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Chapter: 1463

Just Enjoy The Show

Chapter 1463 Just Enjoy The Show  "Hurry up! Don't delay!"

"If we miss this major event, I will never forgive you." 

"Yeah, yeah, we still have time, you know." A middle-aged man rolled his eyes as they entered a chariot of sorts that rode the river in the sky, traveling at terrifying speeds thanks to the violent but streamlined currents. 

Within an hour, they arrived at a massive sea where so many people had gathered that there was no place for even sand to fit in. It was packed to the brim with people, cultivators from the Turia Supercontinent. 

Hovering in the air were the immortals, millions in number now. 

Honestly, with so much time, the Mountain Sect had made major waves, growing leaps and bounds to become one of the strongest sects of the Kun Realm. 

After all, Krune and Sterlena, the newly emerged Gods, were from here. On top of that, they were the only two Champions of the Kun Realm. So, the Mountain Sect would continue to grow even more powerful in the future. 

Even now, it had already begun to take on an administrative role as the other Gods and their respective forces showed signs of taking orders from it. 

It wasn't set in stone yet, but the Gods were slowly practicing while drilling the matter in their hands.

There was now a leader for the Gods as well.

However, there were two Champions. So, that would mean that there might be a division of opinion in the future. With that, they wanted one to take on the role of the Kun Realm's leader and representative. 

"I'll take on the post as deputy leader," Krune said in all seriousness, conceding his chance to rule the Kun Realm, for that wasn't in his nature. Instead, he pushed all the responsibilities to Sterlena, saying, "Big sis would be our leader. She's also an experienced old lady…"


Suddenly, he was sent flying by Sterlena, whose forehead was covered by twitching veins as she snorted. "Who's an old lady? Gods don't age." 

"Well… you were a big shot when even Wally was a silly wisp." Krune arrived at his original location nonchalantly, saying, "And I call him an old man too…"

"Ah!" He suddenly acted like he had realized it, bowing solemnly towards Sterlena. "So, you wanted me to address you as my ancestor? Indeed, you're right about that. You predate history…"


Her attack sent him flying all the way to the Godly Path Realm as Sterlena dusted her hands, watching Krune casually return to the Turia Continent, saying after a moment of glaring at him in exasperation, "I'll be our representative then."

"I'm fine with this." Wally and Luvile nodded instantly. After all, both of them had a connection to her. The former created the Myriad Energies Technique after receiving help from her, while the latter obtained tribulation lightning on her grave. 

And since they had interacted with her a lot over the past twenty-eight thousand years, they were rather happy to accept her as their leader. 

In this arrangement, Sterlena was their leader. And in her absence, Krune would take charge. Besides, as a True Spirit, she was pretty much the best Champion they could ask for. 

True Spirits were the Kun Realm's sword, while Wisps were its shield. In fact, their abilities were also geared as such. 

Sterlena's power was purely destructive in nature, while Krune's fell more into scouting, healing, and infection, suitable to defend the Kun Realm on his own against any invasions. 

So, it was indeed the perfect arrangement that they could ask for. 

And the reason everyone had gathered here was due to a major event that would transpire in the Mountain Sect's history. 

Zamura, Gegrafikan, and Feifei were attempting the final tribulation at the same time. Their sect had three Cultivation Lotuses in possession. 

After Feifei took Krune's Cultivation Lotus, they decided to attempt the final tribulation at the same time, next to one another. 

Krune and Sterlena had obviously protested against this. After all, when they tried the same at their breakthrough to the God Trial Realm, they almost died and had to spend a lot of time as broken cores. 

Attempting the same for their final tribulation was a death wish. It wasn't just two but three. That was pretty much spiking the difficulty even higher. 

However, the three were actually adamant, wishing to attempt the breakthrough at the same time. 

Had it been Zamuria, Rumria, and Guria that had stated this, then they could understand. After all, the three of them were like sisters in their power and abilities. Moreover, they were able to perfectly complement one another, combining their powers to become even stronger. 

"Leave it to me." Feifei smiled. "Don't worry, I have long since planned for all possibilities. If we don't do this, Gegrafikan wouldn't make it out alive." 

Everyone was shocked as Gegrafikan smiled helplessly, saying, "Even the Kun Realm fears me. So, I won't be facing tribulation lightning as my final tribulation, but the spatial storm itself. So, the two of them are helping me survive this." 

"Even surviving your own final tribulation is almost impossible. But you're taking on an extra load?" Krune looked at Feifei in worry. 

"Man, don't worry." Zamura smiled, patting his shoulder, telling him, "All of us will survive this. We've been preparing for it all this time."

"It just hasn't been long, though." Krune frowned, looking at Feifei and Zamura. "Even big sis spent almost thirty thousand years preparing for the final breakthrough. On the other hand, the both of you hadn't even cultivated that long." 

"But, I cultivated the traditional way," Sterlena interjected. "On the other hand, they were involved with the Tilk Realm's collapse. Don't underestimate the growth they experienced as a result." 

"This is also a way for us to fully rectify the damage to the Kun Realm." Feifei smiled. "Once we succeed, the Kun Realm would be completely healed. We'll be able to face our enemies after this." 

"There's no time. So, we have to hurry," Feifei spoke. 

"Just…be careful," Krune said, hugging Feifei. "If it looks like you might fail, I'll interfere, even if it means I'll be crippled as a result." 

"Idiot, don't be overdramatic." Feifei rolled her eyes in response. "I'll be fine. Just enjoy the show."

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