticlimactic, but the moment Sterlena reached the God Realm in cultivation, through the Balance Laws, her power was rapidly absorbed by the Kun Realm, leaving her in a weakened state. 

But slowly, the Kun Realm began to recover, showing signs of birthing True Spirits already. Whether it was Wisps or True Spirits, the number of their births gradually accelerated. 

And a majority of them were birthed in the Turia Supercontinent, thanks to Turia, who was born similar to the Wisps and True Spirits. 

It had long since reached the status as a Heavenly Spirit and was now in the process of going beyond to become the Kun Realm Spirit. 

However, something was missing for it to reach that level, so everyone gathered together to discuss it. After all, they had run out of time.

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