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Chapter: 450

Everchanging Dao Heart

Chapter 450: Everchanging Dao Heart ()

Xuanzhang slowly walked to the nearest battlefield between one of the most powerful warlords in this chaotic era. He stood on a small hill watching the battle from afar.

The once luscious plain was not full of corpses and blood, with a deathly aura contaminating the surroundings. Numerous soldiers in armors confronted one another. Mighty martial artists served as generals and faced each other.

After a brief observation, Xuanzhang walked toward the middle of the battlefield. However, after taking a few steps, five monks appeared in front of him: they bowed before one of them said:

"Reverend, this is a dangerous place. Please, do not interfere."

Xuanzhang glanced at these people, and to their horrors, they discovered that they could not move–even if they mobilized all their inner strength. Then, the monk proceeded to his destination.

Once he arrived at the battlefield, Xuanzhang did something that shocked all the five monks who could not move. He flew to the sky like a free bird with wings.

Contrary to many people's beliefs, this golden light did not hurt a single soul. Instead, it washed away their minds and spirits. It made them contemplate their actions in the past few years to determine whether it was good or bad; all the people involved in this war reflected their Karmic Virtues and Karmic Sins.

Xuanzhang landed on the ground before walking away. As some people watched his departure back, one soldier dropped his weapon and removed his armor before following.

Soldiers dropped their weapons and armors to follow Xuanzhang. Just like dominoes, after one person did this, many followed. Some generals tried to stop them, but the soldiers ignored them, not succumbing to threats.

Many of the generals on both sides also dropped their weapons and followed.

News of this event spread quickly throughout the world; however, not many people believed it. After all, this is a world of martial art; how would Buddha manifest divine ability to save the world?

This news was pure nonsense–at least to the majority of people.

However, that sentiment changed when Xuanzhang walked to the next battlefield with more than 100,000 people following him. He manifested the Golden Buddha to suppress both armies before leaving, just as he previously did.

Then, plenty of people began to follow him to his next destination.

New of this incredible journey of enlightenment spread throughout the world, catching the attention of numerous people from all walks of life. Martial Artists from Jianghu came to challenge Xuanzhang for fame or honor.

However, they would be rendered immobile with one look from him. Then, some of them will follow him while others will run away.

Some people came asking to save their friends and families. Xuanzhang would save the majority of people asking for help. With a wave of his hand, a golden light appeared to heal all types of injuries or diseases.

Unfortunately, he would refuse the others.

When questioned for a reason, he would look at these people deep into their eyes. Then, they would lower their heads before leaving or joining him on his journey.

Xuanzhang's deed caught the attention of numerous people with malice–mostly the five most influential Warlords and the Royal Family. So, they would use shameful tactics to eliminate him: Whether it was an assassination or trying to hold his followers hostage.

Unfortunately, the fate of all the people who attacked him was the same: they either ran away or became his followers.

As such, Xuanzhang's journey became smoother. Using his powerful divine ability, he conquered the army of all the five Warlords before cleaning up the smaller and weaker rebels.

By then, his legend or deeds were known to the whole world, especially when some people noticed that all his followers never hungered, became ill, or had any pain from the nonstop walking.

Xuanzhang became a living Buddha in the minds of all living beings.

After quelling the rebellions, Xuanzhang headed to the capital of the Great Zhou Dynasty. Millions of people were now following him, so once he arrived at the gate of the Forbidden City, the guards opened the door for him without any resistance.

Even the Forbidden Army that protected the palace also surrendered. The next day, an Imperial Decree came from the court telling the people that the current people would abdicate the throne and a new Emperor would take his place. And Reverend Xuanzhang will be the next Prime Minister of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

After taking office, Xuanzhang made it his mission to make Great Zhou and the entire world a better place. He enacted laws that protected the people, ensured that they had enough food, removed corrupted officials, and increased productivity; he singlehandedly created a golden era for the Great Zhou.

Xuanzhang took 20 years to bring peace and prosperity to the world, and once his task was finished, he resigned his position as the Prime Minister before returning to the Leiyin Temple.

Inside the Tibetan Hall, two older men sat cross-legged on cushions facing one another.

"Senior brother, why did you come back?" asked the aging Abbot.

"I have come to repay Karma to the temple," gestured Xuanzhang with his hands. The Abbot frowned a little before asking: "How so?"

"Haven't you all wanted to know how I became so powerful? I will tell you."

The Abbot was a little embarrassed, but he quickly hid it.

In the past few decades, the temple tried extremely hard to find the source of Xuanzhang's power. Many people believed that he might have discovered some supreme technique from all the scriptures in the Tibetan Hall, so they searched thoughtfully but discovered nothing.

Ignoring his junior brother's mood, Xuanzhang explained the source of his power to him.

"The power of the soul? Through constant meditation and enlightenment of the scriptures, the soul can be sublimated to be able to borrow the power of Heaven and Earth," muttered the Abbot softly before smiling wryly.

That may sound simple, but how many people had the discipline and mental fortitude to dedicate most of their lives to deep meditation and reading scriptures? Additionally, a certain level of understanding is required to comprehend all this esoteric knowledge.

Xuanzhang took out a booklet from his cassock to hand to the Abbot; the book contained a more systemic technique of cultivating the soul, similar to an internal strength method.

Then, he stood up and left without hesitation; he no longer owed the temple anything. In the past decades, they have used his rise to become the most powerful force on Jianghu. Luckily, the Abbot knew not to do anything terrible under his name.

After leaving the temple, Xuanzhang began another journey throughout the world. This time, he contemplated his life to better understand himself or the Higher Self in Buddhism.

Xuanzhang knew that he was unique; he had reincarnated in this world. Unfortunately, he did not have the memories of his previous life.

He knew that he took an Oath of Silent, and he should keep it even in this reincarnation. Second, his purpose in this world was to study Buddhism and find its essence.

So, he devoted himself to this cause so that one day, maybe, he could remember his past life and truly knows who he was. After traveling for another two decades and being further enlightened on the scriptures, Xuanzhang finally reached the end of his life.

He sat cross-legged on a mountain peak while looking at the rising sun. His aging body appeared healthy despite how frail it truly was. All the events of his life flashed across Xuanzhang's mind as he thought to himself:

'I have understood the Words of Buddha and became enlightened. I have understood the Sea of Suffering that this the mundane world, and brought peace and prosperity to the people; freeing them from their suffering.

'I have transcended all earthly desires and am at peace with myself.

"I have Buddha in my heart, so I am Buddha.'

A golden lotus suddenly appeared above Xuanzhang before entering his Sea of Consciousness. Immediately, a sense of wisdom or clarity appeared in his eyes.

'Finally succeeded?' thought Wang Wei as he looked at the golden lotus circling his Primordial Spirit.

'However, I cannot immediately absorb this Dao Heart Seed. Otherwise, it could lead to conflict with me. I need something to serve as a catalyst.'

After thinking about this, he waved his hand, and the entire world broke apart, and he opened his eyes underneath the Illusion Array. He checked, and as expected, the lotus seed was still there.

Without hesitation, he entered the Array once again.

Great Xia Dynasty, Red Flame Prefecture, Blood Asura Sect:

Today was a momentous one for many of the Servant Disciples as they finally got to study cultivation techniques. As long as they can make some achievements, they can become Outer Disciples and increase their status in the sect.

After all, power was essential for survival in a devil sect's cruel and hell-like place.

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