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Chapter: 736

Civil Servant Girl s Autumn

Chapter 736 - Civil Servant Girl’s Autumn


I’m one of the civil servant girls.


Don’t mind it.


Well, autumn is coming to an end in the village.

The autumn harvest has reached its climax and the workload of us, civil servant girls, continues to increase.

Well, we have it easy outside of harvest season so we can’t complain.

We can only work hard.

I think they made a mistake in the warehouse where it should be delivered but I will not judge it as incorrect for now.

First of all, report it first to the other party for confirmation.

Even if I think it’s a mistake, there’s a good chance that they only delivered the goods to the warehouse for some kind of reason.

Well, there’s a gap in the record so there must be some kind of mistake.


As I predicted, it seems that they made some mistake on which warehouse the goods should be delivered.

Everyone’s busy so it can’t be helped.

Let’s just move it.

Ah, spiderlings.

You’re going to help us?

Thank you very much.

However, don’t push yourself too hard.

Don’t try to carry a box alone.

I know you’re strong enough to even carry us with your little bodies but it’s a bit scary to watch.

Ah, yes, please go two doors down to storage room number 22.

Put it on the first shelf on the right as you come in.

Yeah, this is where we store the crops that we will process later.


We will give it to the dwarves for them to make it into alcohol.

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Do you prefer to eat it as it is rather than turning them into alcohol?

I see.

I’ll give some of them to you later as thanks for your help.

Don’t worry.

We have stock for adjustment.

It’s always about a box more so it’s okay to give them to you.

Yeah, we have that much discretion.

Now, please move the boxes.

I’ll check for any other mistakes.



I have checked all the warehouses in the village and finished checking the number of harvests.

There was only one major mistake, a storage error.

I’m thankful for that.

However, in order to prevent that storage mistake from recurring, it is necessary to verify why the mistake was made.

There are mistakes committed by accident but if you don’t think about why you did it inadvertently, you won’t grow.

By the way, so far, the result of such verification and countermeasures are labeling warehouses, labeling shelves in warehouses with the same arrangement, and resizing boxes for each crop.

Yes, every year, little by little, we make fewer mistakes and the work is getting easier.

Next year will be even better.

I hope.


A trouble has arisen.

The mountain elves have built a machine tool for processing crops and it has really increased the work efficiency. However, they got carried away and processed the crops that didn’t need to be processed.

「What kind of processing had it undergone?」

「It peels the corn then, separate the kernels from the cob.」

「Right. We were supposed to process around two hundred jars but they processed too much and it became 300…」

「Fortunately, they were able to put them all in jars.」

「No, we are short of around 70 jars. The kernels are still unpacked.」

「What! Then, what are we going to do with those?」

「It’s still okay to let corn kernels unpacked…however, we can never be too sure so I think we have to give them to the dwarves.」

「Right. If you want to turn corn into alcohol, you have to remove the kernels from the cob. I think it’s a good idea. Also, aren’t the dwarves asking to increase the amount of corns they can process?」

「That would be good if that’s all. However, what are we going to do to the unprocessed corns that we’re supposed to sell outside……」

「So, a jar of corn will take around 10 corns to fill, right? That means, they are 70 without containers…we are short of 700 pieces of corn.」

「Yes. Even though they are marked as low priority, we won’t be able to give corns to them now.」

「I guess it’s okay since they are only low priority. Who are those low-priority people?」

「The dragons. Those corns were supposed to be offerings for the dragons.」


「The priorities are set by village chief.」

「I see, okay……are we really okay?」

「We’re still okay. However, I want to know what should we do with the mountain elves who caused this?」

「How about punishing them? However, is that mistake hard enough to get punished?」

「It’s a mistake that will damage the reputation of the village so being punished is justified.」

「Since it’s a mistake caused by fulfilling their duties, shouldn’t a stern warning enough?」

「That’s too lenient.」

「However, think about what would happen if it is reported to village chief.」

「Hmmm…right. Village chief will certainly just laugh and forgive them.」

「That’s right. That’s one of the good points of village chief.」

「Okay. After reporting this matter to village chief, we will issue a stern warning to the mountain elves involved in this matter.」

「Let’s do that.」

I’m glad to hear that it seems to be a manageable problem.

And there seems to be a demand for the corn processing machine.

Let’s ask the mountain elves to prepare a few of them.

Ah, right.

They made a mistake because of getting carried away but we have to think about what should be done in order to avoid getting carried away.

Failure is acceptable but we should avoid making the same mistake.


A colleague reported the corn incident to village chief and as expected, he laughed and forgave them.

I will report to village chief the measures to prevent from making the same mistake.

The plan is to place an overseer near the mountain elves but…

「Hold on, wait a minute. It is true that the mountain elves got carried away but the actual cause was that they put the supposed to be unprocessed corn near the corn that needs to be processed, right? Or did the mountain elves go out of their way to transport the corns from another location to process all of them?」

I don’t think they did.

「I think it would be more effective to take measures to make sure that everyone knows which corn is for processing and which corn should stay unprocessed.」

I see.

I understand.

Then, I will take measures in that way.

For now, shall we make signs for corn to be processed and not?

「I agree with that measure. Can I leave it to you?」

Yes, please leave it to me.

Village chief nodded in satisfaction at my reply.

Then, Kuro and Yuki, who were waiting on both sides of village chief, barked and called for him.

Village chief was taking a walk with Kuro and Yuki.

I’m sorry for disturbing you.

「No, no, work comes first. We’re just taking it easy because our work is done.」


Actually, a little while ago, village chief had offered to help us because he had finished his own work.

However, this is my, no, our job.

There is no way we’ll let village chief help us when he’s busy so we declined his offer to help, saying that this is our time to be active.

And yet, I consulted him like this.

Well, it is outrageous for me to decide it on my own without informing him.

I saw off village chief, who resumed his walk……and also saw off the kuros and spiderlings who were following him.

Ah, those are the spiderlings who helped me carry the misstowed boxes. They greeted me by waving their legs and I greeted them by waving back.



I guess I have to reflect.

Let’s work hard on my remaining work.

Today’s hard work will make tomorrow easier.

Maa, once the harvest-related work is done, it will be the martial arts tournament.

After those are over, we can relax.

I’ll do my best with hope.

Hopefully, there will be no trouble that will burden village chief.


Rasuti: Areh? No corn? I’m looking forward to them…Hakuren-oneesama?

Hakuren: What? I didn’t eat them all.

Mountain Elves: ……………………We’re sorry!

Village Chief: No no, it was a mistake that resulted from fulfilling your duty. You are forgiven.


Doraim: I can forgive you since it was corn but if this had been radish………

Mountain Elf A: We are designing a machine that washes and defoliates radishes.

Mountain Elf B: We are also planning to add a function to automatically peel and cut them into fixed sizes.

Doraim:……I’ll give you all the budget you need. Hurry up and bring me that finished product.

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