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Chapter: 446


Chapter 446: Hint

A crack appeared outside a dynasty in the Eastern Continent, and from it came out a handsome young man with blue hair and robes. His pupils–which were vertical snake-like–looked in one direction before flying there with unbelievable speed.

While in the air, the formation surrounding the city activated, however, a token on his body also activated to identify him and allow him to freely fly in the air.

He rushed straight to a secluded hall in the palace. Right outside, he could hear people talking and laughing.

"You are very funny. I did not know that Xi'er had such a funny friend," said a mature but elegant voice.

"That's right. My brother did not seem like a person who would have such a handsome friend…I mean friends at all," added a sweet, young but shy voice.

Xiao Songxi took a deep breath to calm down before walking in. He saw a young man with gray eyes and hair having a very friendly conversation with his mother and little sister. And with just one look, he recognized who it was.

Nevertheless, given the situation, he decided to act wisely. He placed a smile on his face–despite secretly clenching his hand underneath his robe–and pretended that his old friend had come to visit him.

The four of them had a great dinner before an excuse was used for the two of them to leave and chat.

"What a great family you have. Quite wonderful people," Wang Wei gestured with his hands. "Honestly, I thought your relationship with your sister would be very bad given that you two have different fathers."

"What do you want?" asked Xiao Songxi with gritted teeth. The smile on Wang Wei's face was gone as he looked at his opponent with calmness and indifference.

"Does the Bashe Race has a Star Sage born in this generation?"

"Yes," replied Xiao Songxi with a frown on his face.

"What grade?"

"3 stars."

'This may not be enough, however, it is better to try,' thought Wang Wei.

"I need you to find something for me."

By now, Xiao Songxi could already guess this person's motive. The Bashe Clan is a giant Sea Serpent Demonic beast made of a variety of different bloodlines.

For example, Fire Serpent, Water, Serpents, and a myriad of varieties. Amongst the clan, there are two unique bloodlines of the Bashe Clan: the Devouring Bloodline–which is considered the main branch of the clan.

Of the 4 Great Emperors of the Bashe Clan, 3 of them came from the main branch. There are rumors that the Heaven Devour Emperor had some connections with that clan, however, most things related to devouring is rumor to be related to him, including the Swallowing Zone.

Wang Wei would more likely believe that rumor since there are records of him entering the Forbidden Lands, and soon after that, he started his mad plan to swallow the world.

Back to topic, the second most important lineage of the Bashe Clan is the Star Stage Branch. This branch is singlehandedly responsible for the current success of the Bashe Clan.

And the reason for that is because of their Innate Bloodline Ability: [Star's Cognition]. This ability is a form of divination or calculation of Heaven's secrets using the power of stars.

And this ability is even better since whatever question you ask, the ability will give you a definite answer. Any questions asked this ability will answer.

Of course, there are restrictions. The talent is divided into 5 stars with 1 being the smallest. And based on the grade, some questions can be answered and some cannot be answered.

For example, the reason that the Bashe Clan has so many Great Emperors is that each time that 5-star bloodline appeared, they would ask it how could they cultivate a Great Emperor.

Then, the Divine Ability will tell them the exact generations where they can become a Great Emperor, how to train their Heaven Chosens at that time, who is a threat to them that need to be eliminated before the battle, and who to always keep a watch on, etc.

Using this method, the Bashe Clan has cultivated 4 Great Emperors and has not failed a single time.

Luckily, the Star Sage bloodline is very rare and does not always appear in each generation, and so far, only four 5 Stars bloodline has appeared.

Wang Wei handed Xiao Songxi a book and his eyes squinted after seeing the title.

"I need you to find out what can help me cultivate this technique?"

As he held it in his hand, Xiao Songxi asked: "Aren't you afraid of me not returning it?"

In response, Wang Wei just smiled. Politics is an annoying but sometimes required thing. This book can be considered another bait for him. If Xiao Songxi does not return it, he could use this excuse to intervene in the affairs of the Bashe Clan.

And with the proper excuses, a war is justifiable and prevents other people from saying anything or intervening. Plus, it can preserve the reputation of the sect and motivate its disciples since they have a moral high ground.

"Although I would like to help you, the Star Sage is the most valuable asset of the Bashe Clan–even a 3-star one. I cannot get access to it."

"This is your problem, not mine," gestured Wang Wei.

Xiao Songxi gritted his teeth before looking in the direction of his family. He felt the presence of that person he secretly brought disappearing.

The rescue operation failed and that person died silently and miserably.

"I need some time."

"You have one month, nothing more," added Wang Wei. Then, he watched Xiao Songxi fly away in frustration.

"Hopefully, this works otherwise I will be forced to try Plan B," he muttered. Plan B involved him sacrificing a lot of people as a price for that divination. And if that does not work, he will have his sect start an Emperor Dao War with one of the weak Emperor Lineages and sacrifice their entire sect–including their Qi Luck, Emperor Formation, and Artifact–as a price for the divination.

However, he did not want to do this because of much time consuming it would be and the number of resources that would be wasted in the process.

After sighing to himself, he walked back to the hall. Mrs. Xiao had already arranged a room for him, so he had to thank her and informed her that her son had left since he had some very important things to manage.

For the next few weeks, Wang Wei had a peaceful time. Mrs. Xiao's cooking was very good. Plus, she was a very warm person as a whole, making it very enjoyable to be around her.

Then, a week before the deadline, Xiao Songxi returned with the [Future Buddha Book] and a note. A painful look appeared on his face when he handed them over.

Only he knew the pain and pressure he endured in the past few weeks to get that answer. Star Sage's bloodline is very important to the clan and is kept a secret. In the past, many people wanted to destroy the Bashe Clan because of it--especially for the 5-Star bloodline since it guarantees the cultivation of a Great Emperor. It was only through luck that he knew this great secret.

On top of that, he had to ensure that the news of him having such a Scripture was hidden very well, otherwise, if the upper echelons of the sects knew that it was in his possession, things would become even more complicated.

With anticipation, Wang Wei opened the note and read it:

"Taiyi Profound Gate, Feng Heng."

'Although it would have been best to have more detailed information, however, having such a hint is better than nothing,' thought Wang Wei, who proceeded to say goodbye to Mrs. Xiao before leaving.

And not long after that, Xiao Songxi took his family and brought them back to the Sea. Wang Wei was aware of all of this, but he only sneered inside. As a chess piece, Xiao Songxi has proven to be very valuable.

And if he thinks that taking his family away is enough to get away from him, he was mistaken.

While Wang Wei was heading in the direction of the Taiyi Profound Gate, he received a communication talisman from his father.

"What is it?" he gestured to the image that projected in front of him.

"We could not find Hong'er. Even the Secret Realm that she went to disappear."

"Even the Ancestors could not find her?"

"Even them."

"...In that case, forget it. Since she could send me a message, she should be fine for now."

Wang Wei had to caress his temple for a few minutes to calm down. Then, he changed his hair and face before infiltrating the main city underneath the mountain range where the Taiyi Profound Gate was located.

As he walked in the city, he could see many temples where the 7 Emperors of the Taiyi Gate were worshipped, along with many of their Sages. However, these temples did not gather any incense, instead, they disappeared after being gathered.

All the people in the city had a peaceful and content atmosphere about them, and even the most ordinary mortal could probably recite a few Taoist Scriptures.

After visiting the city, Wang Wei knew that Feng Heng was essentially an ascetic priest and rarely left the sect. So, he needed to lure him out. As such, he left to a place not far from here.

He used the Karmic Thread that he has had with Feng Heng since their battle in the Qi Luck Trial, and through it, he transmitted a his Chakras to him.

Then, he waited.

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