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Chapter: 59

Chapter 59

Andra blinked for a moment. What did she just hear now?

"…What did you say?"

"I asked since when has a dog’s master ever started having that kind of relationship with a dog."

Andra’s arm that was caught trembled at that moment. Soon after, Andra couldn’t stand it and slapped Dustin’s cheek with her free hand as hard as she could. SLAP! Dustin’s head turned with the loud noise. While Dustin was dazed, Andra exclaimed.

"Relationship? You and I?"

This bastard needed a beating. She regretted trying to talk with a beast like him. What was in that head to make those words come out? She had the urge to split his head open.

Andra raised her hand to slap him on the cheek once more, but then Dustin came to his senses and grabbed her wrist.

Dustin’s breathing became rough as his cheek suddenly stung. He looked down at Andra as she struggled to retract her hand. Andra was practically seething.

"Hey, you’re really not letting go?"

"Is it so shocking to hear that we were f*cking each other? But we really are f*cking each other."

"Shut up!"

The grip on her wrist was starting to hurt. Her whole arm trembled. Andra raised her voice and looked at Dustin.

"Does it look like I have a relationship with you right now?"

"Is it not?"

"Don’t be ridiculous! How is this a relationship?! I’ve just been bitten by a dog! And I’ve caught that damn mutt’s rabies!"

Bitten? Dustin stared at Andra with an incomprehensible look. Meanwhile, Andra tried her best to retract her arm. This ignorant, brutish little sh*t. She wanted to use magic, but she was so agitated that she might attract attention to them by destroying the place herself, so she gave up on that thought.

Then Dustin grabbed Andra’s body and held her tightly against him. Soon, he slowly opened his mouth. It was as if he was trying hard to contain his rising anger.

"Andra Avellin, you were bitten by me? It seems you are mistaken, but you started this first."

"Is that my fault? It was you who touched me, Dustin Airak."

Andra grit her teeth and responded sharply. In the dungeon, she had gone into heat first, but in the end, if Dustin hadn’t touched her, they wouldn’t be in this predicament now. It must have been very painful at the time, but it would be less painful than continuing to be associated with Dustin Airak this way.

"If only you didn’t touch me! It was not meant to be this twisted!"

"Don’t be mistaken, it was you who asked me to f*ck you first. It was you who touched the person who’s just minding his business. Who was the person who cried under me saying it was good? You said you liked it."

"Because I was out of my mind back then! Would I be so crazy and want to have sex with you? Even now, just looking at your face is so dreadful!"

Andra shouted ferociously. Your face, your voice, your presence, everything! It’s really awful and disgusting! Dustin’s face hardened at her words. His face was getting so blue that he couldn’t hide it.

Dustin repeated Andra’s words without knowing what expression he was making himself.

"…Awful? Disgusting?"

Thump, it felt like his heart was plummeting lower and lower than ever before. His pounding heart throbbed. These were words he should already be used to hearing from Andra, but it was terribly painful to hear now. His breathing was getting rougher by the second.

Why did she think he was awful? Why was she so disgusted by him? Dustin couldn’t understand.

At first, it was a forced relationship, but now he thought that they acknowledged each other to some extent. Compared to the beginning, he thought that the hatred and contempt for each other should have subsided a little.

Because it was like that for him.

Dustin didn’t loathe to see Andra anymore. The previous urge to get rid of her every time he saw her had long since vanished. Rather, he doesn’t know why, but he wanted Andra to be by his side now.

Was it not the same case with Andra?

His entire chest tightened. It felt like he was being struck by a hammer. He wondered if this was what it felt like if his pounding heart was crushed and spread out. It felt like he was being dragged into an invisible abyss.

Dustin stared at Andra, who was still looking at him with scornful eyes.

"Yes! Why wouldn’t that be the case? Every time I see you, I just want to die. Dozens of times a day, I feel like my body got dirty because of you!"

Andra let out a groan before she could even finish her words. She felt a tremendous force gripping her arm tighter. With that, tears welled up around her eyes and her upper body was twisted. With this level of strength, it wouldn’t be surprising if a large bruise appeared on her arm.

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She clenched her teeth and looked back at Dustin. Dustin looked like he would kill someone right now.

"Say it again."

"Haa, every time I sleep with you, I feel like my body gets dirty. Do you know if a body that rolls around like you is the same as mine?"

"…So, it made you want to die?"

"Of course I—ah! It hurts!"

She felt an unbearable pain in her grabbing arm. But she couldn’t get away from Dustin, who was holding onto her tight. Yeah, that’s the way he’s supposed to look. Dustin Airak. That kind of bullheadedness that made him push through everything with brute force to get his own way. Andra raised her head to meet Dustin’s gaze more directly, who was staring at her like he was about to kill her.

"Why don’t you like it? Because not one woman you had sex with ever said this to your face? Then it’s an honor to be the first."

"…Shut up."

"So in other words, we are not in a relationship together. You might think so, but I was just unlucky enough that this happened to me."

Dustin wanted to shut that babbling mouth right away. In the past, he just didn’t want to hear it, but now even fear had taken over. It happened because she got unlucky? He grew angry at Andra, who casually dismissed their love affair as a result of an unfortunate event. How many times have they slept together that it was nothing to her?

He finally opened his mouth and shot back. His voice was heavy, as if digging into the ground.

"Every time I f*cked you, you lost your mind. You were the one who asked that from me. But it’s all nothing? It’s just a stroke of misfortune? Are you kidding me?"

Do you think it is a joke? Since you also know that you’re nothing but a dog and I’m f*cking you, what even makes you say that. As if we could be anything."

Andra thought that Dustin’s words were a little strange from before. It sounds like he was just messing with her? With that in mind, Dustin asked again in a ferocious voice.

"…You said it was good. Was that all a lie? Was it all acting when you cried under me?"

"You really need to know how stupid you are. I said it already. I was thinking of another man while having sex with you."

If I didn’t do that, it would have been so terrible that I would have bitten my tongue and died. Andra said it again with force, one syllable at a time, as though she wanted to provoke him. She had already mentioned this before. She remembered Dustin, who felt uncomfortable when she talked about other men in their previous love affair. She wanted to bruise Dustin’s ego.

"Do you think I actually like having sex with you? I had to fill the light on this tattoo, so I had no choice but to do it. If it weren’t for this magic, I wouldn’t ever have sex with you. Why are you even asking something so obvious?"


"From the very start, there was nothing between us before this spell happened. You and I would have never had to see each other and have to argue like this."

Dustin’s gaze returned to the glowing red pattern on Andra’s wrist.

That’s right. They were forced to have a relationship from the beginning because of the spell. If it had been the same as before, the two would have rushed to avoid each other rather than face each other. If they bumped into each other, they would be busy swearing at each other and fighting, just that.

And they would always despise one another equally. It was only because of the spell that they had that they could still talk while looking at each other like this.


Dustin couldn’t accept that fact. No, it was much too difficult to accept. It’s true that he’d been able to come this far with Andra because of the spell, but the way Andra kept insisting that she was only forced to sleep with him because of the spell was strangely unbearable.

She said it was good, she told him to do it more, yet now she’s saying she just slept with him because of the spell? And on top of that, she was thinking of other men while doing it with him?

Anger engulfed his whole body. A fever rose from his head to his toes, and his neck burned tight. His body was trembling. It felt like his heart was being cut in pieces.

His anger rose, but ironically, his heartbeat subsided. Was it because of that? Even he felt like he couldn’t control his strength.

Above all, everything that Andra said or did was making him lose control over himself.

‘I, I…’

What am I feeling?

Dustin stared at Andra as he agonized over this. Her curly bright blonde hair, straight eyebrows and nose bridge, and blue eyes resembling the azure sky. He didn’t want to see her at all before, but from time to time, the face that would catch his eye was now right in front of him. She had a very confused, yet incredulous expression. Her long eyelashes trembled in disbelief.

"Du, Dustin Airak… You…"

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Andra’s face crumpled mercilessly. A sign that she saw something she couldn’t unsee. She opened her mouth again with a trembling voice.

"Are you… crying right now?"

"What kind of bullshit are you…"

But before he could finish speaking, Dustin felt a damp stream running down his cheek. Huh? Tears trickled down to the floor.

He released Andra’s arm that he had grabbed, and fumbled quickly around his eyes. The corners of his eyes were unbearably wet. In the midst of this, the tears again fell down his cheeks and to the floor.

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