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Chapter: 62

I, too, am but a guy who harbors desire. Not to mention, the girl in front of me is a spitting image of Elza, so her charms works painfully well for me. Thanks to that, not only lust, but memories and nostalgia came flowing within me. Perhaps that’s one of my sensitive spots for me; the erogenous zone of my mentality.

"…Are you okay with me?"

Rio nodded without delay. Not once, not twice, but three times. Her eyes conveyed that she’s done waiting.

She circled her arms around my neck, leaning her body weight on my self and squeezing a pair of softness on my chest.

"I don’t want anyone else but you…" she said, taking my lips with hers.

Then, the fire in my heart lights up. What comes next is between a man and woman…or more specifically, between a male and a female.

Alright then…I will give you my all.

I hug Rio strongly, putting my chin on her shoulder, as if I wouldn’t let her go for the second time. You’re the woman I love the most—



I shut my mouth instantly, but…it was too late. I can’t retake the word that flew out of my mouth. In a flash, I turned into the most horrible man who yells the name of a girl he knows way back then just after he kissed another.

Can you blame me though? My mind is full of Elza…it’s always been like that. It was an irresistible habit…!

However, no matter how many times I pull up an excuse in my head, nobody’s out there to hear it.

I gingerly pushed our bodies apart, and to my surprise, the girl asked me without a change.

"Who’s Elza?"


I tried making a shabby explanation, but obviously she’s not listening.

"Your ex? Or is she your girlfriend? Really now…" Rio said, nodding to herself in understanding. "That’s a foreign name, right? You get along well when you were abroad, didn’t you? Look at you…you look tired. I didn’t think you’d yell out the wrong name at this timing though."

"…sorry. That’s totally my fault."

Expecting a slap across the face, what actually slapped me was the System Message.

【Saitou Rio’s affection points increased by 2,000】

"I’ll admit my mistake, I just blurted out things from the past…hmm? Huh? Why is your affection points…are you happy over this?"

Looking closer, Rio’s eyes moistened and seem more enraptured than ever before.

"Cus…you did something I really love…"

"The thing you love?" I asked, fear underlining my tone.

"I love being messed up by a strong, scary papa who aren’t interested in me."

"Sorry I’m too out of the loop…can you explain that?"

"Let’s see…" Rio began to talk. "I love being savagely messed up by an old man who already have another girl. I want you to hold me saying "Compared to you, Elza is like a joke!" If you do that I’ll be on cloud nine…! And this is the boys’ toilet, right? If I’m used like a disposable toilet then my lifelong dream will come true…!"

【Saitou Rio’s sexual arousal reached 100%】

The heat in my head was immediately sapped away. The passion full of love is…nowhere to be found. I mean…I now get what the "Masochist fathercon" written in the notes section of her stats…but I didn’t think it would go this far…!

"Aren’t you…you know, jealous? Aren’t you concerned if the guy you like already have lots of girlfriends?"

"I am! But that suffering only makes it spicier!"

"…What kind of words will make you head over heels when you go on a date with a guy?"

"That would be "I’ll use you like a jerk off tissue today"."

Yep, she’s a lost cause. No matter how similar she is to Elza physically, she’s a completely different person inside.

…a corrupted one at that.

Besides, I’m more into being led around by girls myself…

"…Let’s get out of here after resting a bit. You can walk by yourself already right?"

"Huh? Why? Let’s do it! It’s gonna be a problem for me if I just go straight home like this!! You’re blueballing me!"

"Isn’t that fine? It’s practice for you to be patient."

"That makeshift self-centered attitude isn’t my thing though!"

What the hell is a makeshift attitude? Besides, aren’t you being self-centered yourself by being so meticulous about the definition?

For a specialist like Rio, perhaps the rule is pretty strict.

"I don’t get you. Anyways, I’m not in the mood anymore. You can just go home and satisfy yourself."

"Ah, that one was good."

【Saitou Rio’s affection points increased by 100】

"I bet you were happy when the goblins herded you in here, weren’t you?"

"That’s slander. If you say stuff like that, it’s only gonna hurt me, okay? It’s not like I like a guy just because he’s pushy. If the guy I don’t like does that to me, I’m just gonna get pissed."

What a tough world, I thought, surprisingly impressed.

"Are we really not doing it?"


Rio pouted shortly, huffing through her nose, before laughing boldly.

"Well, whatever. I bet there’s gonna be a lot more chances for me to get some. We’re lovers already, right?" she asserted, drooping her body over, draping her long black hair on her shoulders.

"…How’d it come to that?"

"We kissed, and it was consensual, and you hugged me after that. You’re not trying to snake your way out of this, are you?" asked Rio, pouting at the end.

That…was true. This kind of behavior should be reserved for lovers. A serious relationship between…a first grade high schooler and…an old man over 30…a relationship formed by a kiss…in the boys’ restroom.

I’m scared to even count how many felonies I can be charged with. We’ve breached through way too many laws, but the final straw was actually my self-loathing.

It’s not that I don’t like Rio, and it’s probably not because I think it’s too early for her to be dating someone, though it’s not like I’m also saying she should wait until she’s in her 20s.

Anyways, I honestly think that I want to escape this situation as soon as possible, but I can’t think of anything. My insufficient intelligence had tried to mix up ideas around my head, but I couldn’t figure out a way to return our relationship to being something normal.

What should I do now?

Rio has the Fathercon skill, and I’m an old man. The two of us had just exchanged kisses. It was her who initiated it, but it was true that I didn’t try to stop her.


"Anyways, can I stay over at your house tonight?"

"…of course not."

"Why? I’m your girlfriend, right? It’s normal for a girlfriend to stay at her boyfriend’s place right?"

"…no, you and I aren’t lovers yet."

With a huh? the girl furrowed her brows which allowed me to further explain my theory.

"A mere kiss between an old man and a young girl could not make a romantic relationship."

"It does! What other relationship would compel an old man and a high school girl kiss each other!?"

"There is! The relationship between a daughter and her papa! Father and daughter does that all the time!!"

Since she’s got a Fathercon skill, I should be able take the offensive and wrap the narrative into that of father and daughter. It’s the worldly wisdom that I’ve attained by learning through Angelica.

Alright, the ball’s in your court! I peeked at Rio’s eyes to assess the situation of my sliver of hope.

"…that’s true…a daughter and her papa does that all the time…"

The girl grumbled, her face containing the frustration she held within.

Here’s the thing: my logic is flawed, but she’s falling for it, and this is the weak point of girls with severe father complex.

"…wait, hold on. You’re logic is flawed, Nakamoto-san! We’re not actually related, and you wanna pass us off as father and daughter!?"

I scoffed. She took the bait.

"Come on, do I always have to spell it out for you Heisei-era kids?"

"What, what are you talking about?"

"A child is not only raised by their family, but by the society as a whole! That’s how it works in the Showa era! For me who was born in that era, all of you kids are like my own!"

"It’s 2018¹!"

"Like it matters!" I grabbed Rio on both shoulders and put on my biggest bluff. "You’re just playing house with a friendly neighborhood old man! Get it!? This is just a game!"

"A game!? Exchanging kisses is just a game!?" Rio exclaimed, her breathing getting rougher and her eyes spinning uncontrollably. Seems like I’ve gotten her super confused.

"The kiss I had with you is only meant to comfort you! It’s no different than accompanying kids to play baseball! …He’d join up the elementary school team, throw a fastball and all that…what the hell was he…but anyways, what you did was just a playful act that you just happened to do with a kind old man! So we’re not lovers! Ya get that!?"

"I don’t, but that sounds arousing on itself so it’s alright I guess!? It’s my favorite situation of getting teased by an old man!?"

"Ya get it!? Ya get it right!? So what I want you to do after this is just go straight home!"


With the two of us spouting absolute nonsense at the end, we left the bathroom together.

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