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Chapter: 445

Plot or Karma

Chapter 445: Plot or Karma?

Wang Wei was very serious when he saw the message. According to her, someone might have calculated that she would find that inheritance and trapped her inside. Although she is perfectly fine, she told him that it would take her some time to leave.

As he read the message, Wang Wei muttered: "Is this the power of the trial?"

Wu Hong is one of his greatest reliance or supporter, so, even if Wang Wei foresaw his death, he knew that with her by his side, he still had a chance of surviving. Unfortunately, Heavenly Dao seemed to have predicted this possibility.

'There is no way that Heavenly Dao alone could trap her, so who else intervened?'

After thinking about it for a moment, he rushed to the Secret Archive. He knew that he had to rely on himself to have even the slightest chance at survival.

Additionally, he could lament how weak he was since he could not even help her if he wanted. So, he asked his father to send someone to check on her and see if they could help.

Wang Wei was not the only person who received a message. A talisman appeared in Li Jun's cultivation room on his private mountain. However, he was not here to see yet since he was still in the trials.

Inside the archive, Wang Wei read all the information about the Western Pure Bliss Land he could find. After that, he prepared to enter. He first took out a few pills from the Alchemy Hall and refined a few of them himself.

He then returned to the Western Continent.

While Wang Wei was rushing, Yu Yan watched him fly away with tears in her eyes, making Wang Tian hold her:

"The past few years have been terrible. One bad after another keeps happening. What's worse, we are often powerless to do anything let alone help."

"I know. This is how all cultivation journeys are; they are ups as there are downs. Now, all we have to do is believe in our son's ability."

Yu Yan nodded as she placed her head on his shoulder, however, she did not see the gleam and determination in her husband's eyes. Although Wang Tian said these words, he was prepared to do anything to save his son's life.

When the occasion arrived, he will mobilize all the powers he has as a Sect Master to use all the strength possible of the Sect. No one can take his child from him, not even the Heavens.

Meanwhile, after leaving the sect, Wang Wei tore the Void to teleport him back to the Western Continent, and the entrance of the Western Pure Bliss Land.

So, he found himself in front of a dilapidated temple, broken status mostly made of bronze or gold. Dirt could be seen in every corner of the temple, along with an eerie chanting sound.

Without hesitation, Wang Wei stepped inside the temple, and immediately afterward, he found himself in a large space; to be precise, another small world.

He stood in front of a long path that appeared to be the only one present. To the side of this path were numerous stone statues. Upon closer observation, Wang Wei noticed that all of these statues were monks as they had no hair and had a Buddhist cassocks on them.

The odd thing about these statues was how vivid their facial expressions were: some of them were angry, some peaceful, some sad, and so on. Myriad of emotions could be seen in their facial expressions.

Taking a deep breath, Wang Wei took the first step on this path, and the moment he did, things changed. All the statues began to chant scriptures: their voices were both loud and quiet at the same time, giving a peaceful, ethereal, and transcendent vibe.

Unfortunately, that was only on the surface. The moment these statues began to chant, Wang Wei could feel that their voices were affecting his mind and soul.

Their voices contained a deep enchanting power, showing him the wonders of Buddhism and converting him.

Wang Wei was not surprised about this since he knew how this place operated. This is one of the first secrets that he learned about this world when he was a child.

He even designed one of the Pagoda Trials to be exactly like this. So, without being affected much, he continued walking forward. As he walked deeper into this place, the statues changed into bronze ones.

At the same time, the chanting became more powerful when affecting the mind. However, a frown appeared on Wang Wei's face. Based on what he learned, before reaching the bronze phase of this path, an illusory monk should have appeared to ask him a question about Buddhism,

Based on his answer, he would either be allowed to continue, be rewarded, or be attacked. But nothing occurred. With skepticism on his mind, he walked forward until he reached the intersection between the bronze and silver path.

After seeing no one appearing again, Wang Wei stopped before turning around: there was no hesitation. However, when he turned around, he found a book suspended in front of him.

After reading the title, he squinted his eyes. He looked at the book deeply as he realized that this book was what his divination referred to. However, the way that book just showed up to him is suspicious.

'It's either someone scheming against me or someone is trying to plant a deep Karma on me. Or both.'

He immediately checked before realizing that he was right. If he accepted this book, the Karma he will accept is bigger than receiving an Emperor Scripture; this was not normal.

In the end, he sighed and took the book. He knew that he had no other choice.

The moment he touched the book, he felt the Karma Connection binding him. However, he quickly acted and ensure that this Karma was only bound to him and not the luck of the sect as it appeared it wanted to.

Wang Wei could guess that this book wanted the Dao Opening Sect to pay that Karma on the likelihood that he dies prematurely. But now, once he dies, this Karma dies with him.

Without saying anything else, he bowed in the direction of the inner core before flying away. No matter who was scheming against him, they still have him an opportunity to survive.

Even if he did not like it, he has to acknowledge this fact. If Wu Hong was still here, he may have rejected it and thought of another way, but now he cannot be picky since he did not even know how much time he had left.

After leaving the Western Pure Bliss Land, Wang Wei decided to return home in the Void Boat to take this time to look at the book he just received.

He looked at the title: Future Buddha Book.

"If you're going to sow Karma, why not give me all three books?" he muttered. As one of the most powerful Emperor Scriptures that focused on the Dao of Time, he would not mind getting his hands on them.

With some anticipation, he opened the book to read. However, to his surprise, it was completely blank. Pages after pages were the same. Thinking of something, he activated the Chakra's on his body, turning into a golden man.

As a result, he did see the words in the book. However, he could not understand them. It's not that there were in an unknown language. No, no matter how he read this scripture, he would either not understand them or not remember what he read.

"I did not feel the presence of the Absolute Beginning Magic, meaning that the weirdness is coming from the book itself," muttered Wang Wei. This fact alone showed that this book was not simple since it could ignore the magic of the Absolute Beginning Emperor.

"So, it should be one of these scriptures that require a specific mindset, Dao Heart, or understanding before cultivating–just like most Taoist Scriptures."

After coming to this conclusion, Wang Wei had a headache. There was little to no knowledge regarding Buddhism left in this world, and he doubt the little ones he still remembered from his previous life would be enough.

If Wu Hong was still here, maybe he could have asked her, but now he was alone. So, what is he going to do?

'Is this thing useless?' thought Wang Wei. 'Maybe not, otherwise, my divination would not have to lead me here.'

After returning home, he rushed straight back to the Secret Archive. And as expected, there was not enough information or scripture left regarding Buddhism.

As a last resort, Wang Wei once again try to divine the answer to his problem, and he failed.

As he sat cross-legged in his cultivation chamber, a frown appeared on his face.

'Something is wrong. With my physique, I should be able to divine even the slightest of information.'

Wang Wei then went to see his father which led to a special Secret Realm that was just established for him. This Secret Realm was full of the arrays that he took from the old beggar, however, it was slightly modified.

These arrays were linked to all the sect's Emperor Formation and a very powerful Innate Treasure with the power to hide the secrets of Heaven and Earth was used as the core of the Arrays.

As soon as he entered that Secret Realm, Wang Wei felt safe and secure. He did not know whether that was a real feeling or just a placebo effect. Most likely the former.

Without wasting time, he once again tried divination. Things went smoothly for him as he swam in the River of Fate. Unfortunately for him, right when he was about to succeed, he felt some force intervening and he ended with nothing.

If it was not for how sensitive he was and was actively on the lookout, he might not have felt it.

"I was right," he muttered before trying once again. However, this time he did not even feel this force no matter how much he tried. And he still did not find anything.

In the end, he sent someone to fetch Old Man Chu from the Heaven Mystery Pavilion and invite him to the secret realm. And once he was here, Wang Wei ignored the complaints that were written all over this old man's face and combine their powers to try the divination.

Unfortunately for him, he still failed even though this time around, he felt that he was very close to getting the answer he wanted.

At this point, Wang Wei was a little frustrated. The only other method he could think of was using merit, however, the sect had a small number left. Probably not enough to succeed.

His new Pseudo Innate Pill method was still in the early stages of spreading and it will take some time to gather more merit.

He could try to make some new inventions beneficial to the world and get some more merit. However, his method might not give some merits and more importantly, this would require time.

Time he did not know if he had.

Countless thoughts rushed to his mind as he pondered his next move. All his spirit particles were working overtime. Then, his eyes flashed with wisdom as he thought of something.

"Is this a coincidence, luck, or something else?" he muttered before rushing to the Eastern Continent.

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