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Chapter: 439


Chapter 439: Helplessness

Huo Clan's Void Boat:

'I finally calmed down. Why was I so annoyed? Is my state of mind so weak?' thought Huo Fenghuang.

She used her Heavenly Eye Technique but did not find anything wrong. While deep in thought, someone walked into her cabin.

"Is everything prepared?"

"...Yes, Young Lady. But are you prepared to deal with the consequences?"

" I will convince the Elder Council."

Previously, she was worried about how to explain things. However, now, she found a great excuse: Wang Wei.

Based on what her eyes saw today, she knew how much of a threat this person was. Compared to his growth since their last meeting, it was simply terrifying. And that was only the surface things that she could detect.

Now, all she has to do is show the elders how much of a threat he was to get them on her side.

After taking a deep breath, she walked into a room where a handsome young man was in chains.

"Huo Fenghuang, what is the meaning of this?" asked Yi Bu. However, she remained silent, then plunged her hand right into his heart. Yu Bi screamed in agony.

"What are you doing? No, no, no, you're absorbing my bloodline. You know that this is taboo. The Elder Council will never let you go."

However, Huo Fenghuang remained indifferent. A few minutes later, she held a blood-colored orb in her hand.

"The White Tiger bloodline is finally in my hands. Now, I have three of the 5 Sacred Beasts Bloodlines," muttered Huo Fenghuang with excitement.

"If the Elder Council decides to help me, it should be no problem acquiring the other 2.

"In this generation, I will be an Eternal Emperor and change the decay of the Ancient Aristocratic Clans."

She then returned to her room to absorb this bloodline.

Yu Clan, the next day:

"So, what happened?" asked Wang Wei.

"As you expected, young master, someone attacked Sun Jiaolong on the return trip."

"Who was it?"

"Jian Wushuang."

"Well, the Human Destiny Sword–although a Sovereign Sword–it is still a Sword. What was the result?"

"Sun Jiaolong's fleshly body was annihilated but his Primordial Spirit escaped."

Wang Wei nodded as he was not surprised by this outcome. Sun Jiaolong is considered a Son of Destiny, so it is not that simple to take that Sword from him. Plus, he can guess that he will take this opportunity to condense a brand new and more powerful body, and most likely one with a special physique.

However, Wang Wei did not care as Sun Jiaolong had not reached the level of causing him too much concern. Nevertheless, he still said:

"Keep watching until he shows up. It's best to be able to track down his current whereabouts."

Wang Wei would love to use him like he did Zhou Shu to get some fortunate encounters. However, he knew that Sun Jiaolong was smarter than that. Using Son of Destinies or people with great luck for their fortunate encounters is not an uncommon thing in this world. So, these Heaven Chosens are taught how to properly control their luck and watch out for this kind of thing.

"How are Li Jun and Yan Liling?"

"Still no news yet."

Not long after the wedding, Li Jun returned to the sect for those trials for precious resources. Meanwhile, Yan Liling also entered seclusion to try to become a Tier 6 Quasi-Emperor Alchemist.

If she succeeded, she would be the youngest person–officially since Wang Wei is not registered– to reach that level. Plus, Wang Wei can only refine that level of pills because of his powerful soul: she has to rely on her natural talent to succeed.

After dismissing Wang Ju, Wang Wei continued his honeymoon phase with Wu Hong. They traveled all over the Myriad Emperor World, saw different scenarios, and enjoyed life as a married couple.

He also took time to get acquainted with the Yu Clan. After all, as powerful cultivators, they can go anywhere and instantly return home.

So, in the past few months, he took time to bond with his somewhat estranged grandfather and even gave his cousin some pointers. This was quite easy for him after reading the Yu Clan's Emperor Scripture. He even gave his cousin access to his sect 3000 Dao Orbs to help him create a better Scripture.

One day, Wang Wei was having tea with his grandmother, but she appeared distracted.

"Grandma, is something wrong?"

Yun Zhaojun looked at her lovely grandson, then reached her hand to caress his face and pinched for a few seconds.

"We'er, I'm leaving?"

"Leaving? Where are you going?"

"Your grandfather's Dao Heart can no longer support him. So, he decided to reincarnate."

"Wait, you don't mean…" said Wang Wei as he jolted to his feet, sending the tea table flying away.

"Yes, I have decided to follow him."

"No, no, no. Grandma, just give me some time. I promise I can find a way to fix him."

Yun Zhaojun sighed out loud: "I'm sure you could. However, it is too late. This decision was made a couple of thousand years ago. The only reason he held on so long was that he wanted to see you get married before leaving."

Wang Wei took a step backward, his legs trembled and he almost fell to the ground. He kept repeating the word "no" nonstop before stopping.

Then he roared, "If he wants to take the cowardly way out, then let him. But why do you have to go with him?"

"Be respectful. Your mother and I raised you better than this."

Wang Wei took a deep breath to try to calm down, however, it appeared that it was useless. He felt the world around him spinning and he could not stop it. Luckily, Yun Zhaojun supported him before he could fall.

"I'm sorry. But why do you have to go with him?"

"Just like your Dao Companion Oath, I promised to be with him, thought the goods and the bad, and even in death."

"What about me? What about mother? Grandma, please don't do this. If you don't want to change your mind for my sake, do it for mom and aunty."

"...They already knew about this and accepted this fact."

At this point, tears were already falling down from Wang Wei's eyes. He knelt on the ground while holding tightly to her robe.

"Please, Grandma. I'll be good. I promise to find a way to fix my grandfather's Dao Heart. I promise to become an Eternal Emperor and make sure that our family can live for eternity. I promise to always protect the family. Please, don't leave me."

While sobbing, Wang Wei could not help remembering his childhood. As the chosen next heir of the sect, he was under a great deal of pressure. So many people had placed their hopes on him, passed on their failed dreams to him, and shove their grandiose ambitions into him.

As an adult in a child's body, he should be able to handle such stress. However, it was because he had an adult's mind that he knew how high of a standard was placed on him.

He was essentially the heir of an enormous conglomerate that has existed for billions of years and was in a great decline, and everybody was counting on him to revive it and make it prosper.

A child may not have understood the weight of such a mission but he did. On top of all of that, in his childhood, the different factions of the sect were not as united as they currently are.

Wang Wei has heard many rumors in his childhood, mostly focused on the fact that he did not have a unique physique. Some people were using this fact to reduce or ruin his reputation, which would then reduce the number of resources he would get access to.

And during all of these hard times, there was only one person that Wang Wei could rely on: his grandmother. Although his parents loved him dearly, they still had many expectations of him and raised him accordingly.

But his grandmother was different. She did not care whether he was the heir of the most powerful sect of the world, she did not care about the Heaven Will Battle or him becoming a Great Emperor.

She only cared that he was her grandson and treated him as such. The only time in his childhood that Wang Wei felt at peace, felt that he could truly be himself was when he was with his grandmother.

During those times he was with her, he forgot that he was an adult and indulged in the mindset of a child: a mindset free of troubles, hardship, stress and so many negative emotions.

He enjoyed when she doted on him, he enjoyed when she told him stories not about powerful cultivators but the ones with life lessons and experience on how to survive in the cultivator world.

And during the Pagoda Trials, when he was exhausted and wanted to relax, she was the one who he talked to; she was his safe haven in this dark and turbulent world.

"A man's knee is worth more than gold, so don't easily kneel. Get up."

She tried to lift him but he did not budge. Yun Zhaojun looked at her grandson and tears were about to fall from her eyes. But she endured.

"Birth, aging, sickness, and death are the natural laws of the universe that even us cultivators cannot escape from. You should understand this by now."

By now, Wang Wei had figured out that this decision was final, and nothing he can do will change that. So, with tears in his eyes, he flew straight to the sky, rushing outside of the Yu Clan's City, then, he opened a tear in space and left.

"I told you we should have told him sooner," said Wang Chang, almost roaring. "Now, there is a great chance that he will succumb to Heart Demon."

Yu Yong sighed but did not say anything.

"Now is not the time to argue, let's go after him," said Yu Yan.

"No, give him some space to process," said Wu Hong.


"This is a problem bigger than any Heart Demon. If he can see through it, then…" After that, she disappeared.

Western White Tiger Continent:

A catastrophe suddenly descended on the devil cultivators. A handsome young man with silver-gray hair and eyes started to massacre a large number of them.

His methods were ruthless as he seemed to like to tear people apart with his bare hand. He would rip their spines from their bodies, explode their heads with one punch, and many more. He seemed to prefer using the bloodiest method possible to kill.

Just like that, the Silver Asura would teleport all over the continent, massacring devil sects. Whether it was Holy Lands or Supreme Lands, he would destroy every single individual in just a few minutes.

Although, he never targeted any Emperor Lineages and so on.

"Brat from the Dao Opening Sect, I am a Supreme Elder from the Mo family. Your actions have broken our agreement."

Wang Wei blasted a little devil in the Supernatural Realm to smithereens, blood-drenched all over his body. Unfortunately, by now, his clothes, hair, and face could no longer be stained by the red blood.

After hearing someone talk to him, he looked at that person. And with that one look, that Supreme Elder took a step back. He saw that those eyes appeared cleared on the surface, but also contained deep loss and sorrow, along with a great madness.

His intuition immediately warned him to flee and did so. Unfortunately for him, his fleshly body exploded into tiny pieces and a part of his Primordial Spirit was cut off. Luckily, he still managed to run away with a little of his Primordial Spirit.

Sovereign Devil Domain, Mo Clan's Mansion:

"Patriarch, this kid has destroyed more than hundreds of devil sects in the past three days. If we do not do something, this will drastically reduce our strength."

"Yes, patriarch. As the leader of the Devil Cultivators, we should band together with the others to enforce the established rules. Even if this person is from the Dao Opening Sect, he still has to pay the price for breaking the agreement."

The Mo Patriarch was a middle-aged man with a horn on his head and teeth like sharks.

"Let's do this then."

However, not long after making this decision, while the elders were waiting for contact from the other devil sect, they suddenly felt a terrifying killing intent outside of their main city.

The Mo Patriarch–Mo Zhe–appeared in the sky while looking in the distance.

"Wang Tian, what is the meaning of this?"

"Any of you who touch my son, prepare to be destroyed."

"He killed too many devil cultivators and broke the agreement."

"So, what?" Wang Tian seemed to be looking at all the Devil Emperor Lineages and his words reached all of them.

"I will repeat myself. Any of you who touch my son, prepare to be destroyed."

"Do you think that your sect is enough to fight so many Emperor Lineages?" said a voice coming from the void.

"It seems that it is about time to remind you, insects, who is the true ruler of this world," said Wang Tian with terrifying killing intent. As soon as he said these words, these people remembered the Barbarian War that they once read in their sects' archives.

This war took place after the Devil Era and before the Middle Emperor Era. By then, the Dao Opening Sect has just been crowned the most powerful sect with 9 Emperors in the previous era.

However, some people were not happy with this. To be precise, one race was not happy with this: the Barbarian Race. So, they openly challenged the Dao Opening Sect through an Emperor Dao War.

The most powerful Emperor Lineage of the Barbarian Race had 4 Great Emperors, however, many different factions banded together. If you count them, they had a total of 14 Great Emperors.

The result? Well, the Barbarian Race no longer exists in the Myriad Emperor World.

After thinking about this, all the devil sects just snorted and no longer said anything. Anyway, it was only a bunch of Supreme Lands that were destroyed, it did not matter that much to them.

After another 4 days, Wang Wei finally stopped. He lay on the ground while looking at the sky. By this time, only his eye sockets were not smeared with blood.

"Have you figured it out?" asked a gentle voice.

"Figure it out? Hahaha," he laughed maniacally.

"Of course, I have. Everything in the universe is balanced. And since there is a Yang, there must be a Yin. Since Fate exists, of course, its antithesis–Free Will–must also exist.

"Free Will, hahaha, Free Will. So what if one day I have the power to reverse fate, play with time, and control life and death. It is her choice, she has the free will to choose her fate.

"Could it be that I have to forcefully enslave her to make a choice that pleases me? If I listen to these small voices in my head telling me to do this, what kind of person will I turn into in the end?

"Free Will, oh, Free Will. Are you happy now? Are you done laughing at me now? Hahaha."

Wu Hong looked at her husband who was laughing like a deranged individual and sighed internally. There is nothing more dangerous than when a cultivator has their Dao challenged.

If not dealt with properly could lead to severe consequences. Luckily, he figured it out so he should be fine.

She knelt on the floor and lifted his head to place it on her lap. With a wave of her hand, he was instantly cleaned. By the time she was done, he stopped laughing like a madman but tears kept falling from his eyes.

"I don't want her to leave," said Wang Wei as he held her tightly.

"I know."

"Is there nothing I can do?"

"Unfortunately, no. This may be the first real parting in your cultivation journey, but it will probably not be the last."

"Will they all hurt like this?"



"Yes, because with each new one, you will get used to it."

Then, the two became quiet with only Wang Wei's loud sobbing echoing in the void.

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