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Chapter: 449

Everchanging Dao Heart I

Chapter 449: Everchanging Dao Heart (I)

Inside the secret realm, Wang Wei set up countless arrays with the help of a gorgeous yet mature woman. Her every move exuded a powerful charm despite not trying.

"Thank you once again, Matriarch Su."

"Young master, there is no need to thank me. Honestly, I don't think you needed my help," replied Su Xiang, the Matriarch of the Demon Fox Race.

She wore a light red hanfu, had very long and luscious black hair, and a small mole on her chin accentuated her beauty. Her eyes were as clear as the purest of water, and yet, with just one look, she could bring any man to his knees.

In Wang Tian's generation, she held the title of the most beautiful woman of that generation.

"How could you say that? Your help has been precious and appreciated."

Wang Wei then escorted her out after a few pleasantries.

'With it, I should be able to create my Everchanging Dao Heart,' he thought as he watched the array.

In the Myriad Emperor World, the Dao Heart is significant to all cultivators. Before entering the Void Shattering Realm, they have to temper their Dao Heart through the [Road of the Heart].

The 7th realm of cultivation is not called Void Shattering because cultivators can use the Power of Law to break the space. No, it references the Buddhist's ideology or state of mind of achieving "emptiness" or "void" and transcending it.

The Qiyuan Emperor took ideas from both Taoism and Buddhism when creating the Origin System.

Because the [Road of the Heart] can help cultivators temper their Dao Hearts, the idea of doing so in the early stages is not very prominent in the Myriad Emperor World.

It has become normal or part of the culture to wait for people to reach that realm to temper their Dao Heart. Wang Wei's Pagoda Trials were such a big deal when first created because he challenged the norm.

Most sects have basic formation or secret realms to temper Dao Heart, and they will even test the new disciple's natural Dao Heart before entering the sect. However, it is not as focused or detailed as the Pagoda that Wang Wei made.

Many people, including the Saint Realm Elders, could benefit after the sect built the Pagoda. Additionally, many other factions with the means copied them and created their version of the Pagoda.

Wang Wei took a deep breath to remove all these thoughts from his mind and sealed most of the power of his soul before entering the array.

In a small temple at the foot of a mountain, a monk with no hair wearing a yellow and purple cassock opened the door to prepare for morning rituals. However, he saw a baby in a basket as he looked down.

"Another one? How turbulent has this world become."

After shaking his head, the monk picked up the baby and immediately realized that it was not crying despite being awakened. He injected his internal strength into its body to check if something was wrong.

"His throat is not formed correctly? No wonder his parents abandoned him."

The monk did not do his morning ritual but instead brought the child up the mountain to hand him over. A special department took the baby in to raise him and all the other orphans of the temple.

Five years passed, and this baby was now an infant. He is pretty famous amongst the young monk in his generation for three reasons: he never speaks a word, despite being capable.

The children knew that he was born with a throat defect; however, the temple used internal strength to fix it over time. Nevertheless, the young monk never spoke a word.

Many children wanted to bully him about his disability, which is where the second reason for his fame came. This young monk had an unnatural talent for battle. No matter how many children attacked him at once, he would always be victorious in their confrontation.

Many people believed that he would be a great warrior in the future.

And the last reason for his fame was how handsome he was–even with no hair.

Today was a special day for all the little monks. All of them lined up before entering the Harmony Hall. And the ones that left would have genuine smiles on their faces.

After a few minutes of waiting, the non-speaking mon entered the hall, where another older monk was patiently waiting. The young monk knelt to the altar in the middle of the room and kowtowed three times. Then, he lit up many incenses.

Afterward, he looked at the old monk, who proceeded to say:

"From now on, your name will be Xuanzhang; forsake your mundane name and karmic connection with it."

Xuanzhang bowed his head to accept his new name.

"Amongst all the "Xuan" generation disciples, I am most optimistic about you."

Xuanzhang just nodded his head without saying much. After this ceremony, all the children can now learn how to read and write and, more importantly, learn martial arts.

Xuanzhang displayed a genius level of intellect as he learned more than 3000 characters in over a month. However, he appeared not interested in martial arts, despite the talent previously shown during training.

However, he was very interested in the scriptures in the Tibetan Hall. Every day, after martial art practice, he would rush inside and read all the scriptures until bedtime.

Ten years passed, and many people worried about Xuanzhang. After mastering the primary body strengthening method, he never studied any martial arts again–including the internal strength method.

Xuanzhang would wake up at 5 AM to have a light vegetarian breakfast before heading to the Tibetan Hall to read scriptures, which would last until the afternoon when he would go to the cafeteria to eat a heavy vegetarian meal before returning to the Hall again to continue reading.

He would return to his quarters at midnight to sleep and repeat the cycle. This routine never stopped in the past ten years.

Many people came to convince him but to no avail. Nevertheless, Xuanzhang still displayed a high level of extraordinary. He could debate all the monks in the temple regarding the scriptures and be the victor, including the Leiyin Temple Abbot.

Additionally, his understanding of martial arts could be considered otherworldly. After seeing them a few times, he could instantly understand any internal strength methods or skills and even guide the other monks in their training.

After learning this fact, the Abbot decided to leave Xuanzhang alone and let him do as he pleased. He also prevented others from disturbing him and even acquired more scriptures for him from the outside.

The season changed every year, repeating an eternal cycle. It has been 60 years since the baby with the deformed throat arrived in this temple.

And the impact his existence had on this short stay could not be explained in a few words.

However, today was a strange day for the Leiying Temple, and that is because the reverent monk Xuanzhang–called Buddha Reincarnate–walked out of the temple for the first time.

The new Abbot, which was from the Xuan generation, rushed to meet him on his way with a worried look on his face.

In the past six decades, the Leiyin Temple has grown into one of the most potent forces of Jianghu because of Xuanzhang, so he needed to know what was going on.

"Senior brother, where are you going?" asked the Abbot.

Then, numerous golden words appeared before them, almost scaring him to death.

"D-D-Divine Ability?" he stuttered. He knew that his senior brother never once cultivated internal strength. And even if he did, he should not be able to accomplish such a feat.

The abbot took a deep breath to calm himself down before reading the floating golden words.

"The world is in turmoil, and I'm going down the mountain to relieve people of their suffering. This is my mission, so please do not stop me."

The abbot hesitated for a while after hearing this. Then he clenched his teeth before saying: "In that case, let some temple monks go with you to help."

Xuanzhang did not say a word as he continued his journey down the mountain. He was now an older man with a long gray beard, and yet, his body was still healthy as he did stop practicing the primary body tempering method as exercise.

He headed for the closest town near the temple. Everything seemed relatively normal, but Xuanzhang knew that it was because the Leiyin Temple protected these people.

As he walked further from the temple, he finally witnessed the world's suffering. People had little to no food to eat, their homes were destroyed because of the war, and men were forcibly enlisted in the army.

After the army or rebels conquered some cities, the innocent civilians were either raped or brutally murdered–even children were not spared. The little wealth they had remaining was plundered, leaving some of the lucky survivors with nothing.

For the next year, Xuanzhang did not do anything besides walk all over the world; his main goal was to understand the world's suffering before he could fix it.

The only thing he would do was bury the people and pray in front of their graves. The temple monks who secretly followed him were puzzled by his behavior, but Xuanzhang did not care about them.

And after a year of travel, he finally took action.

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