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Chapter: 734

Great Demon King

Chapter 734 - Great Demon King

My name is Kairos.

I’m a human living in Shashaato City.

From the perspective of human kingdoms, those humans who live within the Demon King’s Kingdom are traitors but since I’ve lived in this place for generations, I don’t feel that I’m any sort of traitor.

On the contrary, I even wonder why they are so hostile to the demons.

Well, if you ask me if I have ever felt inferior to the demons or beastkins, I will say I do, many times.

However, that doesn’t mean I agree with the idea that they should be exterminated.

Even among humans, there is a difference in height and limbs length and it’s normal to feel inferior to others.

Do we want to exterminate someone every time we feel inferior?

I, at least, won’t.

Besides, each demon tribe has its own inferiority complex and even each beastkin tribe has its own inferiority complex too.

Therefore, I would not accept an invitation from a human country.

I immediately informed the house of governor of the City of Shashaato about it.

The governor’s aide, Miyo-sama, took care of the matter and the person who invited me was caught.

I don’t know what happened to him after that.

I’m happy that I was able to protect my current life.


One day, at noon.

I was strolling along the main street until it was time to start my evening job.

Is that holy music?

Holy music starts.

I wondered where it was coming from but it was from Marla, where we had just had dinner.

It’s not surprising if it came from Marla.

That place always surprises the residents of Shashaato City.

I thought it would be the same this time.

Since that is the case, as a resident of Shashaato City, I have a duty of witnessing it.

I was about to head for Marla when someone from Marla called out to the people on the street.

「Please, give way! A parade will come through!」

I thought to myself, "Oh, so it was a music parade.".

I wondered who in the world it was but the one leading the parade was none other than the sword god, Gulf-sama.

He is advancing with his sword raised in front of his chest.

Behind him was a group of elves.

They seem to be playing music.

There are beastkin lizardmen.

There were also employees of Marla.

What kind of parade is this?

Ah, isn’t that Ifrus School’s Loo-sama?

She’s waving.

And she’s wearing something flashy.


Who’s that?

Who’s that human man on the magic carpet behind Loo-sama?

From the looks of it, he should be an ordinary human……

However, given the number of guards around him, he should be a very important person.

However, that’s all we know.

Behind that human is, the demon king.


The demon king?

Why don’t you have any guards with you?

Are you sure you’re not escorting the wrong person?

Next to the demon king is Governor Ifrus.


Miyo-sama’s there too!


What’s this parade?

The route the parade is taking is going around the Big Roof Shashaato which houses Marla…

Is it some kind of Marla’s promotion?

If that is the case, I don’t understand why the demon king, governor Ifrus, and Miyo-sama are there…

Ah, after going around Big Roof Shashaato, they are now heading to…the teleportation gate.

Beyond the teleportation gate is……

The royal capital!

Ah, right, so they are marching towards the royal capital.

That means, this is…no way……impossible…

The birth of the new demon king!

That’s absurd.

The demon king is chosen based on his ability.

That means there could be a replacement at any time.

The Demon King Gullgald has been laying low for the last dozen of years or so.

That could be considered a decline in his strength…

That’s possible.

Was that the reason for so many people creeping in from the human countries these days?


I’m now witnessing a moment in history!

My body’s trembling!

However, I shouldn’t be impatient.

Perhaps it was only my imagination.

Calm down.

I ordered myself to calm down but my body was speaking on its own.

「Long live the demon king!」

After shouting, I felt as if the sounds around me had stopped.

But it was only for a moment.

The next moment, with loud cheers, everyone praised the new demon king.


The new demon king smiled wryly with all the praises and headed for the teleportation gate.

There, I was even more surprised.

Although there were guards and facilities around the gate, the gate itself was not luxurious.

It was just a beautiful, shiny, and glittering door.

But this time, it was different.

There were dragons on both sides of the gate.

Yes, two dragons, one on each side.

The dragons were raising their heads high but they lowered their heads just as the new demon king passed by.


As expected of the new demon king!

Even dragons bow to him!


And then, the employees of Marla, the old demon king, Governor Ifrus, and Miyo-sama let the parade and saw the new demon king off.

What a scene we have encountered!

I thought to myself, this is an event that I’ll be telling my grandchildren for generations to come.

It’s just…I have one question.

Yeah, just one question.

The new demon king.

The gate he used is the gate that goes to Village Five.

The gate leading to the royal capital is that way.

Did he use the wrong gate because the dragons made a mistake?

If so, wouldn’t it be difficult to come back here?

Will he be okay?


After watching the two dragons fly away, I expressed my concern to Miyo-sama.

「Unfortunately, he is not the new demon king.」



「He is an existence beyond the demon king.」

An existence beyond the demon king.

That means, he is the……Great Demon King?


That’s even more amazing!

「However, this is still top secret. This parade is special. You mustn’t spread the word too much.」


Of course!

I see.

He was the great demon king.

It seems like she wasn’t joking because both the former demon king, I mean the current demon king and Governor Ifrus behind Miyo-sama are nodding.



Isn’t he a human?

If a human becomes the great demon king of the kingdom, wouldn’t the…human countries have no reason to wage war?

The long-running war will end?

No, no, the great demon king would not necessarily seek the peace route.

However, if it’s the one I saw……I think he’s not someone who would want to start conflict.

Whatever it is, I will talk about today’s event for generations to come.

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