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Chapter: 737

Village Chief s Day Off Playing with Kuro and the Others

Chapter 737 - Village Chief’s Day Off (Playing with Kuro and the Others)

In the village, autumn harvest has ended and preparations for the martial arts tournament have begun.

Once the martial arts tournament is over, it will be time to prepare for winter. However, at this time of the year, I have free time.

Thus, I decided to play with the kuros.

I’ve also been told by the civil servant girls to take a proper rest.


Ah, Kuro and Yuki are here too.


Ehto, let’s see, what should we play?


We came to the race track on the south side of the village.

This is the only play where Kuro and the others can run to their heart’s content.

The field?

Sure, the fields are empty until spring after the autumn harvest but it’s not a good idea to play in the fields.

As for why, it is to prevent bad bacteria and unwanted seeds from invading.

I have the AFT so this is a needless concern in the village but we don’t want to spread the belief that "it’s okay to play in the field".

Children are going outside the village more and more often after all.

Let’s get back to the main topic.

I decided to just start a classic fetch the ball at the racetrack.

Since I can’t think of anything else, fetch the ball would do.

My first throw.

I threw the ball and, etho……around 50 animals were competing with each other……it was a battle royal.



Ah, yes, Yuki got the ball.

Good good.

You were great.

You did good too, Kuro.

He was the first to catch the ball but was challenged one after another……

Okay okay.

The kuros are all looking at me, waiting to throw the ball again.

I understand your excitement. However, before that, let’s solve the problem that occurred during my first throw.

It was my fault too, for throwing it out of nowhere but……

Yeah, it’s not good to have anyone injured.

It’s okay since you brought the holy slime that can use healing magic?

No, that’s not the point.


Then, let’s limit the number of participants.

Five participants for each throw.

Also, attacking anyone is prohibited.

Once someone bit the ball, that’s it.

You can’t do anything against the one who’s going to bring the ball to me.

Even if it drops it in the middle, you can’t.

The glory belongs to the one who fetches the ball first.

How do I confirm that the first one properly bit the ball?

I won’t be that strict to check that out.

However, don’t try to attack no matter what.

Since you know the rules, form five lines.

Are you ready?



Counting all the kuros here…there should be eighty so I had to throw at least sixteen times per round.

However, it’s currently the 7th round now so that means……I’ve thrown at least 100 times.

Am I a pitcher of some baseball team?

It’s even harder because while I’m pitching, I have to deal with something that was bitten a lot.

Well, the mountain elves had made a device that can throw balls. Where did they store that thing?

If I remember correctly, it was put in a warehouse because it was not well received by the kuros.

However, I need it now so…ah, the demon king took it with him saying it’s for their baseball practice.


Okay, end of the 7th round.

Next round will be the last!

Too soon?

I should make it 10 rounds?



I did my best.

After 10 rounds of throwing balls, we went running together.

Then, we went to the forest and hunted.

The kuros, who couldn’t make it in the fetch the ball, were trying their best to show off to me so I had no choice.

Ah, holy slime.

Thanks for hanging out with us.

Aren’t you tired?

Well, that’s good to know.

I’m heading back to the mansion, how about you?

Alright, I’ll give you a lift.

Get on my head.

Alright, Kuro and the others are going home too.

In the end, I regret that we only played fetch the ball during the first half.

First, I had an idea of a "treasure hunt" in which the kuros would search for tools(items) I buried. However, the problem with that is it’s too much work. Also, I’m not confident in remembering where I buried them so I decided to give that idea up.

Let’s do the treasure hunt some other time.


Kuro and Yuki, what’s wrong?

It was fun so let’s do it again?

Yeah, of course.


When I returned to the mansion, the wine slime came to pick up the holy slime.

They seem to be getting along well.

And it seems like an oni maid is having a rough time.

Did you steal alcohol again, wine slime?


You just drink what the oni maid has spilled?

If that is the case, I guess it can’t be helped.

「Unfortunately, putting alcohol in a pot can’t be considered as spilling it. 」

The oni maid said with a frightening look on her face.


Yeah, I don’t think that’s spilling too.

When I tried to scold the wine slime, it disappeared along with the holy slime.

That was fast.

The oni maid disappeared too.

She immediately went after the holy slime.


In any case, this is where I part with the kuros.

Alright, alright.

Let’s play again later.


Kuro and Yuki followed me to my room.


You escaped to my room, wine slime?


You’ve been hiding behind me?



But you left before I entered the room and got ahead?


By the way, are you saying that the holy slime is also behind me?



I didn’t notice.

Kuro and Yuki knew?

I see.

Tell me next time.

Also, wine slime.

The oni maid probably plans to use it for cooking since she put it in a pot.

In other words, the pot is likely to be put on fire.

If you’re not careful, you’ll be boiled.

Maa, I wish that won’t ever happen.

So, the wine slime followed me to my room…it’s goal is the kotatsu.

It’s still a little early to bring out the kotatsu but my room is kind of special.

Once we start preparing for winter, we’ll be busy and won’t have time to set it up.

That’s why I already have it set up.

I haven’t set up heat insulation stone (hot stones) in it so it’s not warm.

Do you mind it?

Well, that’s good.

Kuro and Yuki…they sneaked into the kotatsu too.

Would the holy slime join in?

Okay, then, next to the wine slime.

I prepared my own drinks…it’s not alcohol, wine slime.

I put the drinks on top of the kotatsu.

Kuro, move a little more to the right.

Ah, sorry.

I put my feet in the kotatsu, put a cushion on my back, and lay down.


There’s still time before dinner.

I think I’ll just relax.

Yes, a day like this is not so bad.


Zabuton and the spiderlings: How about us……

Village Chief: I’ll play with you next.

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