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Chapter: 437

Beach Filler Episode Competition

Chapter 437: Beach Filler Episode: Competition

While walking toward the bar, Wang Wei saw Wu Hong approaching her. He once again stares at her and enjoyed the view.

"What's wrong?"

"I feel like my outfit is missing something. But I don't know what it is."

"Hmm," muttered Wang Wei as he looked at her up and down; he understood the vibe she was going for.

"You are missing some accessories; maybe some bracelets in your hands."

"Bingo," she exclaimed, and with one wave of her hand, a bracelet full of crystal clear small diamonds appeared on her right wrist.

"Perfect," she commented with a smile as she felt that her unnaturally rich vibe was complete. Then, she took a great deal of effort to admire herself before saying:

"So far, it appears as though this party will be a huge success."

"You're right," replied Wang Wei. "Honestly, I thought a lot of people would decline on the account of how revealing the bikinis were."

"You underestimate cultivators' ability to accept new things–especially members of the younger generation that has not yet become rigid and conservative by time."

"That's true."

"I still think you need to be bolder. Next time, you should organize a Nude Beach Party."

Wang Wei almost choked after hearing this.

"No, no, no," he hurriedly said. "Even I'm not that progressive."

"I'm just joking with you. However, for a person who wants to be free and unfettered, you sure have so many moral and societal restraints."

"Well, one of the best parts about being absolutely free is that I can easily recognize and accept my hypocrisy."

"Whatever helps you sleep at night."

While conversing happily with one another, the couple soon reached inside the bar where everyone had a glass in their hands and was drinking. What surprised Wang Wei was the fact that almost everyone had some sort of sunglasses design on their faces.

Many people seemed to have copied Su Ya's actions.

Wang Wei looked in a corner of the bar where he saw his father and a group of other people chatting while wearing their sunglasses. While he was in charge of receiving the younger generation, his parents were in charge of receiving the people from their generation.

Wang Wei's lisps twitched when he noticed that even his grandfather's group was also wearing them.

'Have I started a new trend? Is this a form of cultural invasion?'

He then secretly shook his head before heading to the stage that he established inside. As the host of the party, he had some things to explain.

"Ladies and gentlemen, how are things going? Enjoying yourselves so far?"

"Quite so."

"This is a rare and new experience in my long life."

"This [Happy Water] is extremely delicious."

"Right? I've never tasted something so wonderful. I wonder what Heavenly Material was used to make."

"Although it does not have any effect, just the taste is enough to make it very valuable."

"Forget all that, what I wonder is whether I will get to drink it again after this event."

"You know what, this is a real concern."

Wang Wei has to say that seeing a bunch of cultivators praising the taste of soda and arguing about it is a truly unique experience, one that he cannot find the right words to describe.

Nevertheless, it still made him giggle like a little girl inside.

To create that [Happy Water] as he called it, he placed quite the effort. At first, he tried to recreate the recipe for the soda in his mind. However, he had no idea how sodas were made, plus, he did not even think he could find the materials or replacement in this world.

In the end, he used a clever method. He sealed the memories of the taste of soda into the batch of drinks he was making. Then, he added a bunch of spiritual material to further elevated the taste to be more suitable for cultivators.

Wu Hong even helped him by further concentrating the taste and making it more delicious. Wang Wei used the same trick for all the drinks at this party.

"I'm glad that there is no problem and everyone is enjoying themselves," said Wang Wei. However, not long after saying these words, someone said out loud:

"I have a problem."

"What is it, young master Lin Fan?" asked Wang Wei with a smile that anyone can see is fake.

"Why is the [Happy Water] the only drink that is free at this party?"

When saying this, he was looking at the menu that was displayed on top of the bar; it was divided into alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, however, a clear price–in Origin Sources–was displayed.

Although the names of these drinks were weird, a few people have already tried some of them and they gave glowing reviews. A few members of the older generations that are known as wine lovers (alcohol addicts) have been ordering all the drinks on the menu ever since they arrived and have not stopped.

"Young master, if you do not want to pay, then don't. No one is forcing you," said Wang Wei with his fake smile, an act that made Lin Fan's mouth twitch his mouth. It is obvious to everyone present that he was being called cheap.

"I think everyone present would not mind using a few origin sources in exchange for a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

"Well said, young master Wang Wei," suddenly said Su Ya with a smile. Of course, she was still secretly cursing him for being a profiteer because of how expensive these drinks were. If the people presents were not part of Emperor Lineages and were wealthy, how could they afford such prices?

"You are correct. However, I do wonder where these recipes came from? Did you come up with them yourselves or were they discovered in a secret realm?"

"I've been traveling in the Endless Void to temper my mind; this is where I discovered some of these recipes, while a few of them were my creation," replied Wang Wei calmly and smoothly.

'The Endless Void? Different Time Flow: this could explain the reason for his long disappearance and the reason that his cultivation is only in the Peak of the Yang Stage instead of the Shackle Removing Stage,' thought Su Ya while still smiling.

'This could also explain where Lin Fan was and how did he reach the peak of the Void Shattering Realm. However, my intuition tells me that things are probably not that simple. Nevertheless, I could learn from those two.

'Spreading my clones to different worlds would not only increase my survivability but also help me better cultivate.'

All the other Heaven Chosens came to a similar conclusion as Su Ya. After all, the reason they came here was to check out the competition, and so far, their greatest discovery is Lin Fan's high cultivation and Wang Wei's low cultivation level.

To them, these anomalies have a purpose, and discovering the reason being them is of great benefit for them.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan began to order everything on the menu to remove the previous embarrassment. He could feel all the sneaky gazes toward him and he knew that they were because of his large amount of destiny and his high cultivation.

In the eyes of many people, he was a fat sheep to gain destiny. However, it has not been determined who is the prey and who is the hunter. As for his cultivation level, Lin Fan did not take it seriously.

Although he looked like he was a league ahead of his peer, he knew that this would soon change. Cultivating Absolute Chaos Laws required understanding all 3000 Grand Daos and the 800 side doors Daos, for a total of 3800.

This is not something that can be done in a short time, no matter how talented an individual is. So, he was prepared to spend a lot longer in the Void Shattering Realm than all his peers. And he will even use the Academy's Time Formation to help him in his understanding.

As such, it was only a matter of time before his peers caught up to him cultivation-wise and even surpass him.

While thinking about all of this, Lin Fan looked at Wang Wei who was socializing with everyone at the party from the corner of his eyes. He did not think that the latter's low cultivation was simply because he was traveling to another World Community with a different time flow.

Although he did not have any proof, as a cultivator, he knew to trust his instinct.

Then, the party proceeded smoothly. After everybody had their drinks, people dispersed to enjoy the beach. The feel of the sand underneath their feet along with the sound of the ocean was quite the unique experience.

Some people went to this jacuzzi to experience it. It was similar to natural hot springs. However, those are only discovered in specific areas with strict conditions.

As such, although many of the people present have heard or read about the experience at some point in their lives, a few of them have actually experienced it.

The massage parlor was the favorite place of everybody–especially the women and elderly. Based on the technique that Wang Wei invented, a small amount of origin essence will be released inside the body to specific muscle spots or groups.

Of course, he also told the people of this fact before the massage to prevent any contradiction or conflict. The sauna was designed by Wang Wei to detoxify both the body, the mind, and the origin essence.

He went above and beyond to design Supreme Tier Formations to be used, and since it had many benefits for the people attending, a hefty price was asked for the people to use them, and after hearing the benefits, these people were more than happy to pay.

And after using it, all of them sweated out a large of toxins from their bodies, making their bodies, origin essence, and soul to be purer. Many members of the younger generation could feel that they would be able to remove more shackles once they return home.

Finally, everyone became excited once Wang Wei proposed a competition. Although they were at first puzzled by the words "Sand Castle Competition," once everything was explained, they were still excited.

No matter what they did, all of them wanted to prove that they were the best.

(AN: I promise that the will be the end of this filler and everything will be revealed.)

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